Recommendation Letter for a Promotion (Example & Template)

A recommendation letter for promotion is a document someone applying for a specific promotion has requested you to prepare to increase their chances of getting the job. Having a recommendation letter is essential when looking for a promotion either at your current employer or a new employer. And when looking to get a long-desired promotion, then having a perfectly written recommendation letter. With a well-drafted letter, an individual gets to stand out from the other interested individuals and land your long-desired job.

When writing the recommendation letter, you need to clearly explain why the person you’re endorsing is the best person suited for that particular position. With a well-written recommendation letter, your friend or colleague will be able to appeal to their prospective employers on why they’re best suited for that specific position. But if you don’t know where to start when drafting a recommendation letter, worry no more. Here’s an in-depth post on every crucial detail to know about a recommendation letter to ensure the applicant gets to achieve their goal of getting their dream job.

Tips To Write the Recommendation Letter for Promotion

There are several useful tips you must observe when writing a recommendation letter for a promotion. This includes;

  • Properly introduce yourself: It’s essential, to begin with, a courteous salutation and introduced yourself. When doing the introductions, ensure to mention your capacity and how you know the applicant.
  • Be positive: After agreeing to write a recommendation letter for a promotion for an applicant, it’s important to do a remarkable job so that it stands out. Otherwise, you risk ruining the candidate’s chances of getting the job. Therefore, you need to be passionate and positive to improve the applicant’s appeal in the eyes of potential employers.
  • Observe the request instructions: Before writing the recommendation letter for a promotion, ask the applicant on the format to submit the letter. If you don’t adhere to the instructions and deadline request, you might worsen the aspirant’s chances of getting the position.
  • Have in mind the job description: As you write the recommendation letter for a promotion, try and link the applicant’s skills and ability to their wished job. To do this, you should ask the aspirant for an up-to-date resume and overview of the job description. With this in mind, you’ll be able to concentrate on the keywords that should be used in this job listing.
  • Provide added assistance: As you end the recommendation letter for a promotion, it’s advisable to answer or further discuss the added questions. Ensure to give your contact details to make it easy for the applicant’s prospective employer to contact you.
  • Mention the applicant’s most vital qualifications: Make sure to mention two or three of the applicant’s achievements that are applicable for the specific job. You should also go ahead and elaborate in detail with examples of why they’re best suited for the specific job.
  • Make sure to observe the standard business letter tone and format: When writing this letter, it’s crucial to be polite and formal.

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion (Format)

The recommendation letter for a promotion follows an identical format to that of the standard letter of recommendation. Here’s an overview of the format to follow when writing this letter.

Your Name {}

Job Title {}

Company {}

Street Address {}

City, State Zip Code {}

Date {}


This should always be included when writing a personal recommendation letter. The salutation is written, for example as, Dear Dr. David or Dear Ms. Katherine.

Introduction – 1st Paragraph

This section explains the letter’s recommendations going into detail about the letter’s purpose. You should also elaborate on how you and the applicant know each other and for what duration.

Details – 2nd Paragraph

In this paragraph, you should detail the specific details of the applicant you’re recommending for the position. This includes mentioning how they can contribute to the potential employer and the reason they’re qualified. You can add over a paragraph if there’s a need to include detailed illustrations detailing the aspirant’s qualification.

Summary – 3rd Paragraph

Here you should explain the reason for recommending the applicant. When doing this, you should use words such as “recommend without reservation” or “highly recommend” to show your confidence in the candidate’s abilities.

Conclusion – 4th Paragraph

This last paragraph should mention an offer to give more details if needed. Therefore, you should add your email address and phone number if the potential employer wants to get in touch,

Letter Closing

Conclude this letter with the standard formal letter closing, your name, and title. If the letter is a hard copy, add your signature below the typed name.


Siganture {}

Your Name {}

Job Title {}

Sample of Recommendation Letter for a Promotion

December 12, 2020

Katherine Miller

Director, Finance

ABS Logistics Company

165 Business Rd,

Business City, LA 76382

Dear Mr. David,

I want to take this opportunity to recommend Trevor Davis for the Finance Manager position at ABS Logistics Company. Trevor boasts over five years’ experience in accounting and finance, working with him before in ABS Bank. He is self-driven and a natural leader with remarkable organization skills that make him a great working partner.

Trevor’s hard work and superb organizational skills have made him an invaluable team member, ensuring goals are always achieved in the required timeframe. In addition, his leadership qualities make others feel comfortable to seek his guidance whenever they need help.

Therefore, with Trevor as your Finance Manager, you can be confident that your organization will be on track towards achieving the set objectives. This is all possible thanks to his expertise in the banking industry and the ability to work well in a team. I have no doubt that he’s the best person for this position,

If you need additional information, please feel free to get in touch.


Jack Lee (signature hard copy letter)

Jack Lee

Recommendation Letter for a Promotion (Word Template)

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  • MS Word


A recommendation letter for a promotion is an excellent way to sell an aspirant to a prospective employer as the best person suited for a particular job. When writing one, you need to be detailed, positive, and convincing to show the candidate is the perfect match for the open position.

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