Sales Letter Templates (with Examples)

Do you have trouble writing a sales letter? Well, you are not alone. Writing a sales letter can sometimes be challenging especially if you are doing it for the first time, or if you are looking or a specific format. Sales letters are a powerful tool that can be used to convert prospects into real customers. It persuades the reader to buy whichever the letter offers. To improve the effectiveness of these letters, it is important that your strong persuasion and communication skills. As such, the following is a guideline on how to write a sales letter like an expert.

How to Write a Sales Letter

  • Know your audience

First and foremost, you should always identify your targeted audience. While this is among the most important feature of a good sales letter, it’s often overlooked. Get to understand who is buying the products/services. Once you’ve identified your potential customers, write the letter while addressing them.

As a bonus, you can even go ahead and know your customers by name. Addressing your customers by their name improves personal engagement hence increases their chance of buying your produces. For instance, instead of addressing them as [Dear Potential Customer], you can mention their name directly i.e. [Dear Mr. Jackson].

  • Make your headline catchy

The headline of your sales letter needs to be engaging and attractive. If your headline sucks, be assured that nobody will read the entire letter. And if nobody reads your letter then you won’t make any successive sales. Ensure you pick the right words that can grab someone’s attention from a distance. Then, you can make the headline in large fonts and colored/bold.

  • Write a fascinating introduction

So you have written an attractive headline, cool. But your job isn’t done yet. You need to make a solid introduction that keeps your audience glued. One thing you can do in your introduction is to as a question or pose a problem, then respond with a solution. Ensure the question asked affects your audience in one way or the other. Also, the question asked should be framed in a way that requires a simple ‘yes, or ‘no’ as a response. Remember, if your introduction is boring, your letter may find its way to the trash box anytime.

  • Use bullets/numbers and subheads

When explaining in detail the benefits of your product or services, it is easy to use bullets. When you use continuous paragraphs and long lines, your reader may find it boring and stop reading the letter. Therefore, stick to bullets whenever necessary. Bullets also help to separate your letter bringing visual impression along. As such, bullets and subheads help break the monotony in your letter.

  • Mention the benefits and features

One selling point for your products/services lies in the benefits as well as features. Your audience wants to know, ‘how well your products will benefit them?’ ‘And what features makes this product unique?’ Once you’ve provided these two to your audience, you’ll have won their trust and eventually will buy your products.

  • Be persuasive as possible

Persuasion is amongst the most important features of a sales letter. Therefore, you can always make your letter persuasive by including short and precise customer testimonials. Also, you can make your letter persuasive by constantly connecting with your customers. Use a friendly and personal tone throughout the letter. Last but not least, you should provide solutions to the problems your audience face. This will win their hearts nice and easy.

  • Provide an incentive

You can also offer incentives to help close the sale. These include a gift, free trials among others. Incentives create more interest in your product. As such, you should make good use of it.

Sample Sales Letter

Green Landscapers ensures your home is well trimmed, and flowers shining

[Business logo]

Michael Ronnie

100 Wide Street


LA, 2000

Dear Mr. Ronnie,

We are glad to inform you of your services. As a certified landscaping company, we provide landscaping services for as low as $100. We care much about your home beauty. Remember, proper landscaping improves the value of your home. We ensure your home flowers and live fences are well-trimmed and mowing. Besides, we grow a wide variety of lowers including the ornamentals. All these services come as a package for the above-mentioned prices. The offer will, however, last till the 30th of this month.

Satisfaction is guaranteed- we ensure our customers are happy and well satisfied. We aim to make you as happy as ever as one of our customers says, ‘Green landscapers offer high-quality mowing services at affordable prices.’

You can contact us at 0500-00000 or everyone wants to live in a perfect home, and we at Green landscapers we ensure your home is more than perfect.


Griffine Moonre

Green Landscapers Limited

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