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Free Scholarship Certificate Templates

Scholars consider obtaining a scholarship a proud moment. They do cherish the scholarship certificate as a solid proof of their accomplishment. Some go as far as framing and hanging it on the wall to motivate them to achieve more. Bearing this in mind, create one worthy the award.

However, this should not pressure you. Simply use a practical scholarship certificate template and nail it.

Scholarship Certificate Template

Scholarship Certificate

Scholarship certificate templates for PDF can be viewed, downloaded and printed. If you prefer having the additional information (name and type of scholarship) hand designed, then this option is more suitable for you. For best quality, it is advisable to print the certificate at high resolution using Adobe Acrobat.

Scholarship Certificate (PDF)

Scholarship Certificate PDF

College Scholarship Award Certificate

College Scholarship Award Certificate

A scholarship certificate template for word is editable. You can use it to tailor make a certificate that captures what you want. It only requires you to key in specific information such as the name of the beneficiary, type of scholarship and date. Everything else is done. You can then save it and print as an official document.

Editable Scholarship Certificate (Word)

Editable Scholarship Certificate

Scholarship Certificate Template in PDF

Scholarship Certificate in PDF

Certificate of Scholarship

Certificate of Scholarship

Scholarship Certificate Template Example

Scholarship Certificate Template Example

There are variety scholarship certificate template examples you can pick from depending on what you prefer. They come in different wording, designs, color themes and page layouts. Pick the one that best suits the occasion.

Using templates not only make your work simpler but also give it a more creative and professional touch. Try one.