Sample Business introduction letter to New Clients (with Template)

A business introduction letter to a new client is a letter that welcomes a new client and introduces the company. Business introduction letters are also known as welcome letters. Companies often send these letters to new clients as a way of introducing their company and welcoming the client. Welcome letters are a great way to let your new clients know they are appreciated and present your company information.

This article discusses the importance of business introduction letters and outlines their key features. We have included a format for this letter and a sample letter for you to read.

Why Send Business Introduction Letters?

Welcome letters serve several purposes:

  • Thank your new client for choosing your company and welcome them.
  • Provide the client with your contact information and a company overview.
  • Highlight your brand and inspire client confidence.
  • Encourage the new client to place more orders.

Sending your new clients a welcome letter begins the business relationship on a positive note. Business introduction letters usually include a company brochure and may include information about special offers for new clients. Many companies send introduction letters immediately after the first client contact. Others send these letters with the first invoice.

What to Include In Your Business Introduction Letter

1. Welcome Message

Begin your letter by welcoming your new client and thanking them for choosing your company. In this paragraph, let the client know that you appreciate their business. Make your new client feel truly welcome.

2. Company Introduction

Reference any contact you have had with the new client and enclose any requested information. Note that a company brochure is enclosed, as well. Introduce your company briefly, with an emphasis on customer service.

3. Contact Information

Place your name and contact information in this section of the letter, and inform the client you will be handling their account. Be sure your information is easy to locate and identify. Also include the client’s account number, as well as the 24-hour customer service number if applicable.

One way to make this information easily accessible is to place it in a list like this example:

  • Number:
  • Email:
  • 24-Hour Customer Service:

4. Closing Statement

Use your closing statement as a way to reassure your client and restate your appreciation for their business.

Note: Be sure your letter is clear, helpful, and optimistic. Print your letter on company letterhead. Sign your letter for a personal touch.

Business Introduction Letter to New Clients (Format)


{client name}

{client position title if applicable}

{client company name if applicable}

{client address}

Dear {client name},

On behalf of {Company Name}, I’d like to welcome you as a new client. We are delighted that you have chosen us to supply your {product or service} needs.

Here at {Company Name}, we provide quality {products or services} to {customer base}. {Place a brief company introduction here.} I have enclosed a brochure so that you can see more about what we do.

I am your primary contact here, and I hope you will contact me any time with questions and comments. {Provide your contact information in any clear format.}

Thank you again for trusting us to provide your {product or service} needs. We are honored to serve you.


{your signature}

{your name}

Enclosure: Company brochure

Sample Business Introduction Letter to New Clients

January 21, 2036

Mrs. Taylor Brooks

Senior Buyer

Elysium Aircraft

4006 South Elm Place

Jackson, TN 38229

Dear Mrs. Brooks,

On behalf of Jackson Materials, I’m delighted to welcome you as a new client. We are honored to be chosen to supply your metal needs.

Here at Jackson Materials, we provide quality metal to manufacturers across the eastern half of the United States. Our materials are manufactured to industry specifications and meet rigorous quality requirements. I have enclosed a brochure so you can see more about our metal products.

I am pleased to inform you that I will be your primary point of contact at Jackson Materials. Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways:

Office phone: (927) 344-7668

Cell phone: (256) 339-5668

Email: [email protected]

For your reference, your customer account number is E97446458.

Mrs. Brooks, thank you again for trusting Jackson Materials to supply your metal needs. Please let me know how I can help Elysium Aircraft succeed.


Alex Henderson

Alex Henderson

Enclosure: Product Brochure

Business Introduction Letter to New Clients (Word Template)

Business Introduction Letter to New Clients (Word Template)


Business introduction letters welcome new clients and thank them for choosing your company. They also provide a brief introduction to your company, often including a product or service brochure. They offer your clients the contact information they need to purchase products or services. In addition, welcome letters inspire client confidence and highlight your brand. Use your business introduction letters to tell your new clients how much you appreciate their business and encourage them to place further orders.

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