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Request for Experience Certificate (Format & Samples)

A request for experience certificate is a letter an employee writes to their employer to ask for an experience certificate. When you resign from a job, or your contract ends, your company can issue the certificate to you. The cetificate will specify your role in the company besides your achievements.

If your employer delays issuing the certificate, you can write a letter requesting for this document. In the request letter, notify your employer why you need the letter. The letter must also include relevant details such as your official names and designation.

Request letter format for experience certificate










Dear (Recipient),

Good day sir/madam. I’m (your name). I was working with your company as (indicate designation) from (date) to (date). My tenure at your company ended on (date).

I have received all my benefits and documents apart from my experience letter.

Please fast-track the process of issuing me with the experience letter so that I can present it to my new employer.

I’ll appreciate if I can get the letter soonest possible.

Warm regards,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Request letter for experience certificate for higher studies

June 15, 2019

Seth James

3701 Governor’s Club Blvd

Columbus, OH 43219


The Human resource manager

Ohio Steel Industries

13792 Broad Street SW

Pataskala OH, 42073


Sub: Experience certificate for higher studies


Dear Sir,

It’s Seth James the Data analyst at Ohio Steel Industries. I have worked for this company for five years as a data analyst. Over the years I have made an immense contribution to the IT Department.

I’m now ready for my graduate degree in Data Analytics at Ohio State University.

Regarding this, I request for an experience certificate to submit alongside my other application documents.

If I can get the letter this week, I will be glad.

Thank you.


Seth James

Application for experience certificate from a hospital

June 5, 2019

Mercy Jades

2515 Clark road

Chicago, IL 60615


Jeff Thomas

Human resource manager

Northwest Memorial Hospital

251 E Horun Street

Chicago, IL 60611


RE: Experience certificate


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I’m Mercy Jades the matron for the surgical ward at Northwest memorial hospital. I’ve worked in this hospital for nearly two decades in various capacities.

Following my desired to run for the post of the Chicago state nurses’ association president, I ask for an experience letter to accompany my application documents.

Over the years I have made a tremendous contribution to the nursing fraternity, and I believe it’s time to serve them in leadership.

I’ll be glad if I can get the letter before the close of the coming week.



Mercy Jades

Application for experience certificate for teacher

April 27, 2019

Mary Otile

326 St Bernard RD

Gladstone NJ, 40103


The principal

Mr. Paul Smith

Ranney School

253 Hope Rd

Tinton Falls, NJ 07724


Re: Request for experience certificate


Dear Mr. Smith,

Good day, Mr. Smith. I’m Mary Otile a grade seven teacher at your school. I’ve worked for Ranney School since I left college in 2009. After formally resigning from my position last month, I kindly request for an experience letter.

Over the past years, I’ve enjoyed teaching students in your school. I believe my role was pivotal in shaping the destinies of our children. It’s unfortunate I have to leave to move with my family to Europe.

I request you to provide an experience certificate before I leave for Europe next month.

Thank you for the opportunity and support at this wonderful school.

You will remain in my memories.


Mary Otile

Request for experience certificate from current employer

May 14, 2019

Abel Trevor

52 Verdebilt Road

New York, NY 10003


Jesse Turner

Transport Manager

K International Transport

40 Exchange PI Suite 406

New York, NY 10005


Sub: A request for experience certificate


Dear Mr. Turner,

I’ve work as a logistics coordinator at K International since June 7, 2016.

Following my resignation early this month, I request for an experience letter to submit to my prospective employer in the next two weeks.

I thank you for the chance to work at the company. I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues and my seniors.

I’ll appreciate if I can get the letter before the end of next week.

Yours faithfully,

Abel Trevor

Request for experience certificate from your previous employer

July 18, 2019

James Marvin

1590 Amateur Street

Colorado Springs CO, 81907

The Human Resources Manager

Navis Pack &Ship

1490 Garden of the god’s road Ste D

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Re: Request for experience certificate

Dear Mr. Kelly

I’m Davis Marvin. I was working at Navis Pack& Ship from April 3, 2014, to December 20, 2018, as a clerk at the dispatch department. After my tenure at your company ended, I handed over my responsibilities and relevant documents to Mr. Smith, the department head.

I’m grateful for the chance of working with your company. The experience and skills I gained at Navis will be instrumental in my new company.

Please issue me with an experience certificate to hand over to my new employer.


Davis Marvin

Sending an email request letter for experience certificate

If you email your employer requesting for an experience certificate, the subject of the email must be specific to the need. Make sure you send the email to the right individual.

Besides, you should include your address and contact details in the email. Your recipient might want to get further details from you. Include your official name, your designation and the department.

Tips for writing a perfect request for experience certificate

  • Address the relevant person. Gather proper information on the right person to address the letter to. In most companies, it’s either the immediate boss or the Human resource department who’ll write the letter.
  • Thank you employer. In the letter, express gratitude to your employer for the opportunity to work with their company. Talk of what you’ve learned and how the company has assisted in shaping your career.
  • Indicate why you need the letter. You will help your employer to craft a perfect experience letter if you indicate why you need the letter. If you’re not sure, contact your new employer and know why they need the letter.
  • Include relevant details. The experience letter must include important details such as your full names, date of joining and leaving the company, your designation, and achievements.

Things to keep in mind when writing

  • Embrace a professional tone when writing the letter
  • Edit and proofread the letter
  • Inform the recipient why you need the letter
  • An honest review of your experience in the company

Things to avoid

  • Being too wordy
  • Negative comments about the company or your boss
  • Emotions