Teacher Cover Letter Template and Examples

Teacher Cover Letter Template and Examples

Graduating with your education degree is a huge first step to attaining your dream job. It is an exciting first step into the world of the education system, but it can start out as an arduous journey. The process of getting a teaching job starts before a principal or administrator even sees you! This is because you have to present yourself with your cover letter before you even get the interview?

So, what is a teacher cover letter? How do you write one? And what is the best way to make a good impression?

What is a Teacher Cover Letter?

A teacher cover letter is a letter that accompanies your resume when you apply for a professional position. These letters are professional documents that represent who you are in a single letter and outline your experience, personality, and why you should be the lead choice for any position. This should be worded professionally and appropriately while still representing you. If you have a fun personality, you should let that show through with your letter, just as if you should demonstrate that you are stern, structured teacher, if this is more your style of teaching.

While there is a lot to you are as a person and a teacher, this document should not exceed a single page. Think of this letter as a synopsis of the book that is you! The shorter you keep this letter, the better. It needs to keep the administrators who are going to read your cover letter enthused and attentive to the details of your career and education.

Teacher Cover Letter (Word Template)

    Essential Elements of a Teacher Cover Letter

    When you are writing your cover letter, there are a few essential elements that you need to include:

    • Your Contact Information: This letter should be written utilizing a formal format, meaning that the top of the letter should include your contact information and return address. This should include your legal first and last name, your phone number, your e-mail address, and your mailing address – if you are mailing your cover letter.
    • The Date: You should always include the date on which you are sending or submitting your cover letter at the top of the letter. This is good for HR if they keep a copy, and it is also good for your personal records so that you may see the progress you are making as you grow as a professional.
    • The Name of The Administrator You Will Be Speaking With: Addressing the letter to the administrator who will be reading your application and cover letter is a personal touch that can make all the difference when attaining a job. This shows that you have done your research and that you are truly invested in attaining the job.
    • An Overview of Your Education: If you are new to the field, this is essential. You should tell the people hiring you where you went to school, what you majored in, and how that educational experience relates to the position you are applying for. This gives them a better picture of who you are.
    • An Overview of Any Relevant Work Experience: While your resume is including, outlining your relevant work experience is a good way to make sure all the information a hiring panel need is right before them
    • A Closing: The closing should always express your gratitude to administrators for their time and be signed if possible.

    Including all of these elements is essential to make your letter look as professional as possible.

    Teacher Cover Letter Template

    (Write your name here)

    (111) 555-1234

    (Write Your email here)

    (Write the Date Here)

    Dear (Write the Name of the Administrator Here, if Known. Otherwise: “To Whom It May Concern”):

    I am excited to be applying for the (write position you are applying for) at (write the school at which you are applying for the position. I am someone who is (write two to three skills that you feel are pertinent to this position), making this is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my professional career. I believe that my experience and passion for education would be the ideal fit for your district based upon (write why you think you would be a good fit for this job), and I am thrilled at the prospective chance to join your team.

    I have been in the classroom for the past (write your years of experience…OR replace with the name of your college) years. In every classroom that I have had the pleasure of teaching (write an accomplishment that your students have made). On top of that, (write any awards or accolades you have received. This should include your ratings from your reviews, as well!).

    I strive to make my school better simply by being involved.

    Thank you for considering me for this opening, and it is my sincerest wish that my resume will allow you a better picture of my experience and expertise. I look forward to meeting with you in person and sharing more of my career with you.


    (Write Your Name Here)

    Sample Teacher Cover Letter

    Cordelia Atwater

    (111) 555-1234

    [email protected]

    August 27, 2022

    Dear Ms. Clarkson:

    I am excited to be applying for the first-grade position at Mary Pleasant Elementary School. As someone who loves education, possesses excellent knowledge of the curriculum, and can connect easily with students, this is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my professional career. I believe that my experience and passion for education would be the ideal fit for your district based on your mission statement, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to join your team.

    I have been a classroom educator for the past 4 years at various levels. In each grade that I have had the pleasure of teaching, all of my students have improved their scores comparatively across both reading and math. On top of that, I received the Teacher of the Year award last year and was considered highly effective by my administrators.

    I love the reward of teaching academics but also thrive by teaching students to function at a higher level. I am a team player and have participated in various panels and school improvement plans to help build a better environment for my school community.

    Thank you for considering me, and I think that my CV will give you a better sense of my experience and expertise. I am looking forward to seeing you in person and discussing with you my philosophy while I learn more about this exciting opportunity.


    Cordelia Atwood

    Tips For Writing a Cover Letter For Teaching

    • Keep your letter short: It is semi-common knowledge that not every letter is read. Longer letters often get moved to the bottom of the pile and could accidentally screw you out of your dream job.
    • Make sure to proofread: If you proofread your letter, you are more likely to discover mistakes that you didn’t notice the first time. This makes your letter appear more polished and thought out than other candidates.
    • Make sure the letter is authentic to you: This letter should be introducing who you are, not anyone else. Make sure that you are creating a letter that allows your personality to shine through.


    How long should a teacher’s cover letter be?

    A teacher’s cover letter should never exceed one page. Summarize as well as possible and ask colleagues and friends to read if it gets too long. Often, we think that we should include things that are not necessary to our cover letter, and it becomes muddled and wordy.

    What is the best greeting for a cover letter?

    Starting your cover letter with “Dear ” makes the letter more personal. This shows that you did your research and that you are invested in the position. When all else fails, using “To Whom It May Concern” is a fail-safe but doesn’t indicate a lot of thought.

    Should you introduce yourself in a cover letter?

    Your cover letter is your introduction. As you write your letter, you are introducing yourself as an educator. If you have followed a professional format, the administrators already know your name and will not require further introduction or fanfare.

    What should you not include in a cover letter?

    Only include pertinent information about the position you are applying for. There is no need to contribute anything more than the hiring panel needs.


    Writing a cover letter is an important first step to a job in education. Without a perfect cover letter, you can become overlooked in a sea of applicants. Make sure to take your time and look at examples to make sure that your cover letter thoroughly sums up who you are as a teacher, and you will be more likely to find your dream position.

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