Thank You Letter to Principal for Giving Permission

Thank You Letter to Principal for Giving Permission

School principals wield the final say with regards to the use of the facilities that exist in their institutions. Before using those facilities, you have to seek their permission and endorsements. That requires you to draft a letter to that effect and submit the same to the said principal.

After using the said facilities, you have to draft another letter called ‘Thank You’ letter to the principal for giving permission.’ The letter expresses gratitude to the principal while also highlighting some of the benefits of using the facility.

What to include in a “Thank You” letter to principal

Regardless of the precise nature of gratitude you are expressing, there are a few ‘must-haves’ that each letter of this kind comprises. Below are some of the contents that a letter of this kind has to possess:
  • Appropriate Salutation – This is the greeting that opens the letter. It is a show of respect and establishes a connection between the writer and the reader of the letter. Use respectful words like ‘Sir,’ ‘Mr.,’ ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs.’ before writing the real name of the recipient.
  • Expression of Gratitude – Get now to the core of the letter. It is at this stage that you express gratitude. Tell the reader exactly what you are thanking him for and the other relevant pieces of information.
  • Specific Facts – Share with the reader exactly how much benefit, if any, you derived from the use of the facility or the event you held at the school. That will make the letter serious and encourage the principal to lease out his facilities to other future users.
  • Relevant Signatures – Round up the letter by appending the relevant signatures. Underneath your signature, you should indicate your designation e.g., Events Coordinator, and the date when you drafted the letter easy future references.

Thank You Letter to Principal (Format)




Physical Address,

Zip Code,



Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: ‘Thank You’ letter to principal for giving permission (Format)

From your records, we {name of person or organization} asked you to lease out your {exact name of the premise} with your institution, a request you gladly accepted.

Indeed, our {name of engagement or activity} was fruitful and full of life. We cherish every moment we spent in that facility.

We draft this letter to thank you for the bold step you took to let us use your facilities. On the same breadth, we plead for your long-term cooperation going forward.



{Name and designation}

Sample Thank You Letter to Principal from Student

Dear Mrs. Verhaegen,

Subject: Sample ‘Thank You’ letter to principal from student

I would like to thank you, madam, for giving us permission to host the student concert at the assembly hall.

The concert was truly lively and full of thrill. It brought some life and vitality to the campus community in ways that no other event has in the living memory of the institution.

It is my hope that you shall cooperate with us in the years to come to achieve the very end.



Angeline Crawford,

Events Coordinator

Sample Thank You Letter to Principal for Giving Permission of Placing Stall

Dear Mr. Vanderbilt,

Subject: Sample ‘Thank You’ letter to principal for giving permission of placing stall

As you are aware, we asked you to let us place an exhibition stall at the entrance of your school to let the students peruse the books and make purchases.

You gladly gave us the go-ahead to install such a stall. We do not take it for granted as we attempted to seek the same permission from other school principals but they denied us the opportunity to.

The turnout was awesome and till now, many students are making follow-ups to purchase the books we displayed to them.

Many thanks for your large heart and we hope you will be on our side in the future as well.



David Brandon,

Chief Sales Officer

Tips for writing a “Thank You” letter to principal for giving permission

As with any other letter, there are tips you have to adhere to for you to draft this letter in a way as to serve its purpose fruitfully. We examine a couple of these tips here below for you to consider:
  • Observe Punctuality – Draft and send out this letter as early as possible. This should preferably happen within a fortnight after your use of the school facility. Delaying will just water down the letter and render it of no consequence.
  • Maintain a higher degree of Seriousness – While drafting the letter, maintain a higher degree of seriousness. It is possible for anyone to deduce that a letter is not serious purely by reading its contents. An insincere letter is naturally bound to fail to meet its expectations.
  • Make it personal – Make the letter personal by including the details of the event or facility you have used. At the same time, you should also avoid generalities. Too general letters often miss out on their purposes and are never taken seriously.
  • Keep it brief – Keep the letter brief and to the point. Making it too long may bore the reader and water down the seriousness altogether. Just focus on the few good things that the letter has to showcase to the reader.
  • Edit and Proofread – It goes without saying that you have to edit and proofread the letter before submission. This way, you will eliminate all grammatical and semantic errors that may compromise the quality of the writing.


Drafting a ‘Thank You’ letter to the principal for giving permission is as simple as such. There is no need to juggle too many words or go through too many procedures to have your way. What more could you ask of us? We challenge you to now implement the insights we have generously furnished to you.