Tenant Letter: How to Write (with Sample Reference Letter)

A tenant letter is written by a landlord and passes varying information about the landlord and their tenant. A landlord can write the letter to welcome a new tenant, write the letter as a reference, or they can write the letter as a notice for eviction. No matter the reason for writing the letter, the write must maintain professionalism and a polite tone.

Relying on a template or a sample is the best way to avoid making mistakes when writing the letter.

What to include in a tenant reference letter

  • The property name
  • Name and address of the landlord
  • Names and other details of the tenant or the organization/ business in tenancy
  • Location of the property
  • Relevant information about the tenant
  • Dates when the occupancy was initiated and the last day of occupation
  • Date of writing the tenancy letter
  • A report on the tenancy. Did the tenant pay their bills in time and how did they relate with other tenants in the property?
  • Any complaints from neighbors about the specific tenant.

Tenant Letter Format


Landlord’s name

Property name

Street name

City and zip code

Subject: (……………………)

I write this reference letter to confirm (tenant’s name) has been my tenant at (property name), (property address), a (size of the property they occupied).

(Tenants name), has been a tenant in the property since (date the tenancy started), to (date of exit).

Their last payment was on (date of payment) and amounted to (amount) and was due every (time rent was paid). Over the entire period of the tenancy, he has been paying rent in time.

I have received no complaints from neighbors about their conduct in the property, besides their pets were not a nuisance to any of their neighbors.

(Tenants name) has received no warning letter or legal action in the entire period of their tenancy.

I recommend (tenants name as a polite and respectful tenant; besides, they always pay rent in time. If he chose to come back to the property, I would eagerly accept them.

If you might need more information about (tenant name), contact me via (phone number/ email address).



(Landlords name)

Sample Tenant Letter/Email

21st January 2019Abel Skitofch

324, German lane

Bradford, OH 89432

Ref: Peter white

I write this reference letter to recommend Peter White as a trustworthy and reliable tenant.

Mr. White and his family has been my tenant at Greenhouse apartments, Kimbley road since March 2014.

In the entire period of the tenancy, they have always paid their rent on time except for a few cases of late payments. I have known Mr. White to be a polite and responsible tenant.

I have never issued a warning letter taken any legal action against him for all the time he has been my tenant. His neighbors have also expressed the same sediments about Mr. White.

In case you need more details about him; you can reach me via 517 234 5630.



Abel Skitofch

Types of tenant letter

Landlord letter to tenant proof of residence

The letter verifies tenancy of a specified tenant. It offers details about the specific tenant including their names and other relevant information. When writing the letter include;
  • The name of the tenant
  • Duration of tenancy
  • Property address
  • Punctuality in rent payment
  • Relationship with other tenants

Landlord to tenant letter to vacate

Landlord to tenant letter to vacate is a letter that informs the tenant of the need to quit the property. The letter can serve as a warning letter to the tenant. A landlord can write such a letter if the tenant has issues paying rent or doesn’t coexist with other tenants. The letter should bear this information;
  • Why the tenant should vacate the property
  • Name and address of the tenant
  • Date of leaving the property

Tenant welcome letter

A landlord can write a letter to welcome their new tenant. The letter will also inform the tenant on how to coexist with other tenants besides other relevant information about the tenancy. These details should appear in the letter;
  • Details of the tenant including names
  • Property occupied
  • How to coexist with other tenants
  • Information on garbage collection and pets

Letter giving notice to a tenant

A letter giving notice to a tenant informs the tenant on when they should leave the property. Several factors might motivate the landlord to give notice to the tenant. In the letter the landlord should include these details;
  • Why they want the tenant to leave the property
  • Name and address of the tenant
  • Notice period
  • Any pending payments

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