Thank You Messages For Boss – Appreciation Notes

An appreciation SMS message to your boss is designed to express your gratitude in regards to a good turn your boss did for you. This good turn can be anything from assisting your financial situation to giving you time off to attend a family wedding.

Good bosses are few and far between. These bosses actively engage with their employees, taking part of the overall operation of the work environment, rather than simply delegating tasks while doing nothing themselves. As such, it’s good form to show your appreciation for a boss who takes the extra time to ensure that their workers morale is high by ensuring a comfortable workplace.

Tips to Write Appreciation Message (SMS) to Boss

  • A good boss is one who treats their employees well, while still driven to succeed. Therefore, time is precious, so keep the messages short. Two to four lines in the text body should be enough.
  • It’s not good form to compare this boss to another one. So, leave the comparisons off the plate here. Just state your appreciation, that should be enough.
  • Avoid digressing. In other words, stay on topic. Don’t thank your boss in one sentence,
  • Don’t be afraid to scan the internet for suggestions. After all, not everyone enjoys writing, so go ahead and take inspiration from what others have written. In fact, below we’ve included our own samples, just for you.
  • Keep your SMS short, genuine and positive.
  • Even though it is a text, keep it formal. This is not a late night chat with a good friend, so keep your vocabulary professional, and the tone formal.
  • Last but not least, please don’t forget to proofread your letter for errors.

Appreciation Message Format

If you’ve sent a text, then you should have no problem formatting your appreciation message to your boss. However, there are some important differences. First, notice that appreciation messages to your boss are to be kept formal and professional in tone. No matter how friendly you are with your boss, it’s important to keep the text from drifting off in casual territory. Secondly, these messages just need to be 2 to 4 lines long, nothing over the top. Finally, remember to proofread and edit the message. There should be no errors.

Dear Ms. Thomas,

This message is to thank you for the additional vacation days you recently approved. This vacation is extremely important as my mother is quite old and this may be one of the last vacations I’ll be able to spend with her in Oregon. Just be secure in the knowledge that I’ve arranged for my duties to be transferred to others in my department.

Again, thank you so much!

Evelyn Crews

Sample Appreciation Messages (SMS) to Boss

Now that you’ve a good idea of how an appreciation text to your boss is formatted, it’s time to get down to business and compose your own. To help give you a good start, we’ve provided you with a collection of samples you can look to for guidance if necessary.

Appreciation Message to Boss and Colleagues

An appreciation message to your boss and their colleagues is always well received. Keep mind, that even your boss has someone to answer to, so if they know they have support from their workers, it increases the trust and bond between worker and boss.

Dear Mr. Hart and Colleagues,

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you and your fellows decided to support my side-hustle via networking. I had a fabulous Christmas because of it, as I garnered many sales for my website. Please extend my gratitude to all those involved.


Wayne Beacher

Appreciation Message to Boss for Financial Support

An appreciation SMS to your boss for financial support could range from receiving a raise, bonus, or advance in salary. Whatever the type of financial support, state the specifics and your gratitude.

Dear Ms. Samuelson,

I deeply appreciate you and your fellows for the bonuses allocated to us during this quarter. We put our hearts and souls into this project, and to be granted such a great gift was unexpected and appreciated.

Thanks again,

Kirby Williams

Appreciation Message to Boss for Support During Illness

When an employee falls ill or needs to be hospitalized, a supportive boss can make all the difference. So, let them know how much you appreciate their concern

Dear Ms. Wills,

This note is to express my sincerest gratitude with regards to my leave due to illness. My doctor assures me that I’m well enough to return to the department. Thank you again, for your kind understanding.


Delbert McConnell

Appreciation Message to Boss for Support During Covid

It’s no secret that COVID-19 changed much of how we live. If you had to miss a few days to take care of a loved one, or perhaps had it yourself, showing your boss how much you appreciate their concern will mean a lot.

Dear Mr. Patel

It’s with a grateful heart and soul that I thank you for allowing me to have time off to take care of my wife, Cheri, during her experience with the COVID virus. We had a tough time of it at first, but we got through it. I’ve tested negative, so am ready to return ASAP.

