Rental Reference Letter from Employer

When it comes to making the decision to rent a house or apartment to someone, landlords often find themselves in need of additional information to assess a tenant’s suitability. It is common for landlords to seek a second opinion on a tenant’s character before entrusting them with the keys. If your employee’s potential landlord has requested an honest reference regarding their character, providing a simple rental reference letter from the employer can greatly assist in streamlining the process.

As a manager or CEO of an organization, you have likely encountered situations where you are required to draft a rental reference letter for a subordinate. This task entails providing an honest assessment of the employee’s character, bearing in mind that you are representing the company in this correspondence. Consequently, it is essential to structure the letter in a manner that reflects the company’s professionalism and integrity.

What Is a Rental Reference Letter?

A rental reference letter serves as a written testimony provided by a supervisor or employer to a potential landlord. It serves the purpose of validating the employment status and income stability of the prospective tenant. This letter affirms that the individual holds a reliable job and has a steady source of income. Moreover, it highlights the tenant’s responsible nature, trustworthiness, and their consistent adherence to rules and deadlines.

Including a rental reference letter in a rental application can significantly enhance the likelihood of receiving a positive response from the landlord. It serves as additional evidence of the tenant’s favorable qualities and can strengthen their overall application.

Tips for Writing a Rental Reference Letter

To write an appropriate and effective rental reference letter that can greatly influence your employee’s chances of securing tenancy, consider following these valuable tips:

  • Reveal relevant information: Familiarize yourself with what information is appropriate to include. Avoid disclosing personal details such as salary, but emphasize the tenant’s stable employment and sufficient income.
  • Maintain proper structure: Strike a balance between providing enough information without overwhelming the reader. Keep the letter concise, organized, and focused on the key points.
  • Be honest: While the purpose of the reference letter is to support your employee, it is crucial to maintain honesty throughout. Ensure that all statements made can be substantiated with evidence or examples.
  • Maintain a professional tone: Aim for a professional and unbiased tone in your letter. Avoid excessive emotional language and refrain from making exaggerated or unsupported claims, such as proclaiming the tenant as the best in the world.
  • Be responsive: Demonstrate your willingness to assist further by offering to address any additional inquiries the landlord may have. Promptly respond to calls or emails, displaying your reliability and cooperation.
  • Keep it concise and relevant: Focus on providing essential information, including relevant dates, names, and notable qualities or characteristics. Avoid unnecessary details that may dilute the letter’s impact.

Rental Reference Letter from Employer (Format)


[Landlord’s Name]



RE: Rental Reference Letter for [Employee’s Name]

Dear [Last Name],

I am writing this letter to provide a testimonial regarding the trustworthy and industrious nature of [Employee’s Name], who is applying for rental space at [Property Name].

I have had the privilege of being [Employee’s Name]’s [Manager/Supervisor/Employer] since [Date]. Throughout our professional relationship, [he/she] has consistently demonstrated remarkable dedication, initiative, and innovation in [his/her] work. [He/She] consistently goes above and beyond my expectations, and I have been thoroughly impressed with [his/her] performance. Allow me to share a brief anecdote to illustrate these points.

I am pleased to offer my wholehearted recommendation for [Employee’s Name] as a tenant for the lease. If you have any additional questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [Contact Information].

Thank you for taking the time to consider this reference letter.


[Your Name]

[Company Name]

[Contact Details]

Reference Letter for Apartment Rental from Employer

[Your Name]

[City, State, ZIP]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[Landlord’s Name]

[Apartment Complex/Building Name]

[Apartment Address]

[City, State, ZIP]

Subject: Reference Letter for Apartment Rental – [Employee’s Full Name]

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

I am writing this reference letter to provide a comprehensive endorsement for [Employee’s Full Name] as a prospective tenant for your apartment rental. As [Employee’s Full Name]’s [Supervisor/Manager/Employer] at [Company Name], I have had the pleasure of working closely with them for [Duration of Employment].

During [Employee’s Full Name]’s tenure with our organization, they have consistently displayed exceptional qualities and work ethic. I have personally observed their professionalism, reliability, and responsible nature, making them an outstanding candidate for tenancy.

[Employee’s Full Name] has demonstrated a strong commitment to their job responsibilities and consistently meets or exceeds expectations. They have exhibited excellent time management skills and consistently delivered high-quality work within specified deadlines. Their attention to detail, organizational abilities, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously have greatly contributed to their success.

Furthermore, [Employee’s Full Name] has consistently displayed integrity, honesty, and a strong sense of personal accountability. They have proven to be a trustworthy individual, both in their professional and personal life. Their respectful and considerate attitude towards colleagues, clients, and superiors has made them a valued team member and asset to our organization.

Financial stability and reliability are crucial factors when evaluating prospective tenants. I can confirm that [Employee’s Full Name] holds a stable job position at [Company Name] and enjoys a consistent and sufficient income to meet their financial obligations.

Based on my experience working closely with [Employee’s Full Name], I have no doubt that they will maintain a well-kept, clean, and organized living space. They possess excellent personal hygiene habits and consistently demonstrate respect for their surroundings.

In conclusion, I highly recommend [Employee’s Full Name] as a tenant for your apartment rental. Their exemplary character, dedication, and responsible nature make them an ideal candidate. I have no hesitation in providing my full endorsement for [Employee’s Full Name]’s tenancy, and I am confident they will be a reliable, respectful, and conscientious tenant.

Please feel free to contact me directly at [Email Address] or [Phone Number] if you have any further questions or require additional information. Thank you for considering [Employee’s Full Name] as a potential tenant, and I appreciate your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

[Your Title]

[Company Name]

[Contact Information]

Sample Rental Reference Letter from Employer

June 24, 2029

Caroline Smith

Brimstone Apartments

325 Brannan St

San Francisco, CA 94105

RE: Rental Reference Letter for Carl Stephens

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am writing this letter to provide a reference for Carl Stephens, who is applying for tenancy at your rental property. I have had the privilege of being Mr. Stephens’s direct supervisor at Trident Factories for the past six years. I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Stephens holds a stable job with a reliable income that is more than sufficient to meet his financial obligations. Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, he has consistently met all deadlines during his tenure.

Throughout the six years that I have worked closely with Mr. Stephens, he has exemplified the qualities of a model employee. He consistently displays a strong sense of responsibility, accountability, and punctuality, ensuring that all assigned tasks are completed promptly. Additionally, Mr. Stephens has proven himself to be a trustworthy, friendly, and honest individual. His organizational skills, tidiness, and cleanliness further contribute to his overall professionalism.

Based on my experience with Mr. Stephens, I firmly believe that he will be an excellent tenant. Should you require any further information or have additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Thank you for considering this rental reference letter.


Farida Wells

Rental Reference Letter from Employer (Template)

Final Thoughts

As an employer, your role extends beyond the workplace, as your subordinates rely on your support and endorsement for their employment and personal character. Acting as a referee for their qualities and character demonstrates your investment in their success and well-being. Although this may not have a direct impact on the company’s operations, it significantly contributes to fostering strong and trusting relationships with your employees. When crafting a rental reference letter from an employer, it is essential to strike a balance between professionalism and adding a personal touch. This approach ensures that your letter is both genuine and reflective of the professional standards upheld by your organization.

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