Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Attendance

Illness, stress or family issues can all lead to poor attendance. Many things cannot be helped, while some can. In such cases it is imperative that you address the issue immediately so that you may restore trust with your boss. Take this opportunity to apologize, state you understand the confusion and embarrassment that this action may have caused them and the company and offer/ask for ways to rectify it.

Above all, explain the reason for your poor attendance.

Apology Letter to Boss for Poor Attendance

Dear Ms Phipps:

Please accept my apology for my recent period of absenteeism. As you well know, I’ve gone for many years not taking a sick day. I realize how important it is that I maintain an excellent attendance record. it was not professional of me, and I claim full responsibility for missing 10 days from the previous month.

By being absent, I realize that I have let both you, my boss, and the company down. I am aware of your disappointment. As I understand you had to make excuses for my absence during our last meeting. I am sorry.

Again, I claim full responsibility for my rash of absences for the past month and comprehend that this reflects bad on you and the company. You and the company have treated me well these past 10 years, and it was wrong of me to keep the details of my absenteeism a secret.

After missing part of the first week of February due to ill health, I went for a checkup and learned I had prostate cancer. It was wrong of me to withhold this information. However, I thought I would be able to deal with this in secret, on my own without alerting you or my co-workers. At present, I am undergoing treatment and feeling very strong, and have not taken a day off since. If I do require healthcare, I seek it on the weekends.

However, due to the situation, I’m willing to make amends. I spoke with Mr. Henderson in HR, and he stated that there is no reason that I cannot do much of the work at home, and he has encouraged me to speak with you about it and organize a system. I am hopeful that this will lead to a satisfactory solution.

I am sorry for not relating to you the details of the chronic absenteeism of the last month and will do my utmost to ensure that it will never happen again. Enclosed is a letter from my physician, Dr. Edwards, and his contact information if you need to speak with him.

Yours Sincerely,


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