20+ Raffle Ticket Templates

The outcomes of certain games, competitions, and engagements may only be determined by chance. Raffle tickets are extensively used in such instances as they enable users to attempt their luck and stand an equal chance of winning the tournaments of obtaining the prizes. If you own a computer, you need not have one printed at a shop.

Instead, you may become your own designer and printer of these raffle tickets. You will definitely need a raffle ticket template to guide you in all these. Our discussions below shall go beyond merely letting you know of these templates. Instead, they will also take you through the detailed steps necessary to realize it.

Raffle Ticket Know-How

The following are some of the organizations that may benefit from these raffle tickets:

  • Churches
  • Food banks
  • Schools
  • Youth groups

These are some of the gifts or areas where the raffles may be employed:

  • Cars
  • Cash
  • Housewares
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Sporting event tickets
  • Tourist attraction tickets
  • Travel-related items


  • Certain items are prohibited from being promoted via the use of raffles. They include animals and alcohol.
  • Some communities will often be willing to donate prizes to the raffles.
  • For best outcomes, you should attempt the 50/50 raffles in which case half of the income generated goes to the winner of the draw and the other half to the organization sponsoring the event.
  • Settle on a selling price that is somewhat affordable. Most people get weighed down by too high a purchase price.

Raffle Ticket Templates – Word | Excel

How to Create Raffle Tickets

To create the raffle tickets, you may tap into four major resources for the job. These are:

  • Spreadsheet – This entails the use of a ticket number to generate the ticket. It is mainly great for the mass production of these tickets.
  • Ticket template – Useful for only one kind of ticket at a time. The template makes the task of creating these tickets cheaper and easier to come by.
  • Image preview – This lets you view the outcome of the tickets before you finally print them out.
  • Multipage file – Used to create many files per time. It merges many individual documents to create one large ticket with multiple tickets and pages at a time.

Designing and Printing Your Tickets

To design and print your tickets, make use of the Microsoft Template Design file and then follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the Microsoft Word file and access the ticket design options.
  • Choose the design of your choice and liking.
  • Modify the designs (if need be) as desired
  • Proceed to the “Mailings” ribbon and initiate the mail merge process
  • Click Start Mail Merge -> Labels -> Cancel to activate the “Update Labels”
  • Click Select ->Recipients -> Use Existing List.
  • From the list, choose the Ticket numbers.xlsx file
  • Click “OK”
  • Replace the placeholders for the ticket numbers that are designated as xxx
  • Select it
  • Click Insert Merge Field -> Ticket.
  • Click Update Labels in the “Mailing” ribbon
  • Click “Preview Results”
  • Make any changes as need be
  • Click Finish & Merge -> Edit Individual Documents -> All -> OK

Selling Your Tickets

Now that you have designed and printed out your tickets, you should proceed to sell them. The following are the steps and tips you may have to follow to bring this action to fruition:

  • Promote your tickets far and wide by use of flyers and advert posters
  • Place these flyers strategically in places where they are easily visible
  • Put in place an aggressive advertising campaign to urge as many people as possible to purchase the tickets. Some of the places you may find useful are: family and friends, neighborhood businesses, grocery stores, church potlucks, outside convenience stores, and drugstores, and PTA meetings.

NB: Do seek the permission of the relevant city and municipal authority before embarking on the task of selling your tickets. This is to prevent you from ruffling features with the said authority unnecessarily and also to boost your confidence as you move along.

Final Thoughts

As with any other trade, the task of designing and making use of the raffle tickets is one that requires consistent practices and dedication. You have to devote much of your time to deepen your expertise in this area hence. That is the only way you may develop sophisticated designs that are more likely to yield the highest levels of returns.

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