Sales Letter Templates and Examples

There are some old true and tried methods that just can’t be beaten by technology. One of them is the old-fashioned sales letter. These letters are better known as direct mail, and they put something real into the hands of the recipient. That is what makes them superior to e-mail marketing.

What Is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is defined as a direct marketing method that brings promotional material to potential customers. It lets the potential customer know about your products, how much they cost and how to purchase them.

This letter also carries details on how your business will help them. It is a way to put your sales information directly into the hands of your target audience. The key to success in using this marketing strategy is the same as the key to affiliate marketing online–great content.

Essential Elements of a Sales Letter

Like any other letter you write, you need to include the basics. Those basics help you construct your content in a way that attracts the readers’ attention and holds it. Here are those essential elements you need to include in your sales letter:

  • Heading- this attracts your reader’s attention and it should hook them enough that they will want to continue reading the letter
  • Make your pitch- some people call this the offer but the two are the same. You want your readers to know the value of your products or services, as well as the benefits and other key details. Use bullet points, attractive formats that are compatible and do not clash with each other. Use as many pages as you need to make your offer.
  • Proof or Testimonials- add in what others say about your products and services. Make sure they are honest, concise, and to the point. At this stage, you can make a purchase offer showing you have confidence in what you are selling
  • Call to action- this is the section where you encourage your readers to take the appropriate action in response. You can invite them into your store, ask them to go to your website to make their purchase, and so on
  • Conclusion- you can say thank you here or offer another bonus or gift to spur their positive response

How to Write

The essential elements of any sales letter are also your guide in how to write one. This section will follow the same basic format:

  • Write your headline – make it good, eye-catching, and interesting. Sometimes the headline is all the time you will get to make your case. Be tasteful, not insulting.
  • Create your hook – this is done by identifying a problem your readers may have and offer them the solution. This connects them to your product and gives an explanation of why they should use it
  • Be creative – you want the letter to be interesting yet easy to read. Bullet points help, as do creative formats that don’t push the envelope. use statistics and other information as well
  • Collect your testimonials – these need to be truthful and honest. The fastest way to lose business is to lie to your customers. These should also show the value of your products
  • Make your call to action good – you want a positive response, not a negative one. So make sure to reinforce what you have already said and motivate your readers to do the former, not the latter response
  • Use a time-limited offer – as an extra incentive, make an offer they can’t refuse. For example, offer a two for one deal for one month or until quantities last
  • Be personable – use the conclusion or postscript to add a personal touch that helps your readers connect with you and your product

How to Make Your Sales Letter More Effective?

The best way to do this is not to be condescending, arrogant, or lie. You want the content to be honest, written in easy-to-understand terms, as well as avoiding any confusion. In other words, write like a human (friendly tone) and be natural.

Another step in being more effective is to write the way you would like to read the same letter. In other words, make sure what you write is the way you would want a letter to be written when it is sent to you.

The third step is to be organized. Nothing loses the interest of a reader than content that is all over the place. Be natural; let the content flow from one point to the next without any distracting comments.

Sample Sales Letter

Home gardening Made Easy

ABC hardware Inc.

555 E. Oak St.,

Butte, MT

Hello Mr. Smith,

Gardening can be back-breaking work when you are not using the right tools. Almost 90% of homeowners like you injure their backs just by simply raking their leaves in their back yards. If you are like them and suffer from a sore back after gardening, then you need to use our new easy rake leaf blower.

What is the difference between raking and blowing leaves:

  • No bending over, so less back pain
  • Easy to handle and your arms do not get sore
  • Powerful motor blows leaves right where you want them
  • Durable and easy to store in your garage
  • Limited time 20% discount with every purchase

To take advantage of this offer, just come into our store on the corner of Main and Front Streets between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and see what this leaf blower can do for you.


Peter Jones

Vice-president, Sales

Sales Letter Templates & Examples

Tips for Writing an Effective Sales Letter

  • Use short sentences, not long complicated ones
  • Write as you normally speak
  • Keep paragraphs short and simple
  • Avoid confusing content
  • Double-check your spelling, grammar and see if it reads like a letter you would want to receive
  • Make your readers want your product
  • Always include a call to action
  • Be interesting but not insulting

Final Thoughts

Beating the competition is the name of the game. You have to pick the right marketing strategies that will help attract potential customers’ attention and have them choose your product over your competitors.

One of the best ways to do that is to use old-fashioned tried and true methods like a sales letter. It works or it wouldn’t have lasted so long. Just make sure to write the best one possible.

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