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When people read your essay, research paper, or thesis, they might want to know where you got your information and from what content you drew your conclusions. The aim could be to check the accuracy of your premise or simply for further reading, and that is why you should always include a reference page or sheet in your academic writings. When you do, you give your readers a chance to review the original material you worked with to complete your work. Let’s look at how a Reference Page/Sheet Template plays into this mix.

What Is a Reference Page/Sheet?

A Reference Page/Sheet is the section of your research paper or essay that entails a list of all the sources you used for your work, be they journals, magazines, or books. It is usually the very last page of the document and is designed to help the reader locate your citations easily.

What Is a Reference Page/Sheet Template?

A Reference Page/Sheet Template is a fillable model document that follows a certain format – e.g., APA – and helps you create a list of your sources for a piece of written work. It contains blank fields where you can fill in details like author name, publication date, title, etc.

Reference Page / Sheet Templates & Examples

Reference Page Sheet Template #01

Reference Page Sheet Template #02

Reference Page Sheet Template #03

Reference Page Sheet Template #04

Reference Page Sheet Template #05

Reference Page Sheet Template #06

Reference Page Sheet Template #07

Reference Page Sheet Template #08

Reference Page Sheet Template #09

List of References

Personal Reference List


Professional References for Susan Smith

Professional References

Reference Sheet Outline

Sample Reference List

Sample Job Reference List


sample reference sheet format


    Essential Elements of a Reference Page Template

    The reference sheet will usually come last in your research paper or essay and must be assigned its own page number. Depending on the type of sources, it will contain some or all of the following elements:

    1. Author Name

    The author name should always be present for any source with one, be it a journal or book. It should be written as last name (,) first initial (.). If there are multiple authors, place a comma (,) and ampersand (&) between one author name and the next.

    2. Publication Date

    The publication date should always follow the author’s name and be placed in parenthesis. Usually, you will only need to include the publication year unless the source is a magazine or newspaper piece, in which case you must also include the day and month.

    3. Title

    The title should be written in bold plain text or italics. You can use capital letters if the recommended format allows it.

    4. Volume and Issue Numbers

    These numbers must be included for journal article sources. They should not include abbreviations, and volume numbers should be written in italics and issue numbers in parentheses.

    5. Editor

    If a source has an editor, place a suitable abbreviation (Eds. or Ed) in parenthesis next to the editor’s last name and in a different place than the author name.

    6. Retrieval Dates

    This applies to information sourced from the web. Write “Retrieved” then the date.

    7. Web Addresses

    Never copy-paste a web address in hyperlink format. When you write it down, however, always include the HTTP:// part of the address.

    8. Places

    These refer to the publication locations, written in this format: city, the state in abbreviated form/

    9. Publishers

    Indicate the publisher names as provided on the title page.

    10. Page Numbers

    Mention the page numbers in numbers, not abbreviations.

    What Is a Reference List?

    A reference list is slightly different from a reference page in that it outlines the people who can vouch for your professional achievements and capabilities. It is usually included in a cover letter complete with contact details so potential employers can verify the information you have provided.

    How to Format a List of References

    To create a list of references for a potential employer, follow this format:

    • Place your full name at the top of the page.
    • List the names, job titles, contact information, and company of each reference.
    • Lave a space between the references.
    • Provide at least three names.
    • Briefly describe your relationship with the people on your list.

    Reference List Example

    References for Philip Doyle

    Mary Higgins


    ACD Industries

    400 First Avenue

    Atlanta, GA 81082

    [email protected]

    (888) 162-0019

    Mary Higgins was my supervisor in the Industrial Engineering department of ACD Industries.

    Johansen Mark

    Human Resource Manager

    Green Farm Ltd.

    121 Drew Road

    San Diego, CA 1937

    [email protected]

    (444) 332-7676

    Johansen Mark was the HR manager at my previous company.

    Before You Submit Your Reference Page

    When you wish to submit someone’s name as a reference, you should first seek their permission. It is advisable to do this through a phone call so that, in the process, you can mention any qualities you would like your reference to emphasize if someone calls them. Once you have notified the people on your list, proofread the page and eliminate any inaccurate or outdated information.

    Tips for Getting and Submitting References

    Name your reference page with your name so you can easily find it.

    • Always allow your reference a chance to decline in case they have a personal or professional matter to attend to.
    • Choose a reference that meets your current needs, making sure that the contexts match.
    • If possible, use references with a connection to the company to which you are applying.
    • Send your reference page as a PDF file to avoid changing the original formatting.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you do a reference page for an essay?

    The reference page should be separate from the essay itself, i.e., on a new page. It should be labeled in a bold and centered ‘References’ title at the top of the page. Without any quotation marks or underlining. Additionally, all subsequent text should be double-spaced.

    Is the APA reference page in alphabetical order?

    Yes. Sources listed through the APA format are arranged in alphabetical order using the first word in the entry. Don’t consider punctuation marks and spaces when arranging names.

    What is the correct reference format for a book?

    The ideal reference format for a book includes:

    • Author or editor’s initials and surname
    • Title in bold or italics
    • Year of publication
    • Place of publication
    • Edition
    • Publisher’s name


    When writing an essay or cover letter, you will need to include a reference page through which the reader can get more information about your content. In terms of essays, you can fill a Reference Page/Sheet Template with the list of sources you used for research. A cover letter reference list will consist of names of people who can vouch for your professional record. Whichever reference page you are preparing, use the APA format unless requested otherwise.

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