Request Letter Format and Samples

Request Letter Format and Samples

A request letter is a document written to ask for a service, product, information, favor, or permission. It is a formal letter and should be drafted in a polite and professional manner. Additionally, it should be short, precise, and to the point. You want the recipient to read everything without losing interest.

The recipient of a request letter could be a company, bank, landlord, school principal, or employer. For instance, you could write it to an employer to request a transfer or to a company to ask for samples.

Here is more information on the most effective request letter format for your needs.

Essential Elements of a Request Letter

There are many ways to write a request letter. However, an ideal request letter format includes the following essential elements:

  • Recipient – Information such as the name, address, and title of the recipient should be provided at the beginning.
  • Subject – This is a phrase indicating the nature of your request
  • Content – Paragraph one allows you to introduce yourself and give details about your request. The last paragraph should state a date by which you would want a response.
  • Closing – End with your name and signature.

Tips for Writing a Request Letter

A request letter is a formal correspondence. It should be written professionally and following a business format. To write an appropriate request letter, follow the following guidelines:

  • Use a polite, formal, and professional tone
  • Express gratitude and respect to the addressee
  • State the reason for writing. What is the nature of your request?
  • Proofread your request letter and correct any grammar or spelling errors
  • Include the recipient’s address and proper name and title
  • Provide your contact information, name, and address
  • Get straight to the point—state why you are writing in the first paragraph.

Request Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Subject: Request Letter for {Nature of Request}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name}

My name is {your name}. I am a(an) {student/employee/tenant/account holder} at your {school/company/residence/bank}.

This letter is in reference to {mention service/product/favor, etc.}. I would like to request that you {suggest an action}. Your assistance will allow me to {attend school/apply for a loan/ etc.}.

If you need further details, you may contact me at {email address} or {phone number}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

{Contact Details}

Sample Request Letter

21 July 2030

Safe Haven Alarms Ltd.

12 Annex Road


Subject: Request to Repair Broken Alarm

Dear Mr. Bellfire,

This letter is in reference to a Safe Haven Alarms Ltd. Alarm, Product Number: SH34107GT. Your company installed it in the parking lot of my company, Sahara Enterprises, on 4 July 2030.

I am sad to report that the alarm is overly sensitive to movement and is set off frequently. This has affected my company’s productivity as my employees find the sudden noise blasts distracting. My clients have also complained about the same.

I request that you send over a technician to fix this problem. I will appreciate prompt response.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lana Snow

Sahara Enterprises

Request Letter Samples and Templates

A request letter should follow a professional business format. You can format and utilize the following templates and samples to draft your request letter.

Request Letter Template

Request Letter Format for Bank

There are many reasons why you would draft this letter. It could be to request a new ATM, bank statement, or overdraft. It could also be to ask for the opportunity to open an account with the bank.

Request Letter Format for School

A request letter for school can be written by a student or their parent to the school authority. The subject could be anything from a bursary application or information request to a fee payment extension.

Request Letter Format for Payment

This is a document sent by a business owner to a client. It is used to request an overdue payment for services rendered or products provided. The letter should stipulate the due amount and a deadline by which it should be paid.

Transfer Request Letter Format

This is a letter written by an employee to their employer when planning to move to a new location. It is often sent after a discussion with the hiring manager about the possibility of a job opportunity in a different branch of the same company.

Book Request Letter

If you wish to have a checkbook for business or personal transactions, you should draft a checkbook request letter. With this document, you will be able to complete financial transactions at times when you are not in the position to head to collect a checkbook from the bank yourself. You should stress the urgency of having the checkbook delivered in this letter.

Funds Request Letter

When drafting a funds request letter, it is important to touch the hearts of potential funders. Therefore, you need to show you require the funds and that once allocated, the money will be put to correct use. There are several guidelines you should observe when writing this letter including;

  • Finding out the name of the request letter reviewer
  • Use professional tone
  • Start with a question when writing the letter
  • Link the questions to what your company does
  • State other funding sources
  • Mention general information
  • Reiterate why you are drafting the letter
  • Thank the reader

Request Letter to Principal for Permission

Are you a student and wish to use facilities outside of the school? If so, you need to draft an official letter to the principal asking for permission to do activities outside of the school’s premises. You should observe several tips when writing this letter including;

  • Write the letter to the principal in a correct format
  • Use formal language
  • Ensure the letter is explicit and free of any obscurity
  • Make sure the letter is semantically and grammatically correct

Request for Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

When applying to college, you need a letter of recommendation as proof that you are a great applicant. This letter is usually drafted by employers, coaches, or teachers to highlight your essential achievements in ensuring admission into the institution. The steps to follow when writing a request letter of recommendation are;

  • Mention all the possible references
  • Submit a formal request
  • Give supporting documents
  • Explain the submission instructions
  • Thank your reference

Payment Increase Request Letter

When asking for a payment increase, knowing what to ask, and the appropriate way to ask is essential to whether or not your request will be granted. It is in such scenarios that it becomes necessary to draft a payment increase letter. Some of the considerations to factor when writing this letter are;

  • Why you think your current payment is less compared to what you think your value is.
  • State the last time you had a payment increase
  • Mention justifiable and valid reasons for a pay rise.

