Sponsorship Request Letter: Format & Sample Letters

Sponsorship Request Letter: Format & Sample Letters

A sponsorship request letter is crucial when you search for someone to sponsor your event or something else you plan to do. Ensure that your letter convinces your sponsor that it is worth investing in your event. Furthermore, proceed and mention the benefits that the sponsor will acquire. How you write your sponsorship request letter determines whether you will be ignored or secure the sponsorship.

Many workshop attendees, clients, and readers usually ask how they should write a sponsorship request letter to make their sponsorships secure. Therefore, you must understand sponsorship as an industry discipline before sending your letter. You might fail to get a sponsorship due to common mistakes you are likely to make in your letter. This article will give you an insight into the structure and the process that will make your sponsorship letter bear fruits.

What Is a Sponsorship Request Letter?

A sponsorship request letter refers to a fundraising request sent to prospects who might be interested in guaranteeing the recipient an incentive in exchange for an in-kind donation or cash.

What is a Sponsorship Request Letter Template?

A sponsorship template is a sponsorship request letter or email format that guides you on securing funds from a sponsor of your choice.

Letter Format

Sponsorship request letter format:


Your name

Name of your organization


Dear, (sponsor’s name)

{Write the name of your event or the cause that you are requesting the sponsorship for, write a short history of your organization, background and also include its achievements to attract your reader.}

{Make your sponsor know why you need this sponsorship from him or her. Explain why you are not in a position to sponsor yourself and tell them how they can benefit from sponsoring you. Mention all the details of your event or the cause, be it the date venue or time. Politely ask them to donate a certain amount of money or any amount that they would feel is right for them, you should not demand a specific amount.}

Express gratitude and add your phone number so that they can easily contact you just in case they are willing to go forward with your sponsorship.


Your Signed Name

Your Name (typed)

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    Essential Elements of a Sponsorship Request Letter

    Before you write a sponsorship letter, you must familiarize yourself with the basic components of this letter. Below are several crucial elements of a sponsorship request letter:

    A mention of when you are likely to make a follow-up

    Ensure that your prospects know you will follow up on your request and specify the date. You can inform them of a specific date and time you can contact them and update them of a specific date you are likely to stop by their working station. And this will show them how serious you are with your event.

    The activation opportunities

    Do not focus on the number of funds you require from the sponsor. Instead, use your sponsorship letter to show your potential customers you know and understand how sponsorship operates. Proceed and offer three activation examples that your audience and sponsors find interesting. Remember to talk about what you will offer them, such as sampling, contests, and branding.

    Your audience details

    This element allows you to be unique. In addition, sponsorship is about sales and marketing, and it needs target audiences to operate. Audience detail explains who your audiences are, why they are engaged in your organization, and the kind of purchase they plan to offer. A sponsor cannot waste their time on a letter without audience information.

    Reasons why you need their sponsorship

    You must have reasons why you choose their organization. Mention if you were connected. Here you can also mention the mutual contact’s name and why they linked up the two of you. You can also tell if they have a history of sponsoring an event like yours. Ensure you fed them with correct details.

    Introduce yourself and the opportunity

    Here, you need to describe yourself briefly in two sentences or even one. Avoid including a lot of unnecessary history with multi- paragraphs in this section. Ensure you are clear and concise in your introduction.

    How to Write a Sponsorship Request Letter (Step-by-Step)

    Before you start to draft your sponsorship letter, ensure that you understand how to write one. Here is an overview of a step-by-step guide to guide you draft your sponsorship request letter:

