Spa Gift Certificate Templates

Spas are the perfect place to relax and unwind. They create the perfect atmosphere for rest and rejuvenation. If you own a spa or want to give the gift of a spa treatment to someone, the best way to do this is to create a spa gift certificate.

Spa gift certificates are customizable options for you to create a colorful and unique gift certificate that your customers will appreciate. These certificates will save you time and money while functioning as promotional material for your spa treatment needs.

Spa Gift Certificate Templates

Spa-Gift-Certificate-16 (Editable beauty voucher in Word)

Spa-Gift-Certificate-15 (gift voucher design MS Word)

Spa Gift Certificate 14 (beauty voucher template)

Spa Gift Certificate 13 (beauty voucher template)

Spa Gift Certificate 27 (hair salon gift certificate template)

Spa Gift Certificate 26 (hair salon gift certificate in Word)p

Spa Gift Certificate 25 (beauty voucher template in Word)

Spa Gift Certificate 24 (salon gift voucher in Word)

Spa Gift Certificate 23 (light pink nail salon gift certificate)

Spa Gift Certificate 22 (light green spa day template)

Spa Gift Certificate 20 (gift voucher)

Spa Gift Certificate 19 (salon gift certificate)

Spa Gift Certificate 18 (gift voucher design)

Gift Certificate 17 (beauty voucher template)

Gift-Certificate-16 (salon gift certificate in Word)

    Why Choose Spa Gift Certificates?

    Spa gift certificates have a number of advantages to them. These are a few:
    • Increase Sales: While promoting your spa and services, gift certificates add profit directly to your bottom line. The customers that come in with vouchers not only use the vouchers but will often spend over the amount of the certificate. Sometimes, they can spend up to 40% more than the value of the certificate.
    • Maximize Revenue: Personalized gift certificates often result in unused vouchers. This means that the money is in your system but is never used. Not only this, printing them yourself is more affordable than hiring an outside source to do the printing.
    • – Improve Loyalty: Gift certificates also keep the customers coming back to you. It is easier and costs the business less to retain a customer than to convert a new customer. Gift certificates will not only driver return business, they will convert new customers to your shop.

    Elements of a Professional Spa Gift Certificate

    The key to a successful gift certificate is to include the following items:
    • A Complimentary Design: A complimentary design that evokes your brand is key to having a successful gift certificate. You may choose a design that is minimalistic, or you may want one that is artistic and colorful. No matter what you choose, make sure it presents your business with the image that you would prefer.
    • The amount or service must be clearly printed on the certificate. If the amount of service is not clear, the customer can become confused, which will create a problem for you later. Make sure that it is easy to read for your customer.
    • Include wording that indicates that the certificate cannot be redeemed for cash. Without this, a customer might try to return the certificate.
    • Make sure your contact information is clear. This should be your address for a brick and mortar store or a web address for your online business. This makes sure that the customer knows where to spend their certificate.
    • A Code. If you are utilizing these certificates for a business, it is important that it has a code. This is so that you know these certificates are legitimate and not printed from another source.

    These will create a sleek and legally viable gift certificate for your business.

    How Can You Customize a Spa Gift Certificate?

    The spa gift certificates that are offered here are fully customizable! You can edit text, font, pictures, and colors! These are all offered in a Microsoft Word format, which means you can easily download a word processor that will work well with all of the templates offered here.