Strategy Paper Template – 7+ (For Word & Excel)

The process, in which companies’ leaders outline their future goals and how they will achieve their goals, is called strategic planning. During this process, there are lots of matters to look after and to keep in mind like the introductory statement, background statement, organization structure, vision, mission statement, problem statement, SWOT analysis, goals, and evaluation etc. Strategy paper template is the paper that carries all necessary information and makes this process easier, simpler and more effective.

Here are some strategy papers and documents to help you in better understanding.

Marketing Strategy Paper

Template for Marketing Strategy Paper

Strategic Account Paper Plan

Template for Strategic Account Paper Plan

Strategic Paper Planning Template

Strategic Paper Planning Template

Product Strategy Paper (DOC)

Product Strategy Paper Template (DOC)

Strategic Planning Template for Dummies (PDF)

Strategic Planning Template for Dummies (PDF)

Paper Strategy Document

Paper Strategy Document Template

Strategic Business Plan Template

strategic business paper plan template

What is strategy paper?

The strategic paper is a document that describes the direction of any company, institution or business organization. It may a one-page report or a book shape binding, depending on the size of organization or matter under discussion. Most managers & business professionals use strategy paper as a tool; get help in reaching their goals and examining their position during the process.

Few Examples of Strategy Documents:

  • Introductory statement: This statement defines the basic problem matter & is the key paragraph for both reader & writer as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.Background statement: It includes the history of the matter or problem under discussion.
  • Vision: Under this heading, there is a precise & brief answer to the question, where one wants to be?
  • Mission: This describes the purpose of the organization or product or services in which the organization deals.
  • SWOT analysis: For the matter under discussion, the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are described in detail.
  • Evaluation: After taking any step or completing any process, evaluation is carried out & mentioned here to take preventive and corrective measures.

Without a strategy, paperwork may also be completed or goals can be achieved on a day-to-day basis but often lacks a sense of priority and purposes. With the help of strategy paper business professional, work-groups or teams can examine their progress and can take necessary steps and measure on time.