Thank you,

Jonas Briar

Appreciation Message to Boss for Bonus

When an employee does an exceptional job, it’s often customary to award that employee a bonus. As a bonus is often unexpected, the employee should show appreciation for the consideration their boss has given them with a SMS text message.

Dear Ms. Frankel,

Just a note to convey how surprised I am to receive such a generous bonus today. Please accept my gratitude and appreciation for your kind and generous offer. As such, you can always count on my to perform my utmost best for you and the company.


Robert Jeffers

Appreciation Message to Boss for Christmas Bonus

The holidays are a joyous time, to be sure, which is all the more reason for you to thank your boss if you are gifted a Christmas Bonus. Stating your gratitude for a Christmas bonus shows your boss that you do not take them for granted.

Dear Mr. Scott,

On behalf of myself and my family, we are texting you to let you know how grateful we are for the Christmas bonus. It was a complete surprise, and it will do much to help pay for holiday expenses such as decorations, food and presents. We wish you and your good family a great holiday season!

Thank you again,

Michael Stubing

Appreciation Message to Boss for Gift

A gift is a special thing. It represents how much someone cares. So, when your boss presents you with a gift, you know that it’s a special event in and of itself. If you’ve received a gift from your boss, it’s common courtesy to respond with a thank you message, in this case a digital text.

Dear Ms. Bennett

I’m sending you this message to let you know just how much I appreciate the gift you sent me for my company anniversary. It’s been a good 5 years at ACME, and a big part of that experience is being on your team. So, please allow me to extend my deepest gratitude.

Much appreciation,

Edward Connor

Thank You Message to Boss for Wedding Gift

You wedding day is a very special day. When your boss takes the time to send you a wedding gift, know that you are a much valued and respected employee. Take this opportunity to show your boss just how much you appreciate their taking the time out of their busy schedule to send you that gift.

Dear Mr. Darcy

This message is to thank you for the gift you sent my wife and I for our wedding. When we opened the gift we were surprised to see that it was a gift certificate for one of the best, 5-star hotels in the city! We can’t get over your thoughtfulness, and with to let you know that we appreciate you, and will heartily enjoy our weekend.

Thank You Message to Boss for Salary Increment

Getting a raise is a pretty big deal. It means that your boss has noticed your exceptional performance and decided to reward you for it. As such, it’s considered an honor, one that reflects your diligence and dedication to your career. This is why it’s customary to send your boss a short, well written thank you message.

Dear Ms. Cramer,

This note is in reference to the salary increase I recently received. I am truly honored that you decided to grant me the salary increase. I’ve enjoyed working here for the last 2 years, starting as an intern. I will do my very best to live up to the confidence you’ve placed in me.


Theresa Demmer

Thank You Message to Boss for Salary in Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of many people. Depending on the circumstances, some were left unemployed while others kept their employment. For those of you whose boss continued to provide you with a salary during these trying times, it’s good form to show your appreciation and write them a thank you note in the form of a SMS message.

Dear Mr. Chamberlain,

The mere fact that you were able to create a stable work environment is monumental enough, but to be able to keep our salaries at pre-pandemic levels is something to be commended, as we know it can’t be easy. Please accept my gratitude for your ability to provide for myself and the other employees. Thank you so much.


Janet Lydecker

Thank You Message to Boss for Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are held as very special days, as they represent our very own, personal holiday. When your boss takes time to send you birthday wishes, take that as a huge compliment. After all, they don’t have to do this. So, when you receive birthday wishes from your boss, make sure you send them a pleasant message reflecting your gratitude.

Dear Mr. Sanderson,

Please allow me to express my profound gratitude upon receiving both your birthday wishes and gift. It was totally unexpected, which made the surprise even more uplifting. Since I’ve been with this company, I’ve had many good experiences, and this one tops every one of them. Thank you so much.


Jonas Peabody

Thank You Message to Boss for Birthday Party

As previously stated, birthdays are special, they are our own personal holiday. Because of this, when a boss takes the time to plan a birthday party for you, consider it a major event in your life. So, when this happens, make certain that you extend your gratitude by composing a properly written thank you message.

Dear Mr. Cummings,

This message refers to the fabulous birthday party you organized for me. I could not believe it, I was actually dumbfounded when we entered the restaurant. What I thought would be a routine meeting with refreshments, turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of my life. Please accept this note of gratitude, and thank you again.

