Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate

Are you planning to get a new job? If so, you need to request a work completion certificate from your employer. The best way of doing this is by drafting a request letter to the company you are currently employed. As an employee, it is your right to be granted a work completion letter with this an essential component that is the obligation of every organization. Once your contract’s expiry, your employer will give you a completion certificate upon your request.

A work completion certificate is vital in some professions, including digital marketing, construction, civil works, and electrical.

The main reason for requesting this letter is to ask your current employer to testify the assigned duties have been finished according to the contract’s agreed-upon terms and conditions. This is of legal importance and will be of great help when looking for a new and much-improved contract. Once the work completion certificate has been issued, you cannot be held accountable for anything concerning the project. This is because it acts as proof you had finished the project within the agreed period.

The persons who write a letter requesting for a work completion certificate include;

  • The team responsible for handling and forming digital marketing business
  • A consultant following the development of research methodology
  • An agent once done with handling customer calls successfully

Tips for Writing a Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate

When writing a request letter for a work completion certificate, there are several guidelines you should follow. These are;

  • Decide Who You Should Address. When writing this letter, the first thing you need to do is deciding who to address. Therefore, it can either be the HR department or your direct supervisor to get the work completion certificate. The HR department staff have all the records on your work history while your supervisor confirms that you are capable of delivering exemplary quality work. You can also choose to send the letter requesting a work completion certificate to your supervisor and HR department.
  • Show Gratitude. After deciding who to address, you should proceed to express your gratitude to the company for granting you the opportunity to offer your services. Consequently, go ahead and request your work completion certificate, which will be essential when looking for future projects.
  • State the Purpose. Whereas employers are required to give you the work completion certificate, it is still crucial to state the reason why you want it. Moreover, it would be best if you also requested your potential employer on what they are searching for other than proof of work experience. By doing this, they will be able to guide your existing employer on the extra details that they should include in your work completion certificate.

Why Is a Work Completion Certificate Important?

You need to request a work completion certificate to prove the completion of a job according to the stipulated terms and conditions set by the project manager. It also serves as proof that you have the relevant experience needed to complete a specific project successfully. Some of the vital details you always need to be stated on your completion certificate include when your contract started, the details of the contract, and when it ended.

Sample of a Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate


Managing Director,

Organization/Company Name,


Subject: Work Completion

Dear Sir,

I am happy to inform you that I have finished the assigned work within the agreed-upon time frame. The contract on this project was signed on 01-05-20XX and has taken me five years to complete. For me, this is a huge accomplishment as my team, and I carried out this project, which entailed a lot of infrastructure work. Some of the duties we carried out include renovating buildings, strengthening the sewerage system, incorporating new sanitary equipment, and restoring the damaged floors.

With the expiry date of this contract on (Date), my team and I are finalizing this project. I expect that everything will be completed a week or two before the contract’s expiration. Attached, you will find the original receipts for any pending bill and wish to pass my thanks for this privilege of working on this project.

I wish to take this opportunity to request a work completion certificate as soon as possible. It would also be great if you detailed my accomplishment in this project to make it more powerful, and I will be forever grateful for doing this.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Full Name


Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate (Template)

Request Letter for Work Completion Certificate


After reading this article, you are now well informed on how to write a letter requesting a work completion letter. With this in mind, you are far better placed to write this letter to increase the chances of landing better deals in any future project you apply.