    Part 1- Prepare to request a sponsorship

    • Determine your objectives. When you determine your goals, you will understand why you need to use the sponsorship. Remember, sponsorship letters should be focused and specific. Suppose it comes out vague. It means you are not aware of what you want, including your goals. And this renders your letter ineffective.
      On the other hand, you must know why you need to meet your goals or objectives. A sponsorship request letter can only be successful if you make the sponsor understand the sense of passion and purpose. This means you have to use persuasive language to make the sponsor understand why it is worth investing in your event. You can achieve this by stating how your event has benefited many people and the community.
    • Create a list of businesses. Ensure you make a list of businesses; you never know who wants to support you due to personal reasons. This means you need to do thorough research and create a list of companies. Do not miss to include people in business with whom you have a close and personal connection without underestimating the importance of such links.
    • Avoid overlooking small businesses or businesses without storefronts since they might be more than willing to support you. You can engage them at a local angle. Besides, hometown businesses usually recognize the benefits of remaining attached to their communities. If you are working as a team, give each member a list of these businesses. And ask them to contact some of these business personals. This will enable every individual to acquire a personal outreach.
    • Determine what you want. Sponsorship usually features multiple different forms. Therefore, before creating a sponsorship request letter, you must determine what you seek. The sponsor might decide to offer you in-kind donations or cash.
      Be aware that in-kind donations mean a business donating products or materials you can use during your event instead of cash. This can also be in the form of services and not goods. Similarly, you might be willing to get volunteers instead of goods, such as products. Ensure you are clear enough about what you are seeking.
    • Determine what you are guaranteeing. The sponsorship letters often allow individuals to choose from varying sponsorship levels, enabling businesses to offer something even if they do not have much income as larger firms. Ensure that your letter features sponsorship levels and clearly outline varying benefits provided by different sponsorship level. The more you give, the more you get.
      Some of the benefits your sponsors might get include company’s appearing in promotional materials, websites, or programs. It can also include an advertising banner and a public address concerning the sponsorship or company.
    • Determine the name of specific individuals to get the letter. Avoid addressing your cover letter to the generic, such as who it may concern. This might seem very impersonal. Address your letter to the correct person who runs an organization or business, like the company’s CEO. Moreover, contact the company or search its website to determine who is in charge of sponsorships. When you address this letter to the right person, it becomes effective. Make sure to get their title the correct spelling of their names.
      On the other hand, you can also confirm if the company or organization features a charitable giving policy. This will make your work easy since you will only need to align your request with their policy without wasting a lot of your time.

    Part 2- Understanding and getting familiarized with the format

    • Study sponsorship request letters. There are multiple sponsorship request letters templates online, and you can get some at a fee, while some are free of charge. Make sure you go through these letters to get familiarized with the content and format. And avoid copying the letter. Once you understand the format, you can write yours and address it to the correct person.
    • Use a proper tone. The tone you are likely to use depends on the audience. Thus, you must learn to be professional and avoid being informal in your sponsorship letter. Put the letter on your formal letterhead, which features the name and logo of your organization. Organizations and business companies need you to be more formal, but you can be less formal if you address a friend or a family member. Remember, informal letters do not yield good results like formal letters.
    • Utilize a business letter format that is standard. A primary sponsorship letter usually uses a mostly used format in many business letters. Your letter will look 100% professional if you use a proper structure. Start with the date, sponsor’s name, then addresses space and salutation with a comma. After that write your letter and keep it short, at least a page. Use clear and concise language and send a snail email.
    • Finish your letter with gratitude. The end of your sponsorship request letter should feature your gratitude. Thank them for the consideration and have some space between the paragraph and preserve a space for your signature. End your letter using a respectful professional salutation, like respectfully, then your name, title, and your signature. Include more materials, such as a printed flyer to offer your potential sponsors a background of your company or event. You can also back up your letter with what you had done previously.

