Thank You Letter: Sample & Writing Tips

A thank-you letter is written to express gratitude for a kind gesture. If you have been successful in an interview, got a business tender, received a grant or scholarship, etc., it’s essential to appreciate the other party by writing a letter. It’s the right way to show professionalism and gratitude.

Though saying thank-you seem simple; you might lack the words and the correct format to pass your message. A template or sample letter will help in providing the layout and the right content. When using templates make sure you have personalized the content.

How to Write (letter format)

A standard thank-you letter must have several sections that include:

Contact details

Start the thank-you letter by providing your contact details, the recipient’s details and never forget to add the date. These details include the name, designation, address, phone number, and email.


A salutation is the reference title for the recipient you can address the recipient as Mr. / Mrs. / MS/ Sir/Madam, etc.


The first paragraph should start with the reason you are writing the thank-you letter. Express your reservations for writing the letter. Thank the recipient for taking the time to read the letter despite their busy schedule. Avoid flattery language, be factual.


In this section, offer a detailed explanation of why you are thankful. You should state how the opportunity will benefit you or others when writing the thank-you letter to be specific since it’s a personal letter. Avoid been too wordy. Be clear and precise in your address.


This serves as the last part of the thank-you letter. Reiterate your appreciation as you close.

Conclude the letter with a complimentary close, your signature, and name.

Sample thank-you letter













Dear [recipient’s name],

I take this chance to pass my sincere gratitude for an interview chance in your company and been selected as the best candidate for the assistant sale position. Though the interview was challenging, I appreciate that your team is very knowledgeable in sales.

The opportunity to work as a sales assistant in your company will help me use my skills to assist the company to increase its market share in the region. Besides, I stand to benefit in career growth by working under your supportive and dedicated team. It has been my dream to work for your company. I promised to offer my best to help the company realize its sales goals.

Once more, thank you for the opportunity and the interview. I look forward to taking over my role soonest.




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