Sales Letter to Customers: How to Write (with Example & Template)

Every business owner knows the power of a good sales letter. A sales letter is sent out either by email or direct post explaining and advertising a sale to all of your prospective customers. While many of these letters look simple, writing one can be intimidating.

But, never fear! A sales letter to your customers isn’t something that you should be afraid to write…instead, you should be excited to welcome the potential new business to you.

How Do I Write a Sales Letter to My Customers?

While writing a sales letter to your customers might seem like a terrifying thing, it’s actually pretty straight forward! There are a few things that every single sales letter to your customers should include and, luckily, they fit into a pretty simple acronym:

  • Headline
  • Offer
  • Proof
  • Persuade to Action
  • Post Script (or P.S.)

If you can remember the acronym “HOPPP”, you can write a sales letter to your customer. You simply need to understand what each part means.


The headline of a sales letter is the part that grabs the customer’s attention and should be smack dab in the top of your letter. This should neatly promise the customers something that they will receive or want to receive. It’s a good way to reel them in and keep them reading your sales letter! It is important that this is something that will really grab your audience, so, brainstorm a few ideas befoer you settle on one!


The offer is the main meat of your sales letter. This will serve as the body. Tell your clients or perspective clients what it is that you are offering. Expand on the benefits of your product or services so that customers have all of the information that they need. It’s ok to keep this short or you could write a ten page epic, but you want to make sure that your client truly knows what they are getting and why they need it. Using bullet points also keeps this concise and clean!


Every sales letter needs to include “proof” that a customer will be satisfied with their purchase or your services. Past customer testimonials are a good way to do this, or social media reviews. You can also offer a “fail-safe” to your customers, such as a money back guarantee or a guarantee that you will pay them if you are late. This will only further sweeten your sales pitch.

Persuade to Action

The most important thing that you need to do in your sales letter is to persuade your perspective customers to act on your deal. Straight up tell them what you want them to do. Tell them whether you want them to come into your store or call you or email you personally! If you specifically tell them how to contact you, you will see how effective your sales offer was.

Post Script (Or P.S.)

The post script is the very last thing that you should add to your sales letter. This should really encourage the perspective customers to act. For instance, you can add a clause such as “If you act now…” This will insight the customer to act quickly.

If you’re still apprehensive about writing a letter, you can always use a format letter so that you can see how best to set it up.

Sales Letter to Customers (Format)


Your Business Logo Here

Jane Smith

123 Good Way

New York, NY 12345

Dear Ms. Smith,

For as little as (Price) you can have (Your Service Here), without enduring (a Reason that People Might Avoid This Service or Do It By Themselves). Our mission is to (Mission Statement). You’ll love what we do because:

• (2-5 Benefits Of Your Company)

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the service, we promise (your promise here, whether it is money back guaranteed or that you will make it right). Our customers say, “(customer quote)”.

Call us at (your phone number here) or email us at (your email here) to get scheduled.


(Insert your name here)

P.S. We are offering a (insert offer, such as a discount, here)

Sample Sales Letter to Customer

To help guide you, here is a sample letter that you can refer to!


Pet Salon Logo

Jane Smith

123 Good Way

New York, NY 12345

Dear Ms. Smith,

For as little as $50 you can have your pet sparkling clean, without enduring the wrestling and hardship of doing it yourself! Our mission is to ensure a smooth, professional grooming experience for you and your animals. You’ll love what we do because:

• We use vegan products to ensure that your animals get the best care possible!

• Our groomers are professionally trained and experienced, meaning your animals get the best service possible!

• We are trained in skin conditions, meaning we will treat your pet in a way that is personalized to their needs!

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy with the service, we promise your money back. Our customers say, “Smooth Feline Grooming offers the best service for your money!”

Another customer says, “Your pets will love the groomers here! They can even arrange to come to you to groom your pets!”

Call us at 123-555-6789 or email us at [email protected] so we can get you scheduled.


Krista Michaels

P.S. We are offering a ten percent discount to first time customers! Call us now to lock in the offer!

Sales Letter to Customer (Word Template)

Sales Letter to Customers (Word Template)


A sales letter to your customers might seem like a threatening thing; however, it can drive up business for your company. While it might seem like a difficult thing to do, the process of writing a letter is quite simple! Whether you are writing a letter for the first time or are a seasoned writer, sales letters to your customers are an important way to market yourself. Keep your head up and make sure that you get your flyers to the people that need you the most!

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