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A Request Letter is a formal document sent by and to individuals, companies, and institutions to ask for information, certain commodities, favors, or actions. Some situations where it may come in handy include when requesting a loan, documents, leave of absence, promotion, or recommendation. Usually, the letter establishes the relationship between the reader and sender before outlining the request.

No one business is an island, and often, different organizations or even individuals within the same company may find themselves in need of something they can’t access. This situation can be remedied by sending a request letter to someone with access. Read on to learn more.

When You Need a Request Letter?

There are various reasons you may need to draft a letter of request, all of which will depend on what you need from the reader. Common types of request letters include:

  • Payment request letters
  • Loan request letters
  • Request letter for bank statement
  • Request letter for documents
  • Leave request letter
  • Salary increase request letter

Drafting a Formal Request Letter

A formal request letter should take a semi-block or block format. Once you have noted down the date, sender and recipient address, and contact information, you should take the following steps:

  • Provide a catchy, short, and informative subject line
  • Use an appropriate salutation
  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain your request, including what you want, when, and why you want it
  • Close the letter with your full name and formal signature

Tips for Writing a Request Letter

A Request Letter is a crucial form of communication in the corporate world. Consider the following tips when drafting your message:

  • Always use professional and polite language
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph
  • Make your request clear within the first sentences of the letter
  • Provide the reader with all the details they need to process your request
  • Use short and straightforward sentences

Request Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: {Nature of Request}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I, {your name}, am a {identify your relationship with the reader e.g. by stating your job title}. I am writing to request {mention nature of request}. Your assistance will enable me to {explain your reasons for making the request}.

{Provide any details the reader will need to process your request e.g. mailing address or account number}.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of this matter, I would appreciate it if you could process my request by {date}. I am available to answer any questions you may have through {contact information}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

{Your Signature}

Sample Request letter for Documents

April 6, 2031

Michelle Porter

ABC Company

100 Main Street

Wilmington, NC 00767

Re: Request for 2020/2021 Financial Report

Dear Mrs. Porter

On 15 March 2031, I handed in the 2030/2031 financial report to your secretary, upon your request. I am writing to request that you furnish my office with these documents as the bi-annual financial review is coming up and the report is a crucial part of my presentation. I will be glad to make copies and send them to you, if you still need the report.

Kindly see to it that I get said documents by close of business today. I am available to answer any questions through my official email, [email protected]

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Sharon Fisher

Finance Manager

Sample Bank Statement Request Letter

April 6, 2031

Warren Gregory

National Bank of New Jersey

390 Hiking Lane

Huntington Beach, NJ 64434

Re: Request for Bank Statement, AC 002/NBNJ

Dear Mr. Gregory,

I, Derek Miller, am an account holder at National Bank of New Jersey, account number AC 002/NBNJ. I am writing to request that you send me my bank statement, for the period of 1 January 2031 to 1 April 2031. The document is crucial to a business transaction I am currently overseeing.

I would appreciate it if you can email the statement to me at [email protected] by 15 April 2031. I am available to answer any questions you may have through the same email address.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Derek Miller

Request Letter (Word Template)

Request Letter Templates and Examples (Word & PDF)

Sponsorship Request Letter

A sponsorship request letter is a document sent to a prospective sponsor requesting that they fund your interests through a cash or in-kind donation.

Sponsor Request letter

    Transfer Request Letters

    Transfer request letters are formal messages sent to a current employer asking that they transfer you to a new position within the same company, maybe in a different state or city.

    Transfer Request Letters #02

    Request Letter for Location Transfer

      Leave Request Letters

      A leave request letter is an official request sent to your employer to ask for permission to take time off work for a personal reason.

      Employee Not FML Eligible

      Leave Request Letters #05

      Leave Request Letters #06

      Leave Request Letters #07

        Donation Request Letters

        Donation request letters are formal invitations sent to potential donors to ask for donations to a certain charity, institution, or nonprofit organization.

        Donation Request Letters #08

        Door Prize Donation Request

        Silent Auction Donation Request Letter

          Promotion Request Letters

          Promotion request letters are written messages sent to a manager or supervisor to request that you be considered for a higher position in the company.

          Promotion Request Letters #11

          Promotion Request Letters #12

            Meeting Request Letters

            Meeting request letters are messages sent to potential clients or investors when you wish to schedule a meeting for business communication.

            Meeting Request Letters #13

            Meeting Request Letters #14

            Sample meeting Request letter

              Loan Request Letters

              Loan request letters are official documents filled out to convince a lender to loan you money, by explaining how you plan to use it.

              Loan Request Letters #16

              Loan Request Letters #17

              Loan Payoff Request Letter

                Quotation Request Letter

                A quotation request letter is a document sent by an individual or company to a manufacturer or supplier to request for details about the provided goods or services.

                Quotation Request Letter #19

                  Payment Request Letters

                  Payment request letters are reminders sent to a customer about a due payment that was previously agreed upon after the delivery of services or goods.

                  Payment Request Letters #20

                  Payment Request letter Examples

                  Request Letter for Advance Payment

                    Recommendation Request Letters

                    Recommendation request letters are documents sent to an authority figures to request that they provide a character reference for your academic or professional achievements.

                    Request for a teacher letter of recommendation

                    Teacher letter of Recommendation Request

                      Budget Request Letters

                      Budget request letters are formal business documents prepared when you are seeking funding for a business project or company initiative.

                      Request Letter for Additional Budget

                      Budget Request Letters #26

                      Budget Request Letters #27

                        Vacation Request Letters

                        Vacation request letters are formal documents sent to an employer or supervisor to ask for specific days off work, during your allocated vacation time.

                        letter requesting upto a week of Vacation

                        Vacation Request Letters #29

                        Vacation Request Letters #30

                          Key Takeaways

                          The main purpose of a Request Letter is to ask for the information, favor, action, or permission you need to complete your task. It is crucial that you maintain a professional and polite tone when drafting it, and stay on topic. Generally, you want the reader to know who you are, what you want, and why you want it.

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