Scholarship letter: Letter Format (With Sample Letter)

The process of application and awarding of scholarships involves several communications between the applicant, the awarding institution and other parties such as referees. These communications are mainly done by writing letters or emails. Any of the parties involved in the scholarship process can write a scholarship letter.

Since scholarship letters can emanate from different quarters, it’s essential to rely on samples or templates to know how to write the letters.

Scholarship letter format










Subject [……………………..]

Dear sir/madam

I write this letter as a response to your scholarship advert posted on the university website dated [date]. I graduated from [name of institution] with a first class degree in [state the course] and a GPA of [indicate] in [year]. Copies of my academic certificates and transcripts are attached to this letter.

Based on my academic qualifications, my current financial status and my desire to further my career in stem cell research, I kindly request for an award of the scholarship.

The scholarship will be a dream come true and will be appreciated through exemplary performance in my Master’s studies and my contribution to research.

I am thanking you as you review my application.

Yours sincerely


Sample Scholarship Letter/Email

FromJack Smith

Department of science

Maxwell University

Chicago- 42517


Dry James Havin

Science Direct Scholarships


May 3rd, 2019

Subject: Scholarship Thank-you letter

Respected sir,

I am thanking you for the award of a full scholarship to pursue my postgraduate studies in Cellular Biology at the University of Chicago.

The scholarship came as a surprise. At last, my desire to pursue my career of choice has seen the light of the day courtesy of this scholarship. I will use this opportunity to contribute to scientific research.

0nce again thank you for the scholarship.

Yours Faithfully

Jack Smith

Types of scholarship letters

Scholarship letter for a student

A student in need of financial help for their studies writes a scholarship letter to the awarding body to request for support. When writing the letter include;

  • Your qualification
  • Why you need the scholarship
  • Your contacts
  • How you will use the scholarship

Application letter for scholarship request

If you are a student in a college or university, you can apply for a scholarship to any institution or organization even if they have not advertised for the scholarship. The letter you write when applying for the scholarship is referred to as an application letter for scholarship request. In the letter these details should be present;

  • Your name and contacts
  • Your course of study
  • The year of study

Scholarship Thank-you letter

When you apply for a scholarship and a get positive response, you should write a letter to the organization or person thanking them for the scholarship. Include the following details in the letter;

  • The name of the scholarship
  • How the scholarship will transform your life
  • Gratitude for the scholarship

Scholarship recommendation letter

As part of the scholarship application, most scholarship awarding bodies/ organizations request recommendation letters from individuals who are academic authorities to the applicant. Your Professor, Dean, Department head or any other relevant person can write this letter to support your scholarship application. In the letter they should include;

  • Personal attributes that make the student eligible for the scholarship
  • The students’ academic performance
  • The prelateship you have with the student
  • Your contacts