Request Letter to bank (Format & Samples)

A request letter to bank can be sent for numerous reasons. It could be drafted to ask for a loan, new ATM, bank statement, or account information. Generally, writing this letter is easy. You need to follow a standard business format and follow some guidelines. You should also use a courteous and professional tone to communicate your request.

In this article, we review how to draft this letter. You can use these tips to write your next request letter to your bank.

Elements of a Request Letter to Bank

A bank request letter is a business letter. It should follow a formal format and contain elements such as:

  • The bank’s address
  • The addressee, who is commonly the Branch Manager
  • A subject stating the nature of the request
  • Explanation of your request
  • Account information: Account name and number
  • Other Necessary Information
  • Your address
  • Your contact information
  • Your signature

Tips for Writing a Request Letter to Bank

How you draft your letter will determine the chances of you getting a positive response. The following guidelines should help you draft an effective request letter:

  • Address the letter appropriately
  • Describe the nature of your request
  • Explain why you need the service you are requesting
  • Provide essential details such as your name, account name, and account number
  • Get straight to the point and avoid any unnecessary deviations
  • Attach and mention any relevant documents
  • Use professional and polite language
  • If you need an urgent reply, say so and explain why.
  • Include your official name and signature at the end of the letter
  • Provide your contact information

Request Letter to Bank Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name} or {To Whom It May Concern}

I have a Current Account in your bank in the name of {account/company name}. I would like to {mention nature of the request, e.g., request overdraft or make payment}. If you require, I can provide {relevant documents} for your perusal.

I would be obliged if you let me know if this can be arranged immediately. I am also ready to provide any relevant documentation at your request.

If you require any further details, my {assistant/accountant/head or finance, etc.} will be glad to see you in person.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

{Company Name}

Sample Request Letter to Bank

21 July 2030

Branch Manager

National Jersey Bank

567 JC, New Jersey

Subject: Request for bank statements from December 2029 to March 2030

Dear Madam,

I am a savings account holder in the National Jersey Bank. I am writing to request my bank account statements from December 2029 to March 2030. My account number is 45985476123.

I will appreciate a speedy response. Thank you for your compliance.


Faith Michaels

Request Letter Templates and Samples

There are many reasons you would need to write a request letter to your bank. Here are a templates and samples that you can tailor to fit your individual needs.

Request Letter to bank (Word Template)

Letter to Bank Manager for Request a New ATM Card

This letter is written to the bank manager of a bank by an account holder who has lost their ATM card. It should contain your name, account number, and details of how the card was lost.

Letter Request for Bank Account Details

This letter is written by an account holder to the bank requesting details of their account. It should mention your name, account name, and account number.

Request Letter for Bank Statement

A bank statement summarizes all the transactions made by an account holder. It can be useful for preparing ledgers, balancing accounts, or record keeping. To get your bank statement, you can send a formal request to your bank.

Request Letter to Bank Manager

This is a formal letter sent to a bank manager in reference to the bank’s services. It could be written to request bank statements, facilitate an overdraft, loan, or report a lost ATM card. Before sending the letter, make sure it is explicitly addressed to the bank manager.

Letter to Bank Manager for Refund Money

This letter is written to a bank manager by an account holder to request refund money. It should include your account details, reasons for the request, and suggested action.


A request letter to the bank is a formal document. It should be professional and to the point. It should also be accompanied by relevant documents when necessary. Before sending your letter, proofread it to make sure you have included all the vital information. Correct any grammar or spelling mistakes and provide your contact information. Finally, address the letter properly, so your request reaches the intended recipient.

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