T-Shirt Order Form Template – 17+ (Word, Excel, PDF)

There is no doubt that most business brands want to place orders easily, effectively and efficiently than waste time scrambling in physical markets. For example, a big e-store that specializes in clothing. By choosing a t-shirt, for instance, to be their main cloth to sell, the owner of the e-store can decide to use a t-shirt order form template to order for different kinds of t-shirts from a manufacturing company.

One can quickly personalize ready made templates in Word or Excel, starting them from scratch can be really challenging and time-consuming. That is why different types of order form templates are in existence to ensure such business people save their time and energy.

T Shirt Order Form Template


Short Sleeve T-Shirt Order Form Template

Short Sleeve T Shirt Order Form Template

Custom t-shirt order form is a highly customizable template. A business or any brand can easily adjust the template content to match their needs and specifications.

T-Shirt Order Form Template (PDF Format)

T Shirt Order Form Template PDF

School T Shirt Order Form Template

School T Shirt Order Form Template

Blank T-Shirt Order Form

2016 T Shirt Order Form Template

Games T-Shirt Order Form

Games T Shirt Order Form Template

Print Lab T-Shirt Order Form Template

PrintLab T Shirt Order Form Template

Campaign T-shirts Order Form

Campaign T shirts Order Form Template

T-Shirt-Order Form Template (Detailed)

T Shirt Order Form Template Detailed

Generic t-shirt order templates are useful to companies that target a wide, general group of users rather than a specific one.

T-Shirt Order Template in Excel

T Shirt Order Form Template Excel

T-Shirt Order Form Template in All Sizes

T Shirt Order Form Template in All Sizes

Simple T-shirt Design Order Form in PDF

Simple T shirt Design Order Form Template

Elementary T-Shirt Order Template

Elementary T Shirt Order Form Template

Crockery Township T-shirt Order Template

Crockery Township T shirt Order Form Template

Club T-Shirt Order Form

Club T Shirt Order Form

T shirt pre-order form template indicates the t-shirts that are ordered by an organization before they are available so that they can be made and delivered.

The form template has the number of t-shirts ordered and the t-shirt specifications.

T-Shirt Pre-Order Form Template

T Shirt Pre Order Form Template

Field Day T-Shirt Order Form

Field Day T Shirt Order Form

Blank T-Shirt Order Template

Blank T Shirt Order Form Template

Family Reunion T Shirt Order Form

Family Reunion T Shirt Order Form

This blank form for Word makes it possible for businesses to order various sizes of t-shirts such as small, medium, large, XL or XXL.

T-Shirt Order Form in Word

T Shirt Order Form in Word

As a business, ordering products from a manufacturing company or another business can be a challenge especially when the order is bulky and involves many items. Order form templates alleviate this challenge by providing a platform that is easy to follow. This saves time and resources. There are many ready-made templates that business owners may wish to consider using. Alternatively, they may also want to create their own order form templates from scratch. Either way, the order form template becomes an important tool in the ordering process.

How to Order a T-Shirt

Most people find ordering and estimating T-shirts challenging. It’s even scarier if it’s your first time to order custom T-shirts. The process can be easy if you have information on how to make purchases. Stick with me as I share information on how to order T-shirts.

The simplest way to avoid stress when ordering T-shirts is to know the quantities and sizes of T-shirts you require for your event before initiating the ordering process. But under normal circumstances, you’ll hardly have this information beforehand.

Steps for ordering Custom T-shirts

  1. Estimate the number of T-shirts you need. How many T-shirts do you need for your event? Do you require 100 or 500 pieces? You must be able to respond to this question before proceeding to the next step.
  1. Request for quantity discounts from the seller. A majority of T-shirt printers offer quantity discounts depending on the number of T-shirts you order. For example, it’s impressive to discover if you order 48 t-shirts you won’t get any discount, but by ordering 50 T-shirts, you get 4 extra shirts.Use the concept of quantity discounts to save money. Order T-shirts based on the seller’s discount structure, e.g. a simple structure will offer varying discounts for 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 T-shirts.
  1. Consider common T-short sizes. AS you purchase the T-shirts, it’s important to know the age and gender of the recipients. Are you buying T-shirts for adults, children, women or men? For example, many adults wear size L (Large).
  1. The “bell curve.” Your curve must start with the most popular size—large (16L). Then proceed and select a few pieces of 11M and 11XL on either side. Move on and select some 5S and 5XXL. End your selection with 1XS and 1XXXL. You can see how the selection works from the diagram below. We advise our clients to select more sizes on one side.
  1. Skewing sizes. Notice the curve will change in shape when you skew the sizes to a large extent. Note: It’s much easier to fit a larger T-shirt on an individual as opposed to a small one.
  1. Use the information you have about the group. After you’ve generalized the sizes, it’s ideal to make changes based on what you already know about your group. Remember to select on 4XL for Uncle John and an extra small T-shirt for the smallest member of your team.Over to you! Now you can choose T-shirts for your team without challenges. Do you have more questions? Let us know. Call or email us.