Thank You Note to Mother

Mothers, they give birth to us, wipe away our tears, and spend long hours listening to our every word. They cradle us as babes, teach us about life as children, and guide us through our adolescence. Through all this, they remain our best friends through life, sharing our ups and downs with patience, grace and fortitude. Let them know how much you loved them for taking time to help you with your third grade project, or driving you and your friends to various events.Taking all of this into consideration, It’s a rather nice idea to extend a warm not of gratitude to them on occasion, reminding them just how fantastic they really are.

Sample Note

Dearest Mom,

I can’t tell you how much the last week has meant to me. Since I moved away, I have never stopped thinking about the great summers we used to have growing up. You were a huge part of that. After the move, I never quite got over the ‘homesickness’ I felt, especially when I’d watch some old movie celebrating the holidays.

Thank you for visiting and spending time with us. This month was joyful, but went much too fast. Your visit left me with feelings of nostalgia, growing up with you and dad, visiting the beach house, and playing in the waves. I’ve enclosed photos of our time together for you to enjoy and dad to enjoy.

That being said, I hope you both are doing well today. It’s not an easy thing, to say good bye, and I truly wished we lived closer together. I hope you do consider my offer to come and move in with us, as we’d love to have you–I’d love to have you. Always know that you have nothing to fear, and we are always here for you.

Again, thank you so much for your visit, and please consider coming back to visit again very soon. Relate all my love to dad and aunt Masie, and of course to your lovely new poodle, Frank. Honestly mom, why Frank? Take care, you are my treasure.

With Love and Joy,


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Thank You Note to Mother

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