Reference and Recommendation Letter

In the recent, the majority of companies, organization, and institutions wants to see reference letters as a way testifying a person’s skills, and achievements. What’s more, it provides an in-depth assessment of an individual’s qualities, characteristics, and capabilities to perform a particular task or function. People do need these letters when they are applying for jobs, school admissions, or when applying for loans.

Whichever the case, it is always important to know how to write the letters effectively to help the person stand a better chance of winning the position. Therefore, the information in this article can help you draft a letter like a pro.

What to include in a reference letter

A reference letter should always contain information about the person’s qualifications. Usually, the letter should take the form of a formal letter, unless instructed otherwise. The following are some of the basics you should include in when writing such letters.

Contact information

Just like other formal letters, the reference letter should also begin with your contact address. The recipient’s address should then follow this. If you don’t have the recipient’s address, you can simply write [To Whom It May Concern].


Once you’ve included the address(s), you need to start the letter with a salutation. For instance, you can write, [Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms.] then the last name. However, if you don’t recognize the person, you can simply address them as [Dear Hiring Manager].


Introduce your letter by explaining its purpose as well as your connection to the individual you are recommending. Describe how well and how long you’ve known/worked with the individual.


The majority of the personal details, such as creativity, confidence, etc., should be included in these paragraphs.

The first body paragraph should well explain how well you know the individual. Also, explain to the reader why you qualify to write this letter. In other words, you can explain your position and connection you’ve shared with the reference person.

Second and subsequent paragraphs

Here, you need to explain the person’s qualifications and skills they own. You can relate to some instances where the person did well if required. Remember to be precise and specific in your illustrations.

Closing paragraph

This paragraph should contain a brief summary of why you are referring to the person. Also, inform the reader of your willingness to provide more information when requested. Lastly, you can include your contacts once again (the email and business contacts).

Sign off

The handwritten letters can be ended using a signature followed by your name. However, for email letters, just type your name.

Reference Letter Format

If you intend to send your letter to an institution or employer, then business format needs to be followed. An official letter should follow the following format:

Contact information


Recipients address

Body paragraph(s)


Sign off

For emails, things can be a little different. For instance, instead of including your contacts and date, you should include a short subject line. Also, in the place of a signature, you can just include your name.

Sample Reference Letter

Kaitlin Vogel

Small World Industries Ltd

55 Pavement Street, Suite 55

California, CA 55555


December 2, 2019

Mark Steward

Green World International Inc.

55 East Ward 55th St, 2nd Floor

California, CA 55055

Dear Steward,

It is with much enthusiasm that I write this reference letter for Jane Bradley. Mrs. Bradley was employed by Small World Industries in the year 2014- 2018, as an administrative assistant. During her employment contract, Jane was charged with office support responsibilities, including scheduling appointments, creating brochures, newsletters, among others.

One thing you cannot separate from Jane is her excellent communication skills. Besides, she is extremely organized and reliable at all times. Her computer literacy greatly thrilled our company to greater heights- something we are grateful for. Another thumbs up for her is that she can work independently with little or no supervision. This makes it an excellent person to work with as she will get things moving without reminding her.

Besides, Jane is also flexible. As a senior human resource manager, I have no disputes with Jane during her stay at our company. She is always willing to perform any task assigned to her by her seniors. Also, she was readily available and ready to engage in other areas of the company operations.

Therefore, I highly recommend her for your company. I have no doubts she will not only be an essential asset to you but also a source of aspiration. If you have any other questions regarding her background and character, please don’t hesitate to contact me through (555)555-5555 or


Kaitlin Vogel

Human Resource Manager

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