Response Letter to a Complaint (Format & Sample)

Customers communicate with your business through writing. They might post a review of your services online, send an inquiry letter, or draft a complaint. As a company, it is your duty to respond to these efforts. This makes your clients feel valued. It also helps you create and maintain strong professional relationships with them, fostering loyalty and sales.

Complaints are especially important to a business. They can be an opportunity for growth. When responding to them, you should be courteous, informational, and helpful. You should also always address the customer’s concerns, including those that seem irrelevant. A prompt complaint response will help you clear any misunderstandings. Here is everything you need to know to draft an effective Response Letter to Complaint.

Writing Tips for a Response Letter to Complaint

A Response Letter to Complaint is a formal business letter. It acts as a representation of your brand in public. As such, it should follow a business format and use professional language. Here are more tips to help you draft your letter:

  • Adhere to company policy and procedure – When you receive a complaint letter, check your official policy to see if you are the right person to respond. Does the policy allow you to handle complaints on behalf of your employer? If not, forward the letter to someone with the authority to do so.
  • Start on a positive note – Even though you are responding to a complaint, be professional. Acknowledge the time and effort the customer put in writing the letter and thank them for their feedback. Remember to view a complaint as a positive thing as it helps you do better in the future.
  • Address the complaint – Acknowledge the problem stated by the customer and respond to it appropriately. If they have a list of complaints, respond to each separately in bullet points.
  • Make amends – Sincerely apologize for any mistakes your company has made. Then, take the necessary steps, such as mentioning your plans at a solution, future precautions, or offer compensation. Make sure you do this according to company policy.
  • Invite the reader – Offer your company’s contact information and encourage them to forward any more questions or concerns to you.
  • Close the letter – Thank the reader again and close with your full name, job title, and signature.

Response Letter to Complaint (Format)


{Customer’s Name}

{Customer’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Response to {Nature of Complaint}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Customer Last Name},

We received your complaint letter dated {date}. In your letter, you mentioned that {outline the customer’s complaints}. We understand how this state of affairs could be an inconvenience. We are currently {investigating the matter/working on a resolution, etc.}.

We hope to have achieved a solution by {date}. In the meantime, please know that your feedback is important to us. We value any insights that can help us do better.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact us at {contact information}.

Thank you for your continued support.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

{Company Name}

Sample Response Letter to Complaint

1 September 2020

Faith Vanderwaal

345 Garden Avenue

Atlanta, GA 67890

Re: Response to Programming Complaint

Dear Mrs. Vanderwaal,

We recently received your complaint about our 8 AM TV show, Do or Not to Do. In your letter, you mentioned that you believe the program is inappropriate for young children. You also cited sensitive language in several episodes run this week.

At ABC Entertainment, we understand how this situation can cause discomfort. We appreciate your suggestion to move it to a later time slot.

At the moment, we are investigating this matter. We hope to reach an amicable solution by 14 September 2020. Please bear with us as this is the company procedure.

All in all, thank you for your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to refer any more questions, concerns, or suggestions to our customer service team at

Thank you for your continued viewership.


Jane Miles

ABC Entertainment

Response Letter to a Complaint (Word Template)

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  • MS Word


When responding to a complaint, it is vital to keep your message short. Remember that the recipient might not share your expertise. Be clear, helpful, and polite. Maintain a positive tone, even if the complaint is negative. It is also advisable to address every matter raised in the letter, regardless of its relevance. A successful business turns everything into an opportunity for growth. In your Response Letter to Complaint, mention a service or product you offer to solve the customer’s problem. Finish by offering further assistance.

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