School Letter of Intent (Template & Sample)

Choosing which program and which university to attend isn’t an easy decision. But once you’ve picked your preferred course or university, the next step to take would be drafting a school letter of intent. This letter will be read over by the committee mandated with reading over the school applications. Through this letter, you’ll be in a position to showcase to the committee that you’ve been prepared all along for college life. In addition, this letter helps you highlight how the program is a suitable fit and will help you achieve your future goals.

Therefore, it’s evident that writing the school letter of intent is no doubt beneficial. If you didn’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to go about writing the school letter of intent.

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What’s The School Letter Of Intent?

The school letter of intent, which is also referred to as the statement of purpose, is a type of cover letter that you attach to your school application. In this letter, you’re required to include details about your academic, personal, and extra-curricular achievements. With that said, the contents you can choose to have in this letter differs depending on the school, program, or committee.

When writing the school letter of intent, you can choose to take two approaches. First, you can opt to highlight all your exemplary extra-curricular, educational, and academic achievements that help you stand out from the many other applications. You also can use this chance to express a lot more about your aspirations and goals leading up to this moment.

How to Write a School Letter of Intent

As you write the school letter of intent, there are several steps you must follow. Here’s an overview of all the critical information you must include when writing this letter.

Address This Letter To A Specific Individual

You shouldn’t sound vague and unclear when writing the school letter of intent. This means avoiding the use of words such as To Whom It May Concern. It’s best if you instead did your research to find out the person who’s mandated with conducting the student admissions. Such information can easily be gotten online, so you shouldn’t stress so much over this.

Be Short And Precise While Introducing Yourself

How you introduce yourself will have a significant impact on how you’ll be perceived by the reader. Therefore, you need to clearly state why you’ve decided to apply to that specific university and why it’s an ideal fit.

Carefully Go Through The Requirements

Every school has a different set of admission requirements they follow. All these are issues you must address in your school letter of intent. Such details include defining the deadline, mentioning the documents needed, and any other questions which the letter should address.

Outline Your Skills And Accomplishments

In their search for potential students, the admission committee usually looks for focused, realistic, and determined individuals. There’s no better way of proving this to them than by sharing your skills and accomplishments. Details you should consider including in this letter include leadership endeavors, new research publication as well as volunteer or professional work accomplishment.

In addition, highlight some qualities that make you a great fit to be admitted into the program. And to do this, you should explain why you want the program in the first place, how the program matches your career goals, and any research you’ve done on the program.

Make Sure To Add A Courteous and Hopeful Closing

When finishing your school letter of intent, include a courteous and polite to appreciate the reader for taking their time to read through the letter. It would be best if you also took this time to give a summary of your accomplishments to emphasize further why you would be an ideal fit.

Sample Of The School Letter of Intent

Brian Harper

2518 E Locust Court, Los Angeles, CA 83720

(415) 736-6372

March 28, 2021

California University College

Director of Admissions

736 Vernon Street, California, CA

(312) 834-2484

Dear Mike Dean,

Hello, my name is Brian Harper, and it’s long been my desire to join California University College. Growing up in California, I’ve always considered California University College the ideal destination for me as it’s located in California. This is ideal for me as I have grown up here and would like to be still close to my family even while pursuing my studies. Also, California University College has an excellent reputation for offering personalized assistance and career-focused education. This, I believe, will be crucial in my next step to starting my career.

I love Accounting & Finance, hence why I’m applying for this program at this university. I know studying at this university will be the perfect opportunity to get further insights into the field of accounting and finance, which I’m very passionate about. By studying at this institution, I’m sure I’ll enhance my talents and skills that I have been perfecting over the years during my secondary education.

I finished my secondary education in June last year and graduated among the top 5% in my class. All my grades in accounting and finance units have either been 85% or higher. Other than academics, I’m an avid basketball player. During this last spring, I was privileged to among the best teams in the state of California. My participation in sports has taught me to be very competitive, and this has taught me always to be willing to work extra hard and do my best in every aspect of my life that can further boost my future education.

I am so enthusiastic to begin this next chapter of my life. Hope to hear back from you after seeing that I am both a determined and competent student. This, alongside this school’s status and trustworthiness, I’m sure, will mold me into the professional I wish to become.

Best regards,


Brian Harper

School Letter of Intent (Word Template)

School Letter of Intent


Writing the school letter of intent shows your desire to join a particular program or university. Therefore, this isn’t an issue you should take lightly. Instead, you should do your best to make sure to write this letter exceptionally well to stand out from the other applicants. If you had no clue what to do when writing one, discussed above is everything you should know about writing the school letter of intent.

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