    Part 3- perfecting your content

    • Write an outstanding introduction. Introduce your company or yourself with the first paragraph of your letter and go straight to the point. Avoid assuming that people know you or what your company does. Make sure you explain these things clearly, especially about your company or yourself. Indicate how you plan to use the money, make a sponsorship request, and back it up with significant reasons why you need it.
    • Outline the advantages. You can only acquire sponsorship if these individuals are sure of benefitting from your event. Thus, in the middle paragraph of your letter, state these benefits they are likely to get. You can provide them with options to choose whatever matches their budget or needs.
    • Convince the sponsors using a supporting evidence. Here, you can mention your audience size to show the demographics of individuals they will reach out to. And ask the sponsors how they would love to be recognized. Furthermore, you can also explain how you will offer them sponsorship recognition.
    • Converse about the background of the event. Ensure you provide concrete information to support your event or even organization. Do not tell but show. Action is louder than words. Try explaining the background of your event and how it has grown to where it is.
    • Make a personal follow up. Sending a letter is not enough to create a connection and acquire sponsorship. After sending it, you must ensure you make a personal follow-up. Within ten days, you can contact or stop their offices to confirm. To make a follow-up successful make appointments. Appreciate every feedback and send a thank you note to those who offer you sponsorship.
    • Proofread. To avoid sabotaging your sponsorship chances, proofread your letter. A letter with grammar errors is quite unprofessional, and many sponsors would not love their companies attached to unprofessional events.

    Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

    The letter head

    Date: ______________

    Address: ________________________________________

    Dear Mr. /Ms. Mrs.__________________________________

    During the environment conference, I was invited to compete for Miss Environment USA. Here, I will have a chance to be chosen as the States environment representative to the Miss Environment USA.

    For this reason, I would gladly appreciate it if you offered me sponsorship in Miss Environment USA. And give me a chance to win. 50- 100 women will be competing for this title, and this event will be televised globally, and it features an anticipated audience of 200 000- 300, 000. Furthermore, the entire sponsors stand a chance of being named during the contest and on the future websites of productions.

    The amount for contribution is flexible. You can choose to help me out through the options below.

    $__________ Your name, logo and description

    $__________ Name and description

    $__________Your name as well as logo

    $__________ Your name

    Suppose you are interested to sponsor me, please contact me at _________________

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Yours respectfully


    Typed name

    Sample Sponsorship Email

    Dear Salah,

    Nike is the biggest fan and values you as one of the best footballers in the industry.

    As a result, we have a new sports product and apparel collection in the store, and we would love you to collaborate with us. Besides, we would love to empower footballers through our recently initiated campaign, and we wish you to be the top face of the entire campaign.

    Your contribution to our esteemed company has been so inspirational. And for that reason, we believe that each footballer in the sports industry deserves your inspiration since you are one of the prominent footballers in the world.

    Your response will be highly appreciated.


    Nike company


    When Not to Send a Sponsorship Request Letter

    Before you stamp your letter and send it, you must understand when not to send the sponsorship request letter. Here is an overview of when not to send your letter:

    If the timeline set is too short

    When you have a limited timeline, you might not focus on the sponsorship at that specific time. If you draft one, it might reach the sponsor late, and they might not be able to help you. The sponsor might love to work with you in the coming future, but failing to be organized can make them opt not. Hence, avoid poor planning.

    You cannot seem to remember the audience data

    Ensure you include the audience data in your letter, you might be aware of it, but the potential sponsors you are looking for have absolutely no idea about it. Lacking this essential part can make you not get feedback from the sponsor.

    If you have no connection with your sponsor

    It is easy to get sponsorship when you build a good connection with the sponsor before asking for it. Bear in mind that sponsors receive emails, and most emails end up in the trash, and if you are not connected, yours might fall among them. This shows how good it is to have connections. Sometimes, it is good not to waste your time if you have none.

    Best Practices for Writing a Sponsorship Request Letter

    To write the best sponsorship letter, you must exercise seven outstanding practices. These practices include:

    Avoiding boring pleasantries

    Apart from getting rid of words such as to whom it may concern, you must also eliminate small pleasantries and talk from your letter. These pleasantries entail things, such as how are you? Or hope you good.

    Set duration for a phone call or meeting

    Confidence is the key when approaching the sponsor. Ensure that you state a duration when you can contact them or schedule a meeting on a specific date because most are busy and might not have time to reach out. You can always reach out if there are no responses. And learn to appreciate both positive and negative reactions.

