Request Letter: How to Write (with Samples)

Request Letter: How to Write (with Samples)

A request letter is written to appeal, inquiry or demand for specific information, a favor or goods, and services or any other relevant details. These letters are common in business circles used as tools of communication between different parties. You can write a letter to request for help, authorization, documents, support, advice, etc.

Your letter should be specific, brief and precise. Consider looking at samples or templates to know how to write such letters.

How to write a request letter

Address the letter to the right person

Most times when you require information or services, you may not know who to address your letter to. In such a case, conduct background research to identify the right authority to contact. If you sent the letter to the wrong person, chances are you may not get a response.

Include your contacts

Start the letter with your contact details. These details should appear at the top right corner of the page. Your recipients will need these details when responding to your letter. Make sure the contacts are current and exact.


After your contacts, include the date when you are writing the letter.

Recipient’s address

The names or title of the receivers and their address should follow the date. Make sure you leave a space to separate the two.


The subject refers to the purpose of writing the letter. In a few words enable the reader to understand what you want.


Salute the reader using the correct title. You can use either of the following; sir/madam/ respected. Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Dr., etc., followed by their last name.

The body of the letter

The details, information or demand you require should be summarized in two or three sets of paragraphs. Start this part by a brief introduction of yourself and what you want. Let the recipient understand why the request is essential to you.

Letter close

Your request letter should end with a polite close and a thank you note to the receiver for taking the time to read and respond to your request.

Remember to include your name at the end of the letter as you sign out.

Throughout the letter maintain a polite tone and a language.


Avoid rushing to send the letter when you have not checked for grammar and spelling mistakes; professionalism dictates you do so.

Sample request letter/email- for a business favor

Mark Peters

Basement Contractors

132 Lamer Street

Ohio, BA 44317


Abram Brown

Supplies manager

Builders Manufacturers

313, Urna Lane

Ohio, CA 43210

Subject: Request for delivery of goods

We are pleased and content with the services we have been receiving from your company for the last 12 years. We remain true to our commitment to source all our building materials form your company. I write this letter to request for a favor.

As per our normal business operations, we use our trucks to collect goods from your depot; unfortunately we cannot collect tomorrows order since two of our trucks have broken-down. In this respect, I request the products to be delivered in your trucks and charge the bill to our account.

I am thanking you for the favor.

Yours sincerely

Mark Peters


Basement Contractors

Sample request letter email- for a personal favor

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Request to close my office

Dear Jane,

I kindly request you to close my office as you leave for your house this evening. I have been held up at a crisis meeting at the state department of health thus I won’t make it back to the office.

Once you close the office, hand over the keys to the front desk, I will pick them from that point tomorrow morning.

Thank you for the kind gesture.


Robert Houston

Group CEO

Agape for All

Types of request letters

Request letter for documents

A request letter for documents is written to ask for documents from another source. The letter should use a polite tone. In the letter include;

  • Information on the specific documents required
  • Urgent of the documents
  • Your contact details
  • A thank you note for the favor

Request letter for materials

You can write a letter to request materials you require form another party. Make sure you have addressed the letter to the right person. The details to include in the letter are;

  • The specific materials
  • The quantities
  • Your physical location
  • Contacts

Request letter for certificate

You can write a request letter for a certificate to ask for your certificates or business or company’s certificates. Address the letter to the right individual in the respective organization or institution. In the letter these details should be included;

  • The particular certificate
  • Details of the certificate
  • Your address and contacts
  • Gratitude for honoring the request

Request letter for assistance

A request letter for assistance is written to ask for help in a task you find too challenging to handle. You can write the letter to individuals in your company or elsewhere. The letter should include;

  • Help needed
  • When you require the assistance
  • Your contacts
  • Name and contacts of the recipient