Response Letter (Format & Examples)

A response letter is written as an answer to a previous message. It could follow a payment request, complaint, customer review, job offer, and many more. Generally, the nature of the letter will depend on the initial message. For example, the response letter to a payment request should contain details of a transaction or reasons for a delay.

Before writing a response letter, you should analyze the situation. Answer all the questions, address any concerns, and offer solutions to problems raised in the first letter. This will ensure your response letter is appropriate and helpful.

In this article, we review all you need to know to draft a professional response letter.

Writing Guide for a Response Letter

Follow the following steps to draft an effective response letter:

  • Identify your recipient – Include the full name and address of the recipient of the letter. This is a way of acknowledging that you received their inquiry.
  • Answer the question – Mention the nature of the recipient’s query. Was it a question, comment, request, or complaint? Depending on the answer, address the matter at hand.
  • Provide specific information – Outline details that will help solve the reader’s problem. Be short and to the point. If you are addressing several topics, use bullet points, and organize your information.
  • Provide contact information – Invite the reader to ask any further questions or reach out to you in the future. Include your phone number or email address.
  • Close the letter – End your message with a positive and formal sentiment. Include your full name, job title, and signature at the bottom.

Response Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Response to {Nature of Request}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Recipient Last Name},

This is in reference to your letter dated {date}. I have received your {payment request/demand note/job offer, etc.} and plan to act on it by {date}. As mentioned in your letter, I will also {mention specific details from the letter}. I have attached a {mention relevant documents} to {state purpose of documents}.

If you have any more questions or concerns, you can reach me at {contact information}. I look forward to being of service.

Thank you for your {continued support/time and consideration/cooperation}


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

{Company/Institution Name}

Sample Response Letter to Payment Request

1 September 2020

David Kruger

Today Electronics

345 Garden Boulevard

Atlanta, GA 23457

Re: Response to 31 August 2020 Payment Request

Dear Mr. Kruger,

This letter is in reference to your payment request dated 31 August 2020. I received your request and plan to act on it immediately. Following recent events, I have been otherwise preoccupied. Please accept my apologies for the unfortunate delay and any inconvenience it might have caused.

As of the writing of this letter, I have mailed a check to Today Electronics Ltd. under the name Harrison Mills. I expect it will reach you before the business close tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Harrison Mills

Types of Response Letters

Response Letter (Word Template)

File Format
  • MS Word

Response Letter to a Request

Response Letter to a Request – This letter acts as an answer to an inquiry. It explains whether you agree to or decline the request and offers your solution, where relevant.
File Format
  • MS Word

Response Letter to a Complaint

Response Letter to a Complaint – A complaint reply is sent to a dissatisfied customer. It addresses their concerns about a particular product, service, or employee of your company.
File Format
  • MS Word

Response to Demand Letter

Response to Demand Letter – This is a formal reply to a payment demand. Like a demand letter, this response can be used as evidence in legal processes.
File Format
  • MS Word

Apology Letter for Delayed Response

Apology for Delayed Response – If you take too long to answer an email or letter, you can use this letter to apologize. The message is sent in a situation where the delay could negatively affect your relationship with a client or reputation.
File Format
  • MS Word

Response to Payment Request Letter

Response to Payment Request Letter – This is a letter notifying your creditor that you received their payment request. You can use it to explain the delay in payment, set a date, affirm that you have already paid, or dispute the claim.
File Format
  • MS Word


The main purpose of a response letter is to provide the information requested in another letter. You can use it to answer a question, accept or deny a request, explain a delay, or express gratitude. Overall, your letter’s nature and the content will depend on the message to which you are responding. When drafting a response, avoid going beyond the scope of the recipient’s interest. Answer and address only the matters addressed in their letter, even the ones that seem irrelevant.

It is also advisable that your response be prompt. Finally, never write a response letter if you don’t have the authority to reply. Instead, forward the request to the appropriate recipient.

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