Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates

Do you have someone who may be interested in but incapable of tattooing his body? Administer a tattoo gift certificate to him. This is a near-money commodity that a recipient can go and show the gift certificate to the shop and have a tattoo by redeeming it.

What to include in a Tattoo Gift Certificate

Incorporate these vital pieces of information in that document:

  • Recipient – This is the name of the person whom you pass the gift to. Be creative by using calligraphy to display the name. Such a step will certainly make the gift quite appealing.
  • Images, Graphics, and Multimedia – To make your certificate more beautiful and appealing to the eyes, you have to include lots of graphics, images, and multimedia. These have to be relevant to the contents you intend to push through.
  • Header Tags or Main Content – It is the header tag (or main content for example, certificate worth $200, or if certificate is for specific services) that summarizes the contents and the intents of the certificate. Be sure to place it bold and as relevant to the ensuing explanations as possible.
  • Contact Information – To redeem the certificate, the recipient has to present it to a shop. The contact details of the shop at hand have to be expressly stated to facilitate the redemption.
  • Date and Signature – As with any other certificate, be sure to sign, stamp and date this one too. These will give it the official character it needs in order to command some legitimacy.

Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates

To help you in creating one for yourself, we have some ready-made templates that you may try out. Here, we have some professionally designed templates in MS Word to aid you in generating one for yourself.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Tattoo Gift Certificate

While drafting this certificate, there are some mistakes that are consistently made. Be on the lookout for these mistakes and take deliberate steps to stay away from them:

  • Not respecting the norms – You have to know and adhere to the norms that are laid down to guide the preparation of this certificate. The failure to do so will definitely bring along undesirable impacts.
  • Heavy Images, Graphics, and Multimedia – While great, you are advised against using too heavy multimedia, graphics, and images. A little moderation will definitely go a long way in sprucing your certificate.
  • Missing Header Tags – Never attempt to miss the header tags in your templates. They guide the designer in knowing where to place the necessary headers in the description segment.
  • Hiding the shop’s Contact Information – Do not fall into the temptation of hiding or forgetting to incorporate the tattoo shop’s contact information. How else can the recipient know where to redeem it?
  • Being Vague – A certificate template has to be precise and to the point. Do not be vague but instead see to it that you incorporate all the fields that may be needed to make a great design thereafter.


Is a tattoo gift certificate the same as a tattoo gift card?

There is slight difference! A tattoo gift certificate may only be redeemed through tattooing the body. A tattoo gift card on the other hand may be redeemed in cash. (depends on the card as some cards do not allow cash redemption)

How does a tattoo gift certificate work?

It is a form of money as a gift to someone who can go and show the gift certificate to the shop and have a tattoo by redeeming a gift certificate.

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