Sorry for What I Said: (Format & Sample Letter)

This is apologizing for a wrong done to someone which caused difficulties or saying something hurtful to someone. It can be said to a friend, colleague, partner or even a spouse. There are different ways to say sorry, it can be written or oral. In some cases, depending on the relation of the person you have wronged, you can send a card or a mug.

Saying sorry the right way has the motive of or making peace and ensuring that the other ‘hurt” person feels better. It may rebuild and heal broken relationships and restore the dignity of the parties involved.

Some of the ways sorry can be miscommunicated is when one tries to justify or minimize your actions. One may also excuse their habits which hurt someone else. For you to be able to say sorry for what you have done or said, you can use a sample letter to express your apology. A Sample letter will be of help for you to avoid some silly mistakes when writing an apology.

What to do when you have said something hurtful

At some point in our lives, we will say something hurtful to someone or do something bad to them. This can be by design or omission. Apologizing always takes a lot of courage to do and the person who does it has to have a big heart. Words once spoken can’t be undone and neither will action too. Apologies are always useful when you want to make the situation right. Apologizing in the right way is paramount if you need to heal a relationship or save a situation.

To save the situation one may need to:-

  • Acknowledge the wrong done. This is usually the first step towards the healing process. Accepting that a wrong was done may heal the perpetrator as well as the victim. The beauty about acknowledging your mistakes is that it rebuilds trust. On the converse, someone who tries to escape blame will never save a relation or situation.
  • Accept and admit the consequences of your actions. It’s important to realize that apologizing puts someone in a vulnerable position and your apology will not always be reciprocated. Some people may be too hurt to readily accept your apology. An apology may take longer to be accepted. You may have to deal with unpleasant outcomes of your actions.
  • Timing. It always important to access the right time to do the apology. You will have to assess the right time to address the situation. The hurt “party” may not be willing to address the issue immediately or may even require time to cool down. It would also not be in good faith to apologize after a very long time as this would be seen as disrespectful.
  • Act. You may be required to take an extra step to apologize. You may use a go in between if the hurting person is unwilling to listen to you. It would be useful to avoid over apologizing as you may crowd the offended party. Kindly always avoid promising what you can’t deliver as this may completely destroy or hurt the other party even more. Depending on the type of relationship one may else help the situation by flowers, an apology note or even a special meal.
  • Provide assurances. One must seek to inform the other party that the actions will never be repeated again. You can invite them to assess your speech or even be accountable to them. You may be required to be more receptive thus listening keenly to what the hurting person is saying about the whole situation.
  • Avoid pride. This is a relationship killer. It has an effect of trying to justify oneself. Pride always seek to pass the blame, justify oneself or even minimize your actions.

Apologizing sincerely is a way to you are responsible. This can enhance your reputation and trust. It’s an effective way of rebuilding your character. It also has an effect of relieving burdens and freeing you from condemning yourself which can be very destructive if not carefully tackled.

Sorry for What I Said (Letter Format)


Dear {Name},

Ref: Apology for What I Said

Kindly accept my sincere apology for what I said. I really didn’t mean to hurt you or even embarrass you.

Please note you are a great {friend/Colleague/family} and I treasure you. Am so sorry for being mean and uttering the words I said during {party/meeting/event}.

Once again kindly accept my apology. I promise this will never happen again.



Sorry for What I Said or Did (Sample Letter)

5th May 2019

Dear Sam,

Ref: Am Sorry

Hi Sam, m so sorry for the way I behaved during your party.

My conduct was uncalled for and I apologize for being a jerk. I didn’t mean to mess your party. I can’t plan such a mess for a great friend like you.

Please accept my apology from the deepest part of my heart. Am okay, we have a break at the moment and think things through. I am hoping we won’t through a friendship of 10 years to the wind because of that one mistake.

Once again accept my heartfelt apology.

Sincerely Mike