    Ask for help or an opinion

    When asking for sponsorship, do not concentrate on money alone. You can request their thoughts and assistance, which will show them how much you value their opinion.

    Keep it short

    Your letter should be utmost one page. Suppose it exceeds a page, then you must shorten it. Many sponsors are busy and might not have time for your multiple paragraphs. Therefore, make sure your letter is clear and concise.

    Remember who the letter is about

    Ensure you focus on the letter and the sponsor and avoid writing in-depth synopsis. Have two sentences for yourself and the rest for the sponsor.

    Personalize as much as you can

    You probably have a big list of sponsors to address your letter to. Therefore, make sure that you personalize every letter. And avoid addressing your letter to whom it may concern, sir or madam. Find proper contacts of the sponsorship company and address the letter to a specific individual. Personalized letters are time-consuming and worth it.

    The lede is a crucial sentence in your letter, usually within the first paragraph. If you met with the sponsor at an event, it is good to commence with the lead. Then your request for many can come letter.

    Things to Avoid When Writing Your Sponsorship Letter

    Whenever you write your sponsorship letters, there are certain things you must avoid, such as:

    • Including a sponsorship agreement requesting a contract or signature the very first time you reach out.
    • Assuming the key demographics or target audience
    • Words such as to whom it may concern, address your letter to a specific person
    • Emphasizing the need
    • Images of your program users or stakeholders
    • Proposals, samples, pamphlets, and leaflets
    • Ask for free products, more so for in-kind sponsorship
    • Sponsorship levels and grid
    • Specific finance requests

    Types of Sponsorship Letters

    There are several types of sponsorship letters. Below is an overview of these letters:

    Event sponsorship letter

    When writing this letter, highlight the event, location, theme, and date. After that, go straight to sponsorship. Mention ample sponsorship options. Ensure that your letter is straight to the point and commence with all your existing supporters.

    Sponsorship acknowledgment letter

    This type of sponsorship needs you to be sincere and unique. Whatever you write in this letter should come from your heart. Tell more about the donation you require. Mention other engagement opportunities to make them choose the best way to sponsor you. Last but not least, make sure you send your letter promptly.

    Sponsorship levels document

    The sponsorship level is categorized primarily: the silver sponsorship level, the bronze sponsorship level, and the Gold sponsorship letter. While writing this letter, you can mention a few king-don donations incentives. Make sure you create a hierarchy of giving levels and entail a place for donors to state their giving level.

    Sponsorship letter requesting for volunteers

    To write this letter effectively, you should consider some best practices, such as tying your recipient to your cause and asking exactly what you require from your sponsor. Besides, explain why you need a sponsor, and do not forget to explain why you need the volunteers.

    Sponsorship letter requesting in-kind donations

    When writing this letter, make sure you elaborate on your fundraiser, be specific, thank the sponsor in advance and highlight the previous year’s success.

    Sponsorship letter requesting monetary donations

    Here you need to exercise several best practices, such as highlighting mutual benefits, referring to the previous success, addressing the correct person, and providing a way for them to get in touch quickly.

    Sponsorship letter for auction items

    This kind of sponsorship needs you to talk about your last auction, entail a form, get specific with your request, and ensure that you include an event invitation.

    Corporate sponsorship letter

    There are several excellent practices you must consider when writing a corporate letter. These practices include knowing your audience, mentioning your contact details, mentioning common goals, and attaching the sponsorship level document.

    Sponsorship letter for food

    The sponsorship letter requires you to be strategic to conquer your sponsor, and you must also be complimentary because being flattery is crucial. Similarly, you must include an estimated headcount and space out your requests.

    Sponsorship letter for sports club

    To earn excellent results from this specific letter, you must brag about your team, choose an athlete with the club’s core values, and narrate their story. Furthermore, you must explain how you will use the funds. And use advertising as an incentive.

    Sponsorship letter for students, PTAs as well as students

    This kind of letter needs you to focus on your students, understand what you need from the sponsor, cast a broad net, and twist the template based on the audience.

