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Research Budget Template – 14+ (Word, Excel)

Research is not only a time-intensive exercise; it is also a capital-intensive one and as such, it needs a budget. Drafting a research budget is no walk in the park because you have to know exactly how much will be needed to see the process through, not to mention you may have to account for every penny spent. By virtue of being such a technical document, you will always need some help drafting it; and that’s where the research budget template comes in.

The template enables you to get a rough idea of some of the elements to include in the budget, so you do not run into any financial dead ends. Let us learn more of this critical template and see why you need it.

Medical Research Budget Template

Medical Research Budget Template

A research proposal budget sample is in many ways similar to the research budget sample, only that at this stage, it is still a proposal.

This sample is often written in a linear or tabular format and it details all the expenses that are associated with the proposal project.

Research Proposal Budget Worksheet

Research Budget Proposal Template

Budget for Research Development

Budget for Research Development Template

A research study budget is a document that contains a breakdown of the funds needed to meet the various activities involved in conducting a research study. It is important to remember that a research study is not just intended to develop new methods or improve the existing practices; one of the ultimate goals of the study is profit making by the researchers.

Therefore, this budget should be able to convince stakeholders, more so the sponsors, that the study is a viable cause and that investing their money in it will be worthwhile.

Sample Research Budget Sheet in PDF

Sample Research Budget PDF Template

Research Grant Budget Proposal

Research Grant Budget Template

Research Trip Budget Template

Research Trip Budget Template

A research budget example is basically a sample document of a research budget. As there are possibly hundreds or thousands of types of researches done daily, there is no hard and fast rule on the details that need to be in such a sample document. However, the rule of thumb demands that the names of the researchers be included, along with the identified challenges and expected financial investment for each challenge.

The document can take any form but primarily, the names of the researchers and the expected challenges come on the left-hand side with their corresponding assignments and projected budget for each problem respectively coming on the right-hand side of the document.

Sample Research Budget Template

Sample Research Budget Template

Clinical Research Budget Template

Clinical Research Budget Template

Corporate Research Budget Template

Market Research Budget Template

Hospital Research Budget Template

Hospital Research Budget Template


Student Research Budget Form

Budget for Student Research Template

Research Budget for Project

Research Budget for Project Template

Undergraduate Research Budget Template

Undergraduate Research Budget Template

Research Budget Template (PDF)

Research Budget Template in PDF

Research Proposal Budget Template

Research Proposal Budget Template

Research/Project Budget Template

Supplies Research Budget Template

Faculty Research Grant Budget Template

Faculty Research Grant Budget Template

Research Project Budget Example

Research Project Budget Template Sample

Research Budget Template Spreadsheet

Research Budget Template Spreadsheet

Detailed Research Budget Template

Detailed Research Budget Template

Whether you are an expert or a novice in writing research budget proposals, one thing that’s for sure is that you will always find yourself making purely avoidable mistakes.

As these documents are highly sensitive, mistakes are things you can’t afford; which is why you are advised to always keep a sample template for reference.