Sample Self Introduction Email to Client (With Template)

Sample Self Introduction Email to Client (With Template)

Introducing yourself, your team, or your company to a client is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the corporate world. It allows you to familiarize prospective clients with your products or services as well as your company’s vision, mission, and work ethic. Usually, this can be done through a well-written introduction email sent to the said client.

A self-introduction email to a client is a formal document primarily sent to a new client to inform them about your company and products or services. It highlights your name or the name of the people being introduced and the reason for the introduction.

In this article, we review how to write a self-introduction email.

What to Include in an Introduction Letter

A self-introduction email holds limitless opportunities for you as a professional and your company. You can use it to communicate your company’s purpose and how it addresses the reader’s pain points. When well-written, the email could expand your business connections and increase your profits. Here is what it should include to be effective:

  • A subject line briefly mentioning your reason for writing.
  • A proper and personalized salutation
  • An opening paragraph that captures the essence of your letter
  • A detailed body. The body should further explain your reason for writing while focusing on the reader’s pain points and your company’s solutions.
  • You contact information
  • A strong but natural call-to-action
  • Your name, company title, and signature (hard copy)

Writing Tips for an Introduction Email

Do you want to get your message across efficiently? Consider the following writing tips:

  • Always use a clear and direct subject line.
  • Mention how you got the recipient’s mailing address in the first paragraph
  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • Never include information if you are unsure of its relevance.
  • Use a polite, friendly, and professional tone.
  • Include a call to action to encourage the reader to respond
  • Before sending your letter, proofread it and double-check for errors.

Self-Introduction Email to Client (Format)


{Client’s Name}

{Client’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Introduction to {Name of Person Being Introduced}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I am the new {job title} at {company name}. I found your contact information in our client records and am writing to introduce myself. As a loyal client to our organization, we believe you should be kept abreast of all developments, especially if they might affect you.

{Company name} is dedicated to {state your mission statement}. Over the last {duration}, we have {briefly mention your past successes}. I assure you that we will continue to uphold this track record.

From my research, I understand {mention pain point}. As the new {job title}, I plan to {state your action plan to solve the problem.}

I look forward to establishing a long and fruitful relationship with you.

Thank you for your time and continued loyalty.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

{Company Name}

Sample Self-Introduction Email to Client

30 November 2030

Han Hansel

123 Board Walk

Huntington Beach, NJ 45636

Re: New CEO of ABC Company

Dear Mr. Hansel,

My name is Jane Randolph, and I was recently appointed as the new CEO of ABC Company. From our records, I can see that you are one of our most loyal customers. I wish to continue and strengthen this mutually beneficial relationship.

ABC Company is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly energy solutions. We have been in business since 1995. As the great-granddaughter of the company founder, this cause is close to my heart. I assure you that it will remain our sole mission.

Immediately after my appointment, I rolled out an online accountability platform, which allows you to provide us with feedback on our services. You can access it at [email protected]

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact me at

Thank you for your time and continued support.


Jane Randolph


ABC Company

Self Introduction Email to Client (Word Template)

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  • MS Word

Final Thoughts

As the name suggests, a self-introduction email to the client should help familiarize the reader with who you are and what you do. It should outline the client’s pain point and how your business could solve it. For instance, if you develop applications, you can use your letter to convince a startup florist that they need a business app to propagate their business.

When drafting this email, maintain a polite, friendly, and professional tone. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, get straight to the point, and keep your message short and concise.