Thank You Note to Employee

Thank You Note to Employee

Your employees are the most valuable asset a business owner has. As such, it’s imperative that you make every effort to cultivate these relationships. If, at any time, you come across an employee who has performed above and beyond the call of duty, then it’s only natural that you create a top-notch thank you letter for said employee. Make sure that you include whatever contribution the employee made which made them stand out. Include any other particulars pertinent to the situation as well.

Sample Note

Dear Ms. Sanderson,

This letter is in regard to your August 2, 2019 presentation, “Climate Change Within Our Time”. Your talk and accompanying visuals were not only impressive, but inspirational. So much so, that our board of directors has prompted our department to not only send you this letter of thanks for your efforts, but to also let you know that they have considered you for a new position heading our clean air and water operations at our Los Angeles office.

Please accept the enclosed bonus as a token of our appreciation. We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciated that you went above and beyond with this presentation. After all, we needed this to secure our client. And from what we’ve just learned, the client was overjoyed with the presentation, so much so that they not only renewed our contract, but also extended the terms as well, which works out quite well for all concerned

Without your efforts, we’d still be struggling, trying to find a way to keep our client interested enough to renew and continue, let alone get the terms extended. You have contributed much to our firms success, and for that we are grateful, and say thank you. Furthermore, we’d like it if you’d consider working with this particular client on the project. Your presentation was so popular with him and his staff, that they personally requested that you join them at our Los Angeles Branch during the last week of August, to help draw up the plans.

Again, thank you for being the instrumental force in getting us this account. I’ve no need to tell you just how much income this will bring the firm. If all goes well, we’ll have this client for many years to come. 


Peter Breck

Projects Manager

Thank You Note to Employee (Word Template)

Thank You Note to Employee