Sample Guardianship Authorization Letter

As a parent or legal guardian, the job of taking care of your child falls to you. You have to get them to school, take them to the hospital when they are unwell, and make sure they are well-fed, among other things. Sometimes, however, factors like work, travel, illness, or military deployment can take you away from your child. It is then your responsibility to make sure they are taken care of in your absence by preparing a guardianship authorization letter. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Guardianship Authorization Letter?

A guardianship authorization letter is a formal legal document that temporarily transfers guardianship of a child from their parent or legal guardian to a third party. It allows the third party, or guardian, to act on your behalf while you are away, making decisions about the child’s schooling activities, recreation, and medical treatments. Usually, the letter is presented in situations and to professionals, such as doctors, that require parental consent.

How to Write a Guardianship Authorization Letter

Writing a good and legally viable guardianship authorization letter involves the following three steps:


Begin by checking whether your state recognizes guardianship letters or whether you must complete the process through the court. You can search your state’s name alongside the words “guardianship” or “temporary guardianship.” If your state allows guardianship letters, consult a family lawyer on how to draft the letter and pick a suitable guardian. Consider close friends and family first, then move on to trusted neighbors or other parents at your child’s school. The guardian should meet the following:

  • They should be someone you know and trust.
  • They should be known to your child.
  • They should live nearby to avoid disrupting your child’s life.

Once you find a suitable guardian, meet with them to discuss your expectations. You should also send them a copy of your draft before signing it.

Drafting the Letter

With a guardian in mind and the direction of an attorney, go through the following steps to draft the guardianship authorization letter:

Step 1: Add Preliminary Information

Insert your address and contact information at the top of the page, followed by the date when the guardianship will become active (when the letter will be signed). Add a proper subject.

Step 2: Indicate Your Reason for Writing

In the opening paragraph, establish your identity and relationship to the child and state that you are giving temporary custody of the said child to a temporary guardian. Include their name.

Step 3: Define the Guardian’s Powers

Explain explicitly what powers the guardian will have during the temporary guardianship period and mention any limits, where applicable. Common factors to consider include education, medical treatment, and recreational activities. What decisions can the guardian make for your child?

Step 4: Set a Guardianship Period

Give a start and end date for the temporary guardianship.

Step 5: Add Your Contact Information

Supply your current phone number and email address and an explanation of when you should be contacted regarding your child. You can also include additional details, such as your preferred physician or hospital, their contact information, and your insurance policy details.

Step 6: Identify the Child and Guardian

In a list, mention your child’s full name, address, and age (or date of birth) and the guardian’s name, contact information, identification number, and relationship to the child. The latter will help the person that reads the letter identify the person who presents it as the guardian.

Step 7: Add Signature Fields

Type the parents’ names at the bottom of the page and insert signature and date fields. Below that, add the following statement followed by another signature field:

“I {guardian’s name} hereby accept temporary guardianship of {child’s name} as described in this letter.”

Step 8: Add a Notary Field

Find a notary block on the internet and paste it below the signature fields.


Once you finish your letter, have an attorney go through it and help identify anything you may have missed. Find a notary and sign the letter before them, getting their seal in the process. You should also ask the guardian to sign the letter in front of a notary at their own convenience. Both parties should carry valid ID to the signing. Next, make several copies of the signed letter, keep one or two, and give several to the guardian. You can also distribute other copies to key parties like doctors and schools involved with your child.

Sample Guardianship Authorization Letter

Penelope Carter and William Carter

[email protected]

300 High Street

Atlanta, GA 201908

11 November 2030

Re: Temporary Guardianship Authorization for Jules Carter

To Whom It May Concern

We, Penelope Carter and William Carter, the parents of Jules Carter, hereby grant temporary guardianship to Miriam Isabel Greyson for the period between 11 November 2030 and 30 November 2030. We acknowledge that Jules will stay and may travel with Ms. Greyson and that Ms. Greyson can act on our behalf in making daily decisions about her activities and well-being while we are away.

In the event of minor injury or illness, we authorize Ms. Greyson to treat any and all afflictions through general first aid. If we cannot be reasonably contacted or the situation is an emergency, we authorize Ms. Greyson to act in loco parentis for Jules in any event that may necessitate medical treatment as a duly licensed physician deems necessary. This authorization does not extend to surgical procedures, wherein we should be contacted for authorization.

We will accept full responsibility for all expenses incurred by Ms. Greyson in seeking medical treatment for Jules. The following information will be helpful in the event Jules requires treatment:

Child’s Name: Jules Indigo Carter

DOB: 6 April 2021

Parent’s Address: 300 High Street, Atlanta, GA, 201908

Parents’ Contact Information: [email protected]

Temporary Guardian’s Name: Miriam Isabel Greyson

ID Number: 20190/230

Relationship to Child: Godmother

Temporary Guardian’s Address: 320 High Street, Atlanta, GA, 201908

Temporary Guardian’s Contact Information: [email protected]

Child’s Current Medication: N/A

Child’s Allergies: N/A

Preferred Physician Name: Helena Sprouse, PhD, Georgia Pediatric Hospital

Contact Information: [email protected]

Insurance Company Name: Georgia Life Trust

Policy Number: 20190/26G6JDFSL-2025

We indemnify Ms. Greyson against any and all claims arising during the guardianship period, except where claims arise from willful intent, negligence, or gross negligence. We declare that we are Jules’ legal custodians and have the legal authority to appoint a temporary guardian for her.


Penelope Carter and William Carter


Why do parents write guardianship letters?

A parent may need to temporarily transfer guardianship of their child if they are traveling for a long period, being detained, being deployed for military service, receiving severe treatment, or any other reason that will keep them away from their child.

Can I write a guardianship letter myself?

Yes. If you cannot afford to hire a family attorney to draft a guardianship letter for you, you can write one yourself. It is important, however, to have the final draft looked over by a lawyer.

Who can be chosen as a guardian?

Many people choose friends and family to act as guardians for their children, but any adult of the right age, with the ability and that you trust, can be a guardian. You can also consider your child’s friends’ parents or ask them their preferences if they are old enough.

How long does guardianship take to be accepted?

It usually takes about four months from the date of issue for a guardianship letter to be accepted, but this will depend on how the court perceives the chosen guardian.

Key Points

The process of giving someone temporary custody of your child begins with consulting an attorney and discussing your expectations with a trusted guardian. Once you agree on their responsibilities, you can draft a guardianship authorization letter and have both parties sign it before a notary.

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