Restaurant Gift Certificate Templates

Over the past, there has been an ever-growing competition in the hotel industry. Restaurants are upgrading their games by doing whatever it takes to attract and retain their customers. Therefore, in order to dominate the market share and to get the attention from the growling stomachs, one should always be able to come up with new ideas and strategies, especially in marketing.

One such strategy is offering restaurant gift certificates.

What to include in a Restaurant Gift Certificate

Restaurant gift certificate templates are easy to formulate. However, if you aren’t sure of what to include, don’t let it take much of your thoughts. The following are some basic things to include in your template.
  • Name of the company/organization
  • To (the recipient of the certificate)
  • From (this is the individual issuing the certificate)
  • Amount (the monetary value of the certificate)
  • Date of issue
  • Card number
  • Expiry date
  • Official authorization

Why Gift Certificate is Important

The restaurant gift certificates are essential in that they help capture the ‘low hanging fruits’ that would otherwise go to your competitors. What’s more, they serve as a branded marketing tool hence helping you get customers. Through the inherent nature of exchanging gifts, the buyer essentially does marketing for you. Also, gift certificates are important in that they help deepen customer loyalty. It encourages the customers to keep coming back to your restaurant hence increased purchase frequency.

Additionally, according to research, the majority of consumers prefer close loop gift cards that are mostly used in restaurants or specific retails. This is because they often come when least expected, and that’s the ideal meaning of gifts. There are a few cases where restaurants also benefit from the certificates. Just like any other voucher, gift certificates are bound to expire. When this happens, the cash can’t be reimbursed to customers who fail to use their certificates before expiry. At the same time, they can’t redeem the value of the certificate. This is, therefore, an advantage to the hotelier.

Similarly, restaurant gift vouchers help attract new customers that you would otherwise not reach. When a restaurant provides such vouchers/gifts, it helps spread its services far and wide hence stimulating additional purchase. Remember, gift vouchers are often highly targeted. Besides, they are meant to encourage/motivate the receivers to use them. This makes it an ideal and effective method of spreading information to others.

Furthermore, restaurant gift certificates help in spreading the restaurants’ credibility and reputation. In most cases, they are often given as personal proposals to satisfied customers. By this, they contribute to the extensive spread of the hotels’ positivity hence an effective marketing tool.

Generally, gift cards are low-cost marketing tools that help restaurants boost sales regardless of their sizes, order values or profit margins.

How to Customize the Restaurant Certificate

Whether you want to promote your brand or introducing a new menu in the market, our gift templates will work for you just fine. They come in an assortment of styles and multiple colors, themes and fonts. Plus, they are easy to customize and to edit.

Additionally, the templates are readily available in a variety of formats such as MS Word, PDF or any other word processing formats. Therefore, you will always achieve your preferred certificate design by customizing every detail, including colors and font style to meet your taste.

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