Request Letter to Principal for Conducting Workshop

A request letter is written from one entity to another asking for permission, information, support or a document. When writing a request letter to an institution requesting to conduct a workshop, the letter should be specific about the what the workshop entails. Start with Salutation.

Introduce yourself and your institution which should be at most 3 sentences. Highlight the workshop you want to conduct then move to the next paragraph. Describe in 3 to 4 paragraphs the key features of your workshop where you can refer the reader to a brochures/CD about the workshop.

You can then explain why you chose the school and how the school will benefit. This should also be in not more than 3 to 4 sentences. Close in 2 sentences by asking for specific date when you would like to conduct the workshop and provide your contact details. Here is a sample of a formal request letter.

Sample 1 # Request Letter for Conducting Workshop


[Sender’s address]

[Recipient’s address]

Subject: Request to conduct a workshop

Dear Mr. Grey [please address specific recipient]

As the chairman of department of Chemistry, I would like to request for your permission and support to conduct a workshop. A need has been identified in the new curriculum, specifically the books of Chemistry and Biology. Five experiments are new and a bit complex which require a workshop to do a review for the teachers in the department.

It will be important for all teachers in the Department to attend the workshop to enhance teaching. In addition, the workshop will ensure that information delivered to students is standardized. We will also require your support in reaching out to the publishers to assist in areas that are a bit complex.

The workshop will take place in seminar room D7 on [date of the workshop]. Please find attached a timetable and a presentation highlighting the key areas of focus for the workshop.

Your consideration will be highly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.


[your name]

Sample 2 # Request Letter for Conducting Workshop

[Your Name]

[your Address]

[Your Phone]

[Your Email]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient title]



Dear [Recipient name],

I would like to conduct a workshop in seminar room A for the department of chemistry. The purpose of this workshop will be to brainstorm on how to enhance teaching in the era of modern technology. In the current world of globalization, teachers must meet existing standards.

It is therefore important for teachers to have a deep understanding of upcoming methodologies in teaching to enhance knowledge dissemination to students. This workshop will be very key as it will bring together all teachers in the department.

The workshop will take place on [date of the workshop] and it is an entire day workshop. Please find attached a tentative program for the workshop. I would much appreciate an opportunity to meet you for a face to face discussion regarding this.

Thank you for your consideration. Waiting to hear from you.


[Your name]

Proposal letter format for conducting workshop

A proposal letter is a document that outlines the proposal made by an individual or institution to conduct a workshop in a particular organization. It is a formal way of putting forth an idea and asking for action to be taken on that idea. The letter must include: –

  • Outline of the workshop
  • The targeted audience
  • The fees
  • Any other requirement that is necessary for the workshop to happen.


Joyce R. Thompson


Mark School

4312 Blackwell Street

Alaska 73799



Veronica Harris


Light School

1539 Kenwood Place


Subject: Workshop Proposal

Dear Veronica,

As the chairperson of curriculum development, I would like to request your support and permission to conduct a workshop. There is a need that has been identified of keeping the teachers up to date with the new system of the curriculum. Most teachers have not enrolled in training of this curriculum. There is need for a sitting to plan on how we will go about it.

I choose your school [Light School] to be the venue for the workshop because it has a big hall and enough space to accommodate all the participants that will be invited. The participants will be teachers from 5 schools including your school.

The dates for the workshop have been fixed. The workshop will start on 30th Nov and end on 5th December. These are good dates because students will be on holiday.

I kindly request your assistance in mobilizing the participants who include the teachers from your school. I will be contacting the respective people who will help in training the teachers about the new curriculum.

Please find the attached timetable and a presentation highlighting the key areas that will be focused in the workshop.

I thank you.

Best regards,


Proposal letter for workshop in college / school

Proposal letter for workshop in college is written when a person/people want to ask for permission to conduct a workshop within the school/college premise. The letter must be formal and precise. When writing the letter, you need to include key information that the recipient needs to know about the workshop. Do not leave any detail of what you intend to do during the workshop.


Mr. Lawrence


Green View School

Farmingdale, NY 11734



Mr. Martin

Head of Science Department

Green View School

Subject: Workshop Proposal

Dear Sir,

As the head of science department in the school, I have seen a need to conduct a workshop for all science teachers in our school. It will be a one-day workshop scheduled for 18th of this month.

I am requesting if I can use seminar room Y for this event. The teachers who will be present from our school are 10 and I have invited 3 more from the neighboring school to come and share some ideas with us.

There will be a national science congress in the end of this year and the main purpose of the workshop is to discuss how we are going to go

about it as well as planning what our students will present in the congress.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward for your response soon.



How to Write and Submit Proposal Letter

There are important factors that will lead you to write a successful proposal workshop letter. Here are some tips for writing a proposal for a workshop.

Be Concise and Comprehensive

The letter should not be so long with so many stories, however, it should include all the details about the proposal. The best way to do this is to first have a draft of what you need to do in the workshop and decide if some of the details will be sent as an attachment. Some of the key elements to that must be included in the proposal are:

  • Workshop title
  • Objectives of the workshop
  • Date of the workshop
  • The venue
  • Fees [if applicable]

Get to know the institution program/guidelines

It is important to find out about the program of the institution you are submitting the proposal to. Find out if there are other workshop happening at the dates you are proposing, understand about the mission of the institution and any other important information that you would find necessary. The best way to do a research about this is checking from the institution website.

Create a workshop title that is eye catching

Writing a proposal is one thing, having it approved is another. To get an approval for the workshop as well as have people attend the

workshop, it is important to have a title that will convince the recipient about the importance of the workshop. Take your time to do a research about your title so that you can present your proposal well.

Prepare a workshop summary

Include a summary of the workshop in the proposal. Do not make a long summary, as most people will not have time to read through pages. This summary should explain the objectives of the workshop. Include a syllabus of what will be done throughout the workshop. You can always

attach the syllabus instead of writing it as a letter. The syllabus should be presented to both the recipient and the participants of the workshop.

Compile your document

A workshop proposal will include a detailed document about the workshop. Make sure you compile this document in the right manner.

Here is a sample of the sequence: –

  • Title and workshop summary
  • The syllabus
  • Course objective and your bio
  • Your CV

Submit your proposal depending on the submission guidelines

After doing a research about the institution you are sending the proposal to, you will get to know the method that the institution receives proposals. It can either be through an email or postal service. Make sure you use the appropriate submission method.

It is important to note that, when writing a request letter, you should be precise and direct to the point. Too much information could confuse the reader or distort the intended message to the recipient.

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