Recommendation Letter: Sample Letter & Writing Tips

A recommendation letter is a written verification of someone’s skills and abilities to perform certain functions. A letter of reference; Often used in the pursuit of employment or the establishment of a person’s character. When using recommendation letters, the writer is responsible for painting the receiver in a positive light. Because of the importance behind recommendation letters, it is thought safer to provide your writer with a template.

A template ensures the writer covers all points necessary to achieve the common goal of the writer and receiver.

Tips on Writing a Perfect Recommendation Letter:

  • In order to write an effective recommendation, the writer must use proper letter format, grammar, and tone.
  • The body of the letter should be precise and include an introduction of the writer, how they know the receiver, and for how long they’ve known them.
  • The writer needs to express their awareness of the intent of the letter and describe the receiver’s qualifications followed by a summary and a reinforcement of their support for the receiver.

Sample Professional Recommendation Letter (to help you in writing one):

Your Name: Lisa LincolnJob Title: Investment Specialist

Company Name: Business Investing United

Street Address: 1234 Postmark Dr.

City/State/Zip Code: Office, MI 47586

Phone Number: (000)123-4567

Email: [email protected]

Date: December 21, 2018


Salutation: To Whom it May Concern,


Paragraph 1 Introduction: Hello, my name is Lisa Lincoln and I am the owner of Business Investing United. Please accept this letter as a formal recommendation for the appointment of Billy Bob as the Business and Investment Strategist for Business Worldwide, inc.. It is with great pleasure that I write on behalf of Billy Bob. I met 15 years ago when I hired him after a very successful internship with my global company Business Investments United.


Paragraph 2 Details: Billy has always been a jewel. I could tell from his internship interview that he was special. He researched statistics on my company and was well prepared for the line of questions we presented him with. I was most impressed when he suggested an investment, I had been considering based on the information he gathered. We made that investment and tripled our value in a 12 month span. Billy has foresight. He understands the inner workings of business and investments. He worked his way from Intern, to Assistant, to Contract Manager, to Procurement and then he moved on. I am so glad to know that he has come into an opportunity to work with such an amazing company. Trust me, the opportunity to have him on your team is invaluable as well.


Paragraph 3 summary: I truly believe the Billy has what it takes to assist you on your journey to new heights in the business and investing sector. His knowledge based and the application there of is impeccable. I highly recommend Billy as a qualified candidate for your position.


Paragraph 4 Conclusion: Feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns.


Letter Closing: Sincerely,


Writers Name: Lisa Lincoln

(insert signature if mailing hard copy)


Job Title: CEO – Business Investing United