Thank You Note to a Neighbor

There are times when life events require us to ask a neighbor to watch our property, water our plants, babysit or take care of our pets while we are away. If you have one of those amazing neighbors, then it’s proper etiquette to send them a comprehensive thank you letter. In this letter you’ll mention just what it is you’re thankful for, and ask them how they are doing, while stating that you’ll be more than happy to return the favor in future, if necessary. For instance, let them know how much it meant to you to have them water your lawn, walk your dog, or get your mail while you were away.

Sample Note

Hello Parker!

It’s me, Kyle, and I’m here to say how thankful I am for you taking care of my home, plants and pooch while I was away on vacation. Believe me, the thought of leaving little Dexter in a boarding kennel was a bit too much for us, we wanted him to remain home, and be happy in familiar surroundings, with his favorite foods and toys. Also, a HUGE thank you for the care you gave my plants. I can tell you followed instructions to the letter, as they are all as healthy and green today as when I left.

We plan on settling in soon, just taking a breather from the long trip home. After which, we intend on enjoying some TV, have a good meal, play with Dexter and center ourselves to civilization. Truly, this would not all be possible without your good care of our property. We also noticed that you took it upon yourself to mow the lawn and trim the hedges, honestly we did not expect that, so are very pleased.

We hope you and your good family are doing well. Just so you know, we’re planning an outdoor pool party for you and yours, and you are free to bring whoever you wish to the party! Invites are strictly up to your description.  We already spoke with Millicent, who was very excited with the idea, and let us know when your schedules would be open for the event.

So, know that we truly appreciate everything that you have done. We have taken the liberty of sending you and your family a gift certificate for a day at Six Flaggs Amusement Park, so please have a fabulous day, on us!

Warmest Thanks,

Elliot G.

Thank You Note to a Neighbor (Word Template)

Thank You Note to a Neighbor

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