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Sales Order Template – 22+ Formats & Examples

A sales order is a document prepared by the seller of goods to the buyer. It serves as an agreement that the seller will supply certain merchandise as soon as the customer agrees to the terms that are contained in the sales order template. It is considered as the first step in processing an order.

A sales order is an important document in businesses when it comes to the execution of sales transactions.

Below is an analysis on the importance of a sales order with the outline that I have provided on the sales order template;

  • It contains information on the items the buyer intends to purchase.
  • It forms a good reference with regards to the terms of the transaction.
  • It forms a good guide for use by the delivery personnel. This is by helping them when packing and also to help the customer in determining whether the right goods and quantities have been delivered.

Blank Sales Order Template

blank sales order template

This is a form filled by a company detailing future receipt of merchandise by a buyer. The form contains information relating to the buyer which includes;

  • The name of the customer.
  • The goods that are being sold to the customer.
  • The purchasing price of the goods.
  • The method of delivery of the goods to the customer.
  • The mode of payment.

A sales order form may include additional information in cases such as;

  • When the goods are to get a personal customization for the customer.
  • When the purchase is for items that are out of stock.
  • In a case of a back order.

Simple Sales Order Form

Simple sales order template

Editable Sales Order Template

Editable Sales Order Template

Printable Sales Order Form Example

Printable Sales Order Template

This is a form that is filled by a customer so as to request for goods from a direct mail retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer. It is also a form that a direct marketing company provides to a customer so that the information collected can be communicated to the marketer. The form is required to capture all the information that a seller would require pertaining an order by a customer and not to confuse the buyer.

Sales Order Template for Word

Sample Sales Order Template

Sample Sales Order Form

Sample Sales Order Form Template

Example for Product Sales Order Form

Example for Product Sales Order Form

Template for Food Sales order form

Template for Food Sales order form

A blank sales order is a general invoice that can be applied in the various kinds of business arrangements. One can have it in a sales order template on which the goods that are availed to the customer can be summed up to the total cost.

Add On Product Sales Order Form Template

Add On Product Sales Order Form Template

Software Sales Order Template

Student Software Sales Order Template

Sales Order Invoice for Excel

Sales Order Invoice Template

A sales order should contain the following information;

  • A clear record of the customer’s billing address. This is information such as the address, ZIP code, the customer’s state as well as the city.
  • The necessary shipping information as to where the goods will be delivered. The relevant phone contact should also be provided so that the customer can be called as soon as the goods are dispatched and on arrival at the shipping address.
  • The seller’s information that is relevant to the customer’s order. This information includes; the delivery method, the mode of payment, date when the customer’s payment will be due as well as the name of the salesperson involved in the transaction.
  • It should contain a brief description of the item.
  • It should contain the price information including details such as tax.
  • Should contain information pertaining to discounts or partial payments.
  • The sales order should contain the customer’s signature at the bottom.

A sales order that is done in a PDF format usually has a good appearance and can also be easily shared across different platforms. This is convenient as the information can sales order can be made available to the various departments easily thus smoothing the process.

Corporate Sales Order (PDF Format)

Corporate Sales Order Template

Tool Sales Order Form

Tool Sales Order Form Template

Academic Study Materials Sales Order Template

Academic Study Materials Sales Order Template

Property Sale Order PDF Template

Property Sale Order PDF Template 22

Template for Wine Sales Order Form

Template for Wine Sales Order Form

Store Sales Order Form for Excel

Store Sales Order Excel Form Template

Shares Sales Order Form Template

Shares Sales Order Form Template

Book Sales Order (PDF)

Book Sales Order Template

Coupon Book Sales Order

Coupon Book Sales Order Form Template

Pipeline Sales Order Excel Sheet

Pipeline Sales Order Excel Template

Group Ticket Sales Order Form Template

Group Ticket Sales Order Form Template

Super Saver Sales Order Form Sample

Super Saver Sales Order Form Sample

What is a sales order?

A sales order is an internal document that is generated by the seller. It indicates that buyer is ready to purchase goods or services. A sales order authorizes sale of listed goods for the amount given. A sales order is usually considered as a legal document and as such the seller is required to sell the goods to the customer at the price agreed upon. No additional charges that may result as a result of labor during packing or cost incurred in transportation should be included in the document.