Purchase Order Letter

To procure the various goods and services, the buyer concerned, be it an individual or corporate entity has to place an order to that effect. This order is contained in a document called the ‘purchase order letter.’ the letter spells out the kinds of goods required and the specifications thereof.

Purchase Order Letter Format / Template

Your name

Your address

Your city, state zip code

Your phone number

Your email






City, state zip code

Dear_______________________ (actual name of the recipient)

Re: purchase order for____________________ (specify the merchandise)

I draft this letter as a follow up on a visit we had in your premise on __________ (date.) I promised to get back to you in a fortnight in case we decided to procure goods from your firm.

We are now pleased to inform you that we have decided to procure ________ (quantity/number of units) of ______________ (merchandise). The deadline for delivering the merchandises to our premise is on _______________ (date) while the acknowledgement of your receipt of this letter is __________________ (date).

Deliver the items to the following address ___________________ (name and address of the delivery venue). Kindly refer to the enclosed brochure for the terms and conditions that govern our relations with you.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Thanks and regards,


(Full Name)

Sample Purchase Order Letter

Brad samuelson,

Head chef,

1310 kitchen and bar,

1310 wisconsin avenue nw,

Washington dc, usa.

Sunday, december 22nd, 2022

Wilson o’connor,

Farm manager,

1,000 wilson boulevard #2,700,

Arlington, virginia 22201, usa

Dear mr. Wilson o’connor,

Re: an order for fresh farm produces and merchandises

After reviewing all the tenders submitted to us for the supply of fresh farm produces to our restaurant, we are pleased to let you know that you have won the tender.

We ask that you supply us with carrots, cucumbers, chili, pepper, kales, cabbages, lettuce, eggs, and broccoli once a week for the next 6 months.

As regards the breakdown of the quantities we want, kindly refer to the enclosed list. Just in case you require any clarifications from us, kindly draw the same to our attention within a week.

We expect your first deliveries to reach us no later than december 29th, 2022, or roughly a week from now. Immediately we receive your first delivery, we shall draft a check to that effect and send it to your mailing address.

Thanks and regards,


Brad samuelson

Sample Purchase Order Letters

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Unauthorised Purchase Order Letter Template

    Tips for Writing a Purchase Order Letter

    Tip 1: address the letter accordingly

    You have to address the letter accordingly. Take time to find out the person that handles sales issues in the company you want to procure goods from. Then, refer to the person by name, rather than generically. Adopting a personalized approach helps to make the letter more credible and on point.

    Tip 2: use a language and tone that is polite yet explicit

    While you draft the letter, you should adopt a language and a tone that are both polite yet explicit. Do not shout or yell at the reader. Instead, be kind and courteous all the while. At the same time, you should explain every detail completely without leaving out any untouched or poorly explained.

    Tip 3: keep it formal and brief

    There is absolutely no need to get bogged down with unnecessarily long details. Instead, you want to keep it as brief as possible. Only incorporate those details that really matter to the reader at any given time. Also, maintain a formal character all the while to give it that official outlook.

    Tip 4: exhaust the product details

    As you describe the products, you have to exhaust the details as finely as you can probably be. Showcase the specifications, quantities, sizes, and other vital parameters that uniquely define a product. This way, you will ward off any ambiguities that may often arise when the letter is interpreted later on.

    Tip 5: edit and spruce the letter before submitting

    It goes without saying that you have to edit and spruce the letter before submitting the same to the recipient. Weed out any grammatical, contextual, spelling, or semantic errors. Like the polite language we have talked about earlier, this one also goes a long way in boosting the credibility of the letter.