School Transfer Letter: Format & Sample Letters

School Transfer Letter: Format & Sample Letters

A school transfer letter is written when a student wants to continue with his or her study in another school after leaving his or her previous school. You should be in a position to mention the reasons why you are leaving your previous school for the other one.

Many students and parents tend to be confused about how they are supposed to write this letter, that should not be a bother anymore because you can make use of a sample to guide you through on what should be indicated in the letter and what should not, using a sample letter will also direct you on the format to follow.

Things to keep in mind while writing a school transfer letter

  • An indication of the date your transfer is supposed to happen.
  • Provide your daytime phone number so that it can be easy for the school to reach in case of anything.
  • Indicate your name and admission number for easy identification.
  • Be straight to the point and only state the facts.
  • End your letter by showing gratitude.

School Transfer Letter Format


Your name

The principal





Sub.: Letter of School Transfer

Dear sir/Mam

My name is Xyz and I am a student of (name of the school that you want to leave). I am hereby writing this letter to allow me to transfer to another school. Being in this school has taught me a lot in life and I will never regret ever setting foot in this school, I would like to transfer because my parents are relocating to another city, since it would be difficult for me to commute from that new city to hear, I, therefore, thought it would be better if a go to a school that is close to our home. (Give a valid reason why you need this transfer and mention anything significant about the school that you want to leave)

I would really appreciate if you consider my request and grant me this permission, am always ready for any process that I might be required to undergo for this to be complete. (Express your gratitude to your letter’s recipient)

Yours faithfully,

(Student’s full name)

(Admission number)

School Transfer Letter: Format & Sample Letters

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School Transfer Letter Format

    How to write a letter to the principal for transfer certificate

    • Get the name of the principal correctly and address him or her respectfully.
    • You should be able to identify yourself and prove that you are a student of that school.
    • Indicate why you need this transfer certificate.
    • While writing this letter, you have to be polite and courteous.
    • You have to be brief; your writing should be short and clear.
    • Request that they give your transfer certificate to you or to the school that you are transferring to, provide a clear guidance as to what the school should do with the certificate.
    • Invite them to contact you in case they have any concerns and end your letter by showing gratitude.
    • Remember to attach all the necessary document, this may include, your student’s ID, a letter of offer from the school you’ll be transferring to, a parents’ ID or a parent’s letter of approval.