Payment Request Letter

While requesting payment from your customers, you should draft a payment request letter to skillfully ask for complete payment of money by a certain date. As a result, your clients know the payment is due, and there will be consequences for not completing the payment. Some writing tips to observe when drafting this letter are;

  • Use professional formatting
  • Use a suitable tone

Salary Request Letter

This is a formal letter notifying your employer of incomplete payments. Writing this letter is essential as a document as proof of any anomalies in the settlements in the future. You can also inform your employer of delays in processing your salary and can be used to resolve misdeeds if payments are not made as required.

Price Quotation Request Letter

This document is addressed to either a supplier or manufacturer of goods and services. This letter aims to get details about goods or services and a price quotation for the products or services offered. This letter is also crucial in ensuring the client’s wants are met and to document business transactions. Furthermore, this letter allows the manufacturer or supplier to factor in the cost of goods and services you have requested.

Loan Payoff Request Letter

This letter can be gotten at any stage of the loan regardless of whether you have made the first or last payment. This document is applicable for all types of loans, including auto loans, student loans, and mortgages. While writing this document, make sure to include relevant details such as available options to settle your debt and amount owed to lenders.

Bank Request Letter

It becomes necessary to write this document to the bank manager when in need of a physical copy of your bank statement. This is important as the bank statement includes all vital details such as bank charges, withdrawal in cheque or cash, deposits, and fees charged for services rendered.

Bank Loan Request Letter

This letter is a formal request to show the plans on how to use the funds and enlighten the lender to understand whether investing in your business is viable. It is a crucial letter than needs to be present when investing in a lender or selling a business idea. When writing this letter, you should address it either to the employer directly, human resource manager, or bank manager.

Personal Loan Request Letter

Whereas writing a personal loan request letter is not necessary when seeking a loan from the bank, it is essential when requesting a loan from other financial institutions. There are certain guidelines you should follow when writing this letter. You should also state several crucial details, including reasons you need the loan and how you plan to make the payment.

Grant Extension Request Letter

This is a formal document written by project implementers requesting the donors for additional time to complete an ongoing project. The extension being requested may either be in terms of seeking extra funding, time, or both. There are several reasons why it becomes necessary to write a grant extension request letter, such as delayed implementation.

Emergency Leave Request Letter

It may be necessary to write this letter when you want to have an emergency leave from work. Consequently, you will be able to handle better the emergency matter that has arisen, including unforeseen illness or accident. Your employer will thus understand your situation and give you space to attend your issues and come back when all is settled and more productive.

Vacation Leave Request Letter

This is a formal document written by an employee to the employer requesting to be given some time away from work. It is vital to write this letter as an employee as it allows you to avoid any possible issues, such as not stating the departure date and not including your address.

Annual Vacation Request Letter

Every employee qualifies for annual leave at least once a year. When wishing to take your accrued leave days, you should write an annual vacation request letter to inform your employer for some time away from work. The reasons for taking an annual leave day include to spend time with your family, take a vacation, or attend personal issues.

Annual Vacation Request Letter

Additional Budget Request Letter

This is a letter written when you are seeking extra funds in addition to the already allocated funds to fund a business project or run a department. When writing this letter, observe the same format as that used when writing a business letter to increase the chances of getting additional funding.

Budget Modification Request Letter

When looking for the implementation of certain changes to the already allocated budget, you should write a budget modification request letter. Here, you should state the reasons why there are changes in the previously agreed-upon budget and an outline of how the funds will be put to use.

Budget Modification Request Letter

Budget Approval Request Letter

This letter is written to the manager, supervisor, or another appropriate party requesting for the approval of the budget before the project continuing to do the project. In some cases, this might be needed, especially when there is a need for additional funds more than what had previously been planned. It is also needed when there are changes to the current agreement.

When planning to use copyright-protected material, you need permission from the owner to avoid a possible lawsuit. In such instances, you should write a copyright permission request letter and make sure to include relevant details such as;

  • How you plan to use the content
  • A detailed description of yourself
  • How long you are planning to use the material
  • The correct description of the copyright-protected material

Contract Request Letter

This is an official letter written requesting a contract that is untraceable or cannot be damaged. It is usually written to the appropriate party that had issued the contract by a company, institution, or individual, which has misplaced the official contract document. This letter is a detailed explanation as to why you need the official document. Furthermore, this letter acts as a polite notice requesting to replace the original lost document.

Donation Request Letter

It is an official nonprofit fundraising letter sent to companies or individuals and is especially common during the holiday season. These letters are usually sent out during the holiday season at this time of year, and people feel the need to help out. Furthermore, donation request letters come with additional details such as booklets or pamphlets. This allows you to gain better insight into the company.

School Donation Request Letter

This is a letter sent out by a school to potential donors seeking funds. The letter is a clear outline of how the donation will benefit the school and a detailed explanation of your needs. By doing this, the potential donor will be able to estimate whether sending funds is worthwhile.

Business Request Letter

It is a letter written formally stating your name, title, contact details, and address while remaining clear and precise. This official document is a message requesting another party to do a certain activity, such as requesting payments, donations, and additional information.

Service Request Letter

This is a letter politely requesting either for the permission or favor of a certain issue. It is typically addressed to a suitable company, entity, or institution and shows intent for wanting a particular service. Furthermore, this letter can also be used for future reference plus to share your grievances and views.

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    The best request letter format contains all the information you need to pass to the recipient. It is also concise and void of any unnecessary information. When using the format discussed here, make sure to maintain a courteous and polite tone. Include your contact information and address the letter properly for the best results. Finally, make your intentions clear from the word go.