18 FREE Team Charter Templates & Examples

Team Charter Template

A team charter can help your team outline the direction and boundaries around a team project. Creating these documents can seem daunting, especially if your team members are unfamiliar with what goes into a team charter.

You can improve the team charter building process by providing your teams with a template. Team charter templates allow your team to enter in the needed information to create an organized and complete team charter.

What is a Team Charter?

A team charter is a document created by a group that outlines the direction and boundaries of a team. These documents specify why the team was created, what the team’s task is, and what resources are available to team members. Team charters also outline boundaries and specify a chain of command for every team member.

Team charters are put together by the entire team. This gives each team member buy-in because it allows each team member to voice his or her opinions.

This document allows each team member to fully understand their place in the creation of a product. Since each person’s roles and responsibilities are clearly specified in the team charter, the team can work together more effectively.

What is a Team Charter Template?

A team charter template is a template that guides the discussion of a team charter. These templates are used to ensure that each team charter has all the information necessary.

Templates are easy to fill out and often include information to help teams create an effective team charter. The spaces in these templates provide a place for your team to fill out the information that will guide them in the completion of a project.

Your business can either use a third-party team charter template or create its own. If you plan to use teams regularly, building a team charter template can be a good investment of time and resources.

Team Charter Templates and Examples

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    Essential Elements of a Team Charter Template

    Team charters differ between companies and between teams. However, most team charter templates contain the same ten elements:

    1. Background

    The background of a team charter template summarizes the project and explains why it’s being done. This section often ties an individual project to a company’s overall objectives.

    2. Mission and Objectives

    A mission statement is created to define what success will look like for each team. The project is further explained in this section.

    3. Budget and Resources

    In this section, funding is defined, and earmarked funds are specified. If training will be provided to team members, information about that will be included in this section. Contact information for management will also be included in this section in case any team members have cost-related questions.

    4. Roles and Responsibilities

    This section defines the roles and responsibilities of each person on the team. Each team member’s skills are listed. The chain of command is also defined in this section, so all team members know who has authority over whom for the duration of the project.

    5. Team Operations

    The operational structure is outlined in this section. Your team should clarify what happens if someone enters or leaves the project after it has already been started. The rules of the team are also clarified in this section, as are any pertinent team relationships.

    6. Scope

    This section outlines the scope of the project in detail. A list will be created to identify how each team member will participate in the project.

    7. Performance Assessment

    In this section, the team will describe what metrics will be used to determine the success or failure of the project. This section also lists information on when assessments will occur and who will be conducting them.

    8. Activities and Milestones

    The tasks and milestones of the project are listed and described in detail. This will help guide progress on the project.

    9. Guide to Communication

    In this section of the charter, team members will determine how updates will be communicated. Team members will discuss the frequency of updates while also determining how often meetings will occur.

    10. Signatures

    Each member of the team will sign and date the document to show their understanding of the project and their willingness to commit to their outlined tasks.

    How to Create a Team Charter Template

    There are many team charter templates out there. No matter how good they are, your business may want to create a template of its own.

    There are two main ways you can do this.

    First, you could edit a pre-existing template. Try different templates to see which one best suits your business’ teams. Make changes to the template to optimize it for use by your teams.

    Second, you could create a template using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. In a document, outline each section needed to create a team charter. Offer prompts to help guide team discussions.

    Creating your own team charter template allows you to input information about your business’ values and overall goals. This offers a good reminder to your teams as they put together their team charters.

    Benefits of Using a Team Charter Template

    There are many benefits to using a team charter template. Three main benefits stand out:

    • Templates allow anyone to lead the discussion. With a good template, the person leading planning meetings doesn’t have to have significant experience in creating team charters. Although all participants will give their input, this allows any team member to act as a guide for the discussion.
    • Templates prevent you from missing essential information. Because team charters involve writing down so much information, it’s easy to forget necessary portions in the creation of your charter. A template can keep you on track and help you ensure that all the needed information is made available to the team.
    • Templates make the planning process more efficient. It is easier for your team members to stay on topic when they know exactly what decisions need to be made to create a team charter. Team charter templates can help speed up the planning process.


    Team charters help teams define responsibilities and get things done. Although a team charter can be made from scratch each time a new team is formed, team charter templates can help teams make needed decisions more efficiently.

    Whether your business edits a pre-existing template or creates one of its own, team charter templates can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your teams.