Much appreciation,

Randi Doyle

Thank You Message to Boss for Leave Approval

Life happens. In other words, there are times when it is necessary to take a leave of absence in order to deal with your situation. If you are fortunate enough to have an understanding boss who grants you a leave, then your boss deserves a thank you message from you.

Dear Ms. Kipling,

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel when you granted me the leave of absence I required. My son had taken ill and the physician stated I’d have to take care of him to ensure a complete recovery. As you can see, your approval for a leave means much to myself and my family, as it has taken much of the worry from our shoulders.

Much gratitude,

Sandra Phillips

Thank You Message to Boss after Resignation

No matter the reason for your resignation, it shows good character to send a thank you message to your boss. Keep in mind that most large companies keep a record of your actions in your file. This means your thank you note to your boss has a high probability ending up in your file, which makes you appear to be a conscientious and reliable worker.

Dear Mr. Vogel,

This message is in reference to my resignation from ACME Corp. I wish to thank you for the 10 fabulous years I’ve spent with the company. However, due to my wife’s passing, I’ve decided to move back down home. Much of the success I’ve had in my career I attribute to you. I’m grateful for the opportunities you’ve provided which allowed me to grow in my field. Please accept my gratitude and I wish the best for you and yours.

Much appreciation,

Lance Perkins

Thank You Note to the Boss for the Opportunity

A good boss helps us to grow in our career. They prep us for promotions, by schooling us in the way good business is performed. This means that if you’re fortunate enough to have a boss such as this, know that it’s a rare find. So, if your boss leads you to a new opportunity, then it’s’ good form to send a thank you message

Dear Mr. Datsun,

I’ve no words for the consideration shown me by offering me the new opportunity in data processing at ACME Corp. This new opportunity fits me like a glove. The people are easy to communicate and work with. Myself and my family welcome this new opportunity as it brings much more salary into the fold. Please accept my most sincerely thanks, and we wish you and yours to have an equally positive year ahead.


Douglas Hews

Thank You Note to the Best Boss Ever

If you’re fortunate to have a fabulous boss, then count your blessings. A good boss promotes moral and maintains good working conditions for their employees. As such, if you are the recipient of such a boss, then remember they need positive reinforcement too. So, send them a text message that shows your appreciation and gratitude.

Dear Mr. Bergman,

Please accept my gratitude for your assistance and leadership over the last 4 years. Since being under your employ, I’ve experienced many opportunities, some of which I’d not had the pleasure to experience were it not for your guidance. Therefore, let me extend my appreciation to you, while wishing you and yours a wonderful 2021.


Gary Yates

Thank You Note to the Boss for Recognition and Appreciation

Part of keeping moral up in the business environment is recognition for the dedication people put into their careers. Those who do well help to make the business a profitable one. If your boss has shown you recognition and appreciation for your efforts, then it’s necessary to send your boss a thank you message for recognition and appreciation.

Dear Ms. Marco,

This text message refers to the Certificate of Appreciation bestowed on me for my performance on Project A, ACME Corporation. Though the project presented many challenges, it’s completion was rewarding. However, not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Please accept my note of gratitude, and I wish you and yours a prosperous new year.


Kate O’Mara

Warning: Things to Keep in Mind

While this is an easy task, there are still a few things to keep in mind. For instance, you want to avoid extensive flattery. Whether it is false or unintentionally over the top, extensive flattery takes away from the substance of your message. You want to keep it professional and formal in tone as well. Stay away from writing in a flippant or casual tone. Also, make certain that you compose and send the thank you message as quickly as possible. Don’t let it lay, because if you wait too long, the message will lose it’s punch. Last but not least, please take the time to proofread and edit your text message for errors and tone.

Appreciation Message to Boss (Word Template)

Appreciation Message to Boss (Word Template)


There you go, a brief and informative article to help you write that all important message of appreciation to your boss. Remember, your boss has a tough time of it. They must answer to those above them, as well as delegate tasks and keep the moral up. So, with this in mind, it’s good form to compose a thoughtful message of appreciation to your boss for those times when your boss recognizes your commitment and dedication to your job.