Thank You Messages (SMS) to Boss for Support

Thank You Messages (SMS) to Boss for Support

A thank you letter to a boss for support is a simple message that conveys your gratitude for something your leader has done for you. The note can be written to show appreciation for the impact he or she has had on your professional development. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

A short message of thanks can let this person know that they’re doing an excellent job in supporting staff. It may also encourage actions of continued support.

Tips to Write Appreciation Message (SMS) to Boss for Support

Before writing an appreciation message to a boss for support, consider why you’re writing the letter. There are a few things to keep in mind to write the perfect thank you that shows your gratitude for support from your boss. It’s a simple message so every word you choose matters.

  • Tip #1: Keep the message short. Some appreciation messages can be as simple as a “Thank You” reply to a supportive email your boss sent to you. The length and sentiment depend upon the situation, your relationship with the boss, and the level of support shown.
  • Tip #2: Avoid comparing your boss with another manager. Your expression of thanks should have nothing to do with other staff members or their lack of performance. You’re thanking your boss for his or her actions alone.
  • Tip #3: Use specific wording. The message should be short and each word should be directed towards the kind of support you want to express appreciation for. Keep the wording relevant to the situation that you are thankful for. For example, if your boss supported you in project completion, or for promoting a specific goal, or idea, refer to that in the note and how it impacted you professionally.
  • Tip #4: Keep the tone professional. When thanking your boss for support, maintain professional wording that is friendly, yet not overly familiar. Avoid wording that could be misconstrued as inappropriate for the relationship you share with your boss.
  • Tip #5: Send the note in a timely fashion. Send the note as soon as you can after the event or action you’re thankful for.
  • Tip#6: Be genuine. The note should be heartfelt and personal, but it should be written concisely to thank your boss for things that were actually done. There is no need for embellishment, just stick to the facts and how the actions impacted you. Don’t add fluff.
  • Tip #7: Include a complimentary closing phrase. Unless you’re writing a short “Thank You” response to an email, use an appropriate yet complimentary close such as With appreciation, With sincere thanks, Respectfully yours, or something similar.
  • Tip #8: Proofread before sending. Check for proper tone, grammar, spelling, and punctuation before sending.

Sample Appreciation Messages (SMS) to Boss for Support

There are many different reasons for writing an appreciation message to your boss for support. Consider the reason you’re writing the message and craft the note to address the specific actions you are thankful for. We’ve included several examples of various situations to give you an idea of how to write a message of appreciation that is tailored to fit the occasion. You’ll find a few lines to include in the body of your message for each situation.

Appreciation Message to Boss for Financial Support

Thank you for approving the budget for our community food drive project. Your support of funding has made it possible for us to accomplish our project goals in record time. Your support of our team goals has allowed each of us to grow professionally and as human beings. Without your support, we could not have reached 1,500 families with needed food assistance.

Appreciation Message to Boss for Support During Illness

Thank you for your support during my absence from work last week. Your kindness during my hospitalization is sincerely appreciated. The flowers from you and your wife were uplifting and brought a smile. Your continued support throughout the years has helped me to grow as a professional in a warm and supportive work environment.

Appreciation Message to Boss for Support During Covid

I want to thank you for all you’ve done to help us through the current Covid crisis. Your courageous efforts to keep our team at work has made it possible for us to move forward with the needed incomes for our families. The dining tent was a brilliant idea that kept us working and our customers happy. On behalf of the waitstaff, thank you for the years of care and support for your workers, and for your continued support during this difficult time.

Appreciation Message to Boss for Bonus

I am writing to send my personal thanks for your kindness and generosity this holiday season. The bonus for 2020 exceeded my expectations and it came at the perfect time. I appreciate your support over the years. You never fail to show us how much you value our work, and for this, we’re thankful.

Thank You Message to Boss for Salary Increment

I am writing to express my appreciation for the recent increase in my salary. Your support for the raise is very much appreciated. You consistently pull for the members of your team for advancement and fair compensation. Thank you for helping us to grow and develop as professionals, and for all that you do to make my position an amazing experience.

Thank You Message to Boss for Salary in Lockdown

I’m writing this note to thank you for your support during the recent lockdown. Your willingness to allow me to work from home is appreciated. Your kind actions give me the ability to stay productive in reaching our project goals while keeping an income coming in to support my family. Your support has made all the difference.

Thank You Message to Boss for Leave Approval

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for approving my request for leave. The upcoming family reunion is one that I’m looking forward to. You have supported employees with a healthy work and life balance since becoming the department manager. Thank you for all that you do for me and the rest of the team.

Thank you Note to the Boss for the Opportunity

The conference for enhanced team building was informative and helpful. Thank you for allowing me to attend and grow as a professional. Your consistent support of extended training for staff is appreciated. Thank you for your consistent support and encouragement.

Thank you Note to the Boss for Recognition or Appreciation

I am writing this note to express my sincere appreciation for the recognition you gave me at the “Breakfast of Champions” gathering. Your kind comments were encouraging and made me feel like a valued part of the team. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge accomplishments both big and small. Your leadership sets a good example for the rest of us to follow.

Sample Thank You Letter to Boss

This is a lengthier version of the appreciation letter useful when a situation calls for a more comprehensive thank you. While some occasions are best handled with short appreciation messages, others are best addressed with a longer and more detailed sentiment.

Dear Professor Davis,

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement over the past two years. You are a respected division head who watches out for the best interests of your staff. You are immensely appreciated for all that you do to help each staff member accomplish their professional goals. You encourage us to balance our personal lives with work commitments and take a human approach that considers our personal as well as professional needs. Your generosity and advocacy for your team have earned the highest respect and appreciation for you.

Your friendly firmness models how to act professionally while connecting with people for meaningful work relationships. We’ve learned so much about balancing professionalism and caring for our fellow team members from your example. Thanks for helping me grow and advance in my position at the University. Your generosity will be remembered for the rest of my life.

Thanks again for all that you do.

With warm regards,

Anthony Merritt

Appreciation Letter to Boss for Support (Word Template)


Thank you messages to the boss for support can take on various forms. Most of them will be short and to the point. In some cases, a simple thank you via email will work as a response to an uplifting email. Some situations deserve a longer and more detailed thank you for support. It’s a judgment call about which format is the most appropriate. Just make sure that the content is genuine and heartfelt. Follow the provided tips for conciseness, correctness, and appropriate tone. Proofread and send.