Reference Letter to Support Immigration Marriage

While the majority of people find love in their own nation, city, or county, not everyone does. There are those exceptions to the rule who find love outside of their community and often in another country.

When that happens, one or the other spouse has to immigrate to their mate’s nation, taking a lot of red tape and special letters to file. One letter that needs to be written is “the reference letter to support immigration through marriage”.

What is a Reference Letter to Support Immigration Marriage?

Many people try to skirt the rules that govern immigration to another country. One of the most used methods is creating a fake marriage and making the transition through one of the easiest ways to immigrate more of a possibility.

The way that government officials stem the flow of fake marriages is by requiring a reference letter. This letter is written by different people who know the couple well and can testify that the union is real.

There are no real requirements as to who can write this letter, but the person should be living close enough to the couple so that they can provide honest testimony on the couple’s daily activities.

In other words, the letter has to be full of facts that provide evidence the marriage is real. This is done even though no one will know how long the marriage will last.

What does a Letter to Support Immigration Marriage include?

The content of the letter needs to be factual and honest in all of the details. The person doing the writing needs to explain how he or she knows the couple when they met the couple and where. There should be some mention if the person met one first, then the other member of the couple later on or at the same time.

If the writer and the couple still socialize, that should be included in the details as well. Often they get together should be included as it is an important detail. No intimate details need to be placed in the letter, just a statement that the writer believes the two are in love.

Then an offer to be available for questions is also needed to be added to the body of the letter. The writer should have the letter notarized to prove his or her identity. Do not forget to mention if there are children involved or not and you do not have to write a very long detailed letter. One page should suffice in most cases.

Reference Letters to Support Immigration Marriage

Reference Letter to Support Immigration Marriage #01

Reference Letter to Support Immigration Marriage #02

Reference letter to support immigration marriage (Template)

Sample Letter to Request a Reference for Immigration Marriage Support

Sample Letter to Support Immigration Marriage

    How it supports the immigrant?

    These letters provide evidence that the information about the couple’s marriage is real, true, and took place. The information provided helps the immigration official see the character of the applicants and that they are not trying to break the law or pull a fast one to get into a given country.

    Also, the letter helps the immigration official see that the couple have good ethics and are the type of people who will make constructive and positive contributions to the community they finally settle in.

    Always be honest in the content, as if you are caught in a lie, it won’t be you that will have the trouble. It will be your friends, and one of the two may be denied immigration and deported.

    How to Write

    The format in writing these types of letters is straightforward and simple to do. You just have to make sure to get every detail in the right order.

    #1. Your personal information

    Some samples just have you putting a date in the upper left-hand corner and providing your personal details in the first paragraph but it is better not to do that. Put your name, address, and contact information in the upper left corner, in a business letter format

    #2. The receiver’s information

    Right underneath that, you place the same information of the receiver without the e-mail address or contact number. Then you begin the letter with the words ‘To Whom It May Concern’; with the letters capitalized like the example shows.

    #3. The first paragraph

    This should state why you are writing the letter and that you are doing it on behalf of your friend giving his, her, or both their names.

    #4. The second paragraph and following

    This next section is about you and the details of your relationship with the couple, how long you have known them, and so on. When you met and other details that show you are qualified to speak on their behalf, you talk about when you met.

    The testimony may go on for several paragraphs. Be brief, concise but do not leave out key pieces of information.

    #5. The final paragraph

    Give the invitation that you are available to answer any question the receiver may have and are willing to meet with him or her at their convenience. This can be done in one line or two.

    #6. The salutation

    The word ‘sincerely’ is the best one to use in this situation, and then sign your name over your typed name. Then address the envelope and send it off.

    Final Words

    In this case, a typewritten letter is to be used, not a handwritten one. The letter should look and be formal as it is a formal situation you are addressing. Make sure to have your signature notarized before mailing it off, and you are done. It is a small act that doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does make a great contribution to the couple’s life, so treat it seriously.

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