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Stakeholder Analysis Template – For Word, Excel & PDF

When an organization kicks off a project or changes their mission, a comprehensive or strategic plan can make the difference between success and failure. One of the first steps in such a process is gathering the input of everyone affected using a stakeholder analysis. The stakeholder analysis template can make this part of the strategic planning process much smoother and faster, especially for those completing it for the very first time.

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix Example

Sometimes looking at someone else’s sample can make it faster to complete. A stakeholder analysis matrix example will make it easier for the new project manager to take information gleaned in a stakeholder analysis and arrange it to see the relationships and priorities as quickly as possible. With such an example, a project can move from the planning stage to the implementation stage much more easily.

Stakeholder Analysis Matrix Example

A stakeholder analysis template in Excel is one of the most common formats to use when preparing a stakeholder analysis matrix or map. Starting with an Excel template cuts down on the time needed to format the analysis and lets the busy project manager get the information on the page as quickly as possible. Additionally, in a common format like Excel, it’s easy to send the map to others for review and editing as needed.

Stakeholder Analysis Template in Excel

Stakeholder Analysis Template in Excel

A project stakeholder analysis template is a smart tool a busy manager can have to keep a project moving along. By having a template already set up, it’s much easier to proceed through the steps of the planning process and ensure that stakeholders don’t lose interest or motivation before the project gets off the ground.

Project Stakeholder Analysis Template

Project Stakeholder Analysis Template

What is the stakeholder analysis?

When beginning a project or strategic initiative that can impact many different people, the stakeholder analysis is a vital tool to use to include input from everyone who will be affected. This process must be conducted in a systematic fashion to ensure the maximum usefulness and accuracy of the analysis.

What is a stakeholder analysis matrix?

A stakeholder analysis matrix allows you to organize, categorize, and prioritize the information that is revealed in the stakeholder analysis process. Done well, the matrix makes it easy to discover interests that conflict, as well as where they converge. It is a useful tool both at the onset of a new project as well as when the direction or scope of a project changes.

What is a stakeholder map?

In an age of information overload, a stakeholder map takes the insights gained in the stakeholder analysis process and represents them visually for maximum understanding and impact. Once you have systematically gathered information about the interests at stake in your project, create a stakeholder map to see whose needs should take the highest priority without losing other interested parties’ needs in the process.