Request Letter for Salary Certificate (Guide & Samples)

Request letter for salary certificate is written by the employee to the employer or the finance manager in request for a salary certificate. This certificate is useful in many ways such as application for loan from a bank, application for mortgage, opening a bank account, application of visa, application of credit card and application of income tax among other uses.

This is a formal letter that should be kept brief and straight to the point. To make sure that you write in the best way possible, it is important to use sample letter. The sample letter is helpful in making sure that you don’t get confused around writing as well as helping you write faster.

Salary Certificate Request Letter Format

Your Name


Recipient Name


Company Name

Street Address, City, Street ZIP Code

Dear Recipient Name,

I am kindly requesting for a salary certificate stating my tenure of work and my basic pay. I need to (state purpose) and this certificate is a major requirement for this purpose.

I will really appreciate if I get the certificate before (state the date). I thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Your Signature

Your Name

Application for Salary Certificate for Home Loan

Allan Dave

Front Office Department

Hope Hotel


Mr. Steve

Finance Manager

Hope Hotel


Subject: Request for Salary Certificate

Dear Mr. Steve,

I am writing to apply for a salary certificate. I have been working in this organization for the past five years in the front office desk. I am happy I was promoted from working on contract basis to a permanent employee.

I now have a strong ground to apply for a home loan against my salary. I am getting the loan from the bank and one of the major requirements that they need is a salary certificate. I will appreciate if I can get it at your earliest possible so that I can start this process.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


Request for Salary Certificate for Bank Loan Purpose

The Human Resource Manger

ACB Company


New York

Subject: Request for Salary Slip for Bank Loan

Dear Sir,

I am working in the security department as the chief security officer. I am kindly requesting for a salary slip which I need for application of bank loan. The bank needs me to produce a salary slips for the past six months for me to qualify for loan application.

I am therefore requesting you to please enjoin the accounts officer to provide the slips for me before Friday of this week. I will highly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Elton Have

Chief security officer

Request Letter for Salary Certificate to Open a Bank Account

The HR Manager

White Space Inn



Subject: Request for Salary Certificate to Open a Bank Account

Dear Sir,

I work in this company as an office admin. I want to open a savings account in Zee Bank. The bank requires my salary certificate to complete this process. Kindly issue this certificate before the end of this week.

I thank you for your cooperation

Best regards

Mark Allan

Office Admin

Request Certificate for Visa Purposes

The Finance Manager

RRRR Company



Subject: Request for Salary Certificate for Visa Purposes

Dear Sir,

I am supposed to travel to Europe for work purposes. I will be working there for 2 years. I am currently processing for my Visa and there are some documents that are needed to process this. One of the major requirements to complete the Visa process is a salary certificate that shows my earnings for the past 1 year.

I need this as soon as possible because I will be travelling in a months’ time. I will really appreciate if I get this certificate before the end of the week. I thank you.



Guest Relations Manager

Request Letter for Salary Certificate for Credit Card

The manager

OOO Company



Subject; Request for Salary Certificate

I want to apply for a credit card. The bank requires a salary certificate for my basic salary for the past 6 months. I am kindly requesting you to issue me with this certificate before 15/11/2011.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you

Tanker Tanker

Security Department

Application for Salary Certificate for Income Tax Return

The HR manager

LLLLL Company



Subject: Request for Salary Certificate for Income Tax Returns

Dear Sir,

I am kindly requesting for salary certificate for income tax returns. I need to submit it to a financial institution that I have placed a loan request.

Kindly let the certificate show my monthly total earnings, monthly total deductions, their break-ups and summary of net salary received. I will highly appreciate your cooperation in this. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


Front Office

Things To Keep In Mind When Writing

  • Express your sincerity towards your organization. This is determined by how long you have worked in the organization, your discipline record and your work performance among others.
  • Be straight forward and clear on the reason why you need the salary certificate
  • The letter must be formal
  • Proof read your letter and correct any grammatical and punctuation errors.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not casual in your letter no matter how close you are with the HR or the manager.
  • Do not use abbreviations or emoticons when writing; this is a formal letter like all the other formal letters.
  • Do not give so many explanations in your letter. Keep it clear and be straight forward on why you need the certificate.

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