    Church sponsorship letter

    When writing this kind of letter, make sure that you link it on a personal level, narrate your story, get specific, and thank them for considering your request.

    Event sponsorship letter

    When working on your event sponsorship letter, you must ensure you highlight your event, generate ample sponsorship alternatives, ask what you need, and commence with the supporters you already feature.

    Sponsorship Request Letter Sample

    Sponsorship Request Letter Sample

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    Sample Sponsorship Proposal Letter

    Visa Sponsorship Letter

    This is a letter written by an individual that is sponsoring your visit to another state. This letter is important because if you do not show proof of your funds or fail to provide a convincing reason why you need to travel to that particular state, then this letter will tackle the problem for you because it has all the information the embassy may require.

    Visa Sponsorship Letter

    Family and Friends Sponsorship Letter

    Family and Friends Sponsorship Letter

    Bank Sponsorship Letter

    This a letter written to a bank by an organization seeking for financial support, with this, an individual has a higher chance of getting the monetary help he or she needed.

    Bank Sponsorship Letter

    High School Sponsorship Letter

    This is a letter written by a school or a student to ask for sponsorship from companies or organizations, if the school was facing some financial problems then the organization in question offers them the sponsorship, this will help the school run smoothly.

    High School Sponsorship Letter

    Vendor Sponsorship Letter

    Vendor Sponsorship Letter

    Requesting Employer Support and Financial Sponsorship Letter

    Requesting Employer Support and Financial Sponsorship Letter

    Training Sponsorship Letter

    Training Sponsorship Letter

    Charity Golf Tournament Sponsorship Letter

    Charity Golf Tournament Sponsorship Letter

    Sample Letter to Sponsors

    Sample Letter to Sponsors

    Sponsorship Letter Format

    Sponsorship Letter Format

    Sponsorship Confirmation Letter Template

    This is a letter written by the sponsors to those who request for sponsorships to let them know that their sponsorship has been granted. It helps the sponsors to mention everything that should be included in the letter.

    Sponsorship Confirmation Letter Template

    Request for Sponsorship Email

    Request for Sponsorship Email Letter

    Request for Sponsorship Letter

    Request for Sponsorship Letter


    How do you politely ask for sponsorship?

    You can ask for a sponsorship politely by using the correct structure. Otherwise, it will not sound professional. Commence your letter with a specific date, sponsor’s name, then address. Ensure that you keep it short, end with gratitude and send a snail email.

    When should you ask for sponsorship?

    When asking for sponsorship, avoid waiting until your event is due to ask for it. Furthermore, suppose you know the amount you require, ask for it straight away. And try and follow up if there is no feedback.

    What is a sponsorship email?

    Sponsorship email refers to a rented email address owned by an individual featuring many contacts. In many cases, you can always negotiate with the owner to send emails on your behalf.

    How do you ask for a sponsor in an email?

    You can easily ask for a sponsor in an email by offering them a reason to open up, seek their professional opinion, and mention how well connected you are.

    What are good companies to ask for sponsorship?

    Below are excellent companies to ask for sponsorship:

    • Airlines
    • Major retailers
    • Beer brands
    • Food brands
    • Insurance companies
    • Grocery chains
    • Hotels
    • Banks

    What do sponsors get in return?

    There are multiple benefits a sponsor is likely to get in return, such as:

    • In-house resources and knowledge
    • Post-event interaction platform
    • Brand increased credibility
    • Chance to reconnect with the existing customers
    • Direct face time with the prospects
    • Benefits over absentee rivals
    • Boosted vendor relationships
    • Brand building
    • Highlighting a service or product offering
    • Focused content strategy
    • Lead generation
    • Audience insights
    • Return on investment

    Final thoughts

    Sponsorship will make you get potential sponsors for your event. With the detailed post above, there is no doubt you can draft your sponsorship letter now. When you use infographics, best practices highlighted above, and templates, you will write your next sponsorship request letter perfectly and get potential sponsors for your event.