22 Room Rental Agreement Templates

If you are contemplating renting a room in your house, then you should be aware of the legal practices involved. Whilst renting out a room in your home might seem simple, it will become a complicated affair once the person starts living there.

This is why you need an official agreement that stipulates your co-existence in the apartment or home. What you need to learn about is the room rental agreement.

What is a room rental agreement?

A room rental agreement is an official legal entity that binds the agreement between a tenant subleasing or renting their room and another party. This legal agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the involved parties. As soon as they sign the document, these expectations and responsibilities become their duties and obligations.

Room rental agreement is a term that can be used interchangeably with sublease agreement as they both contain duties and responsibilities of the tenants.

However, a room rental agreement is not the same as a roommate agreement.

Room Rental Agreement Templates

Differences between Room Rental and Roommate Agreements

Note the differences between the two:

Room Rental AgreementRoommate Agreement
This agreement is used when a tenant is subletting the room to a 3rd partyThis agreement is used when one is moving in with a new roommate
The landlord approval is a requirementDoesn’t require the approval of the landlord
Elements of the original lease agreement are incorporatedIt is independent of the original lease agreement

When a Room Rental Agreement is Needed

Room rental agreements are useful when a homeowner or the principal tenant wants to lease a portion of the house or a room to a secondary tenant.

The agreement is needed because it protects both parties from potential issues that may escalate later. It also opens up a clear communication channel for both parties to air their grievances. So, room rental agreements are used as catalysts for penitential difficult conversations.

Some of the common situations that room rental agreements are needed are:

The third-party has a partner

If you are afraid that the person you are renting a room to has a boyfriend or girlfriend, you might want to have a room rental agreement that sets the boundaries for when they are allowed. If such boundaries are not made, the utility bills might go higher than expected.

The third-party has guests

The room rental agreement will also outline when guests can be allowed in the house. This protects your privacy.

Establish quiet hours

Noise complaints are among the leading causes of disagreements between roommates. Therefore, a room rental agreement can establish quiet hours to avert this disagreement.

Explain repairs and maintenance procedures

This section states the duties and responsibilities of the main tenant and the third party regarding repairs and maintenance. It should stipulate the repairs required and how they will be paid for.

Consequences of Not Having a Signed Rental Agreement

Lost money

If you don’t have a room rental agreement, you might lose money. For example, the person to whom you are subleasing a room may refuse to pay for damage of property, leaving you as the principal tenant to pay for it.

Lost time

Without a proper legal reference, you can waste a lot of time arguing with the other party about what should or should not be allowed. For example, you can argue about the acceptable noise levels in the house.

Lost property

You could easily lose your property if you don’t have a room rental agreement. For example, a roommate can borrow your personal property and fail to return it. Another example is when something is damaged and the party that did so refuses to pay for it.

Mental anguish

Without a room rental agreement, you can suffer mental anguish caused by strained relationships with the other party.

Therefore, a room rental agreement is important as it helps you prevent unwanted scenarios.

Can a Room Rental Agreement Cover More than One Tenant?

Yes, a room rental agreement can cover more than one tenant. When this happens, you should ensure that all enlisted tenants’ accurate information is covered. The most important detail is the date of their leases as they may differ.

Are Room Rental Agreements Legally-Binding?

Yes, this is a legal document. Therefore, it is legally binding. A party that goes against the terms of the document can be sued in a court of law and compelled to abide by it or pay the penalties stipulated.


The importance of a room rental agreement cannot be overstated. It is a simple yet important document that protects the interests of both the principal tenant and the third party. Therefore, you should not rent a room without